Are Old-Fashioned Ideas About God, Country, Family, and the Golden Rule Gone for Good?

Are Old-Fashioned Ideas About God, Country, Family, and the Golden Rule Gone for Good?

For most of my life, I have wondered why the Germans acted as they did between the wars
and, of course, in the time immediately before the war. Why and how did they idolize Hitler,
who promised to Make Germany Great Again? And how they could just pretend it was all right
to exclude Jews from their lives and, in fact, get rid of them.
How was it possible?
I never could understand it until I experienced what happened during Covid.
People gave up their autonomy out of fear.

The government is actually run by bureaucrats, not elected officials. Many of these were
educated at great schools. Unfortunately these have been corrupted and overtaken by new Ideologies. Old beliefs have been tossed out of the halls of learning, including
the very best, like Harvard and Stanford. They have been infiltrated for decades with ideas
that appear socialist at the very best and communist at worst. The indoctrination by
educators to the exclusion of any ideas that could be considered conservative is a disservice
done to our own children. Huge tuitions have been imposed on parents who thought their
children were being educated to be critical thinkers with real general knowledge about the
world. But instead, they were being indoctrinated to despise the same values their parents

 Children have been taught to be ashamed of their country and its past for at least two
generations. They have been divided into groups. Sometimes, it is gender specific, or maybe
it is religious groups that are pitted against others with different views. Skin color, ethnicity of every type, and even belief in abstract ideas, flat earthers, evangelists, or those who question
the moon landing or whether we as a country were involved in the 9/11 tragedy, all cause
division. “A house divided cannot stand.” This has been proven over and over.

Those who wish to have a compliant population abiding by the directives of their leaders
have engineered the whole thing. These few elite officials and powerful men behind the
scenes needed a single event to allow their plans to coalesce. It was planned in advance. The
unifying element was fear, as the covid narrative was built up around the myth of a pandemic
that could kill millions in the USA alone. The nightly news spewed fear propaganda hourly, if
not every few minutes.
The general population of the USA did not question the orders they were given; in fact, they
very much enjoyed inflicting punishment and shame on those like me who refused to take
them seriously.

The meanness and vindictiveness shown to those who refused to comply was alarming. If you
listen to individual stories of people who were not allowed to see their sick or dying relatives,
you would feel pain. It you hear of mourners who were not allowed to sit close to each other
at a funeral, you feel sadness. I know of several people who were not allowed to have the
wedding they had been planning for a year. You might wonder what would make sensible
people so afraid. The entire country (and the world) was bombarded with fearful tales of
hospitals overrun with patients and refrigerator trucks full of dead bodies. But these were
lies. It did not happen.
Yet, the bullying of people who did not mask, or those who refused to be vaccinated with the
experimental shot continued. It got worse. The compliant ones loved being part of the crowd
that believed. It gave the fearful ones a feeling of safety and belonging, but it destroyed their
country in the process. 

It impacted small businesses most of all. And the children were forbidden to go to school!
What nonsense! Covid was never a serious threat to children!
And as for the “you don’t want to kill Grandma” admonition, that was bunk, too. Most of the
old people who died were already dying of something else! Hospitals were paid extra if the death was attributed to covid. Did you know that?  So, how do we know how many people actually died of the disease and how many were simply classified that way? What do you think the doctors told the families of these people? They lied to them.

“If MAGA are the Fascists, why are you guys the ones the ones controlling the media, censoring, going after guns and using the DOJ and the FBI to go after your opposition?”

But back to the comparisons to Hitler; they are alarming. They are meant to alarm. Propaganda!
People either love or hate Trump. But he is no Hitler!
Why are the people who don’t like him so afraid of a man becoming president when he
already had that title before? He did not become a dictator that time. Far from it, he caved to
the medical-industrial complex and their “fear porn.” He knew it was best to let the covid run
its course as they did in Sweden. He understood the long-term harm that would come from
shutting the country down. Yet, he allowed these people to override his wishes.

