The world we live in is absolutely turned upside down. I do NOT understand why it is so hard for people to see this.  But they have been systematically brainwashed with terror. They fear for their lives, literally.  These people often feel that a diagnosis of Covid means a death sentence. I am sorry for them, but at a loss about how to help. Even Bill Mahr was shocked at the political divide when it comes to ideas about the virus. He discovered that Democrats believed the virus would cause way more of those who catch the virus to go to the hospital. “Forty-one percent of Democrats thought it was over 50%! Another 28% put the chances at 20% to 49%. So, almost 70% of Democrats are wildly off on this key question.” The true percentage is 1 -5%. That just means to the hospital, not dead. YET, you would think it is a death sentence if you speak with one of these people.

Once you are terrified all other systems “shut down” and you just cannot be convinced it was an illusion. Just start with the numbers. They are trying to tell us that we have now lost as many people to COVID as died during the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic.  But though it might be true that 600,000 people died in each event. It is not nearly as serious when taken as a percentage of the population. Back then there were less than 2 billion people in the world, while that number has climbed to more than 7 billion now. So only 1/3 as many people have died so far this time.  Add to that the fact that the death rate is surely wildly inflated in the USA. There is story after story about people being labeled COVID deaths when they actually died of something else.

There seems to be a great disparity in the way doctors and nurses speak of this. Some speak of the horror of full ICUs and death coming after agonizing days or weeks on a ventilator. Others are trying to find treatments early on in the diagnosis and prescribing intravenous Vitamin C and the forbidden cures of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine.  Some nurses are exhausted from watching people die while others are exhausted from watching treatments they feel are wrong, not helping.
They say the hospitals are full because so many nurses and staff have quit that they cannot handle more patients.  The death rate is way down from last year in spite of the “Delta” scare tactics. These numbers are available. And surely they will have a new variety (variant )every year from now on, maybe more than one. The virus is not going to go away.

Those who want to change the world into a place ruled by a ONE WORLD ORDER should be happy with the way things are going. The weakness of our government and its shyness about standing up for the USA, is frightening.  The shocking events surrounding the exit from Afghanistan are being obscured by the mandates for vaccines. Was the “Mandate” just another ruse to get the people to focus on something else besides our failed foreign policy? Instead of watching the news with horror as people try to escape Kabul we now have a problem right here, right now. The government and the President and many others are attempting to shame, terrorize, threaten and control the entire nation to get the shot. Naturally, there are people who are horrified at the orders to inject themselves with a substance they do not want. While one segment of the population is rushing to get the shot, there are others who do not want it. Some of these have had the virus and believe in their immunity, hundreds of thousands of them. Others simply do not feel comfortable with the type of shot being offered. They have done their research, looked into the ingredients, checked out the side effects, evaluated their own immune systems, and made a personal decision. They are questioning the science. This is not allowed. You are not allowed to think for yourself. Conform or die.

The average individual does not wish to be subjugated by anyone, especially the government. I want to be me. You want to be YOU. But more importantly, we do not want to be controlled. We want to control our own destiny. Though some are saying we need to be in “Harmony” and love one another. That is a lovely sentiment but it reminds me of the slogan Make Love, Not War!” which became popular during the Viet Nam War. We used to say things like “who would bomb a flower?” We were very innocent. Just last week the country learned that we made a drone strike that killed 7 children. We have a right to question our government. We are sovereign over ourselves. People are saying “No More!” We need to find others who will help us protect our inalienable rights.

Copyright©. 2021 Bonnie B. Matheson

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