Biden has been merely a figurehead or puppet whose strings are being pulled by others. Some say he
is controlled by Obama.  I have always believed Obama was just a “pleasant face” to smooth
over people’s fears, while a powerful elite actually managed the great reset of our nation and
its place in the world. Besides that, it made a lot of people feel righteous and good for
electing a black man to the presidency.  Barack Obama is no ordinary American black person.
He is half-white, raised by white people who were communists and hated all that this country
stands for. He was raised partially in Indonesia and in the Muslim faith. He has very little in
common with black people in the USA. And his wife, who is a typical black American by birth,
was radicalized when young. She is a very angry person who wants revenge on those whom
she sees as oppressors. But is she in charge? I doubt it. The people who are manipulating all
of this unrest want to be careful of angry black women who can turn on them at any minute. 
They have been educating the youth of this nation for several generations. They have
indoctrinated brilliant students along with the less intelligent at all of our great universities.
They have rewritten history and forbidden any talk of ideas that counter their agenda.
There are very sinister people behind the scenes, and they think they are winning.
Maybe they are. But after the debate everything changed. Did the Left organize the debacle on purpose? I wonder if they let the entire country see what terrible shape Biden is in so they could make a change?
Historically, people who think they are in control often end up at the wrong end of a
rope later.

I don’t know whom to believe or even what to wish for.

Recently I asked a man I consider a friend how Biden was doing mentally. He had been with him at the White House a few days before. He looked me in the eye and told me the President was “sharp as a tack” and said,”Don’t believe the naysayers who tell you he is failing.” And I apologized. I believed him because he looked into my eyes when he said it.
I cannot forget that. My friend lied to me. Does he think I am an idiot? Yes, clearly he does.
Perhaps my kind will soon die out.
Maybe there will be a backlash later, a time when people value truth, the rule of law, and
common sense. A time may come when children will be taught manners, and teenagers will
dress modestly as they learn the skills necessary to be good leaders themselves. Let us hope
that good will prevail over evil, families will unite, governments will be just, and God
(however each of us defines God) will be acknowledged as the Higher Power that guides us
The old-fashioned ideas about God and Country and Family and the Golden Rule are what
matter to me.

It is vital that people learn what really happened instead of just whispering about how awful Donald Trump is. If only the events that the left constantly criticize were shown in their entirety on the nightly news, people might see how they have been lied to. The reality of January 6th, the words the President spoke about Charlottesville, and his actual respect for smart women. Fear porn has been added to the propaganda against Trump, just like it was about the pandemic. The Left is trying to terrorize people who might vote for him into believing he is evil. He may not be a great candidate, but he is the ONLY candidate who will be able to steady the country and perhaps avoid war. 

As it stands right now, we have no President. We can all see how diminished the man who holds that title is. The whole world has seen it after Thursday evening. And it seems as if Biden has nearly got us embroiled irrevocably in a war with Russia and perhaps even one with China, while defending our ally Israel may obligate us into a third war. Does this make sense since we now know he is the next thing to a vegetable?

Pray for peace.

Copyright©. 2024 Bonnie B. Matheson

3 thoughts on “Are Old-Fashioned Ideas About God, Country, Family, and the Golden Rule Gone for Good?

  1. So well written, Bonnie ?! It truly makes one ‘think’…..thank you??

  2. Although I have enjoyed your writings on family, old fashioned values, simple pleasures etc. your inability to see that Donald Trump is a dangerous man saddens and puzzles me. You do know, do you not, that Trump conspired to overthrow the 2020 Presidential election that 60 courts of law ( some with Trump appointed judges) confirmed was free and fair; that he has been quoted as wanting to “suspend the United States constitution”; that he appointed the current Supreme Court justices that have just given him near absolute immunity from prosecution should he be re-elected; that the world leaders he reveres are the dictators of Russia, China, North Korea, where dissent will get you imprisoned or killed. THIS is the man you revere and say will save our country?

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