This country needs to wake up while we still can. Today I discovered something that I had not realized before. Like most people who tend to think other people care about many of the same things they do, it never occurred to me that anyone would not want to do research on their own. Perhaps these “other people” care about the exact opposite. But at least they “care” about something. Or at least that is what I used to think. But today in a message from someone I know, it became apparent that not everyone cares enough to discover the facts for themselves. This person told me that “I chose not to do my own research”.

Really? Would you take everything at face value if you hear it from an authority figure? Do you think authority figures have your best interest at heart? Do you think they always tell the truth? Or even partial truth? Well, there is a bridge in Brooklyn which I would like to sell you…

One of the best articles I have read lately is in the Epoch Times by Brian Cates. It is called The Oligarchy is being expose.

I hope you will take the time to read it. Because if you just can’t be bothered, or don’t have time now, or simply would rather do something else, you won’t be able to complain when you look around and discover you are living in a land completely controlled by people who just want you to “shut up and comply”. And if you don’t they will find ways to make you wish you had.

The supposed Pandemic which is actually simply a run-of-the-mill epidemic has become the perfect vehicle for these oligarchs to use to run all over our freedom. They have been practicing for decades. Ebola surfaced in 1976 and it was a really terrible disease that never got too far into the population. SARS was much more deadly in terms of the number of people who died, though the disease itself was less serious than Ebola. And there were several others up to this past year. The point is they had earlier diseases with which to practice both fear-mongering and gauging public reaction. By the time of COVID-19, they were adept. And they came down hard on the entire world with the threat of the PANDEMIC. People scrambled to stay safe. Anything the government asked of them they freely gave. Including giving up freedom after freedom in hopes that the government will keep them safe. All of which will be very hard for all of us to reclaim, because once a freedom is given up it is nearly impossible to restore it without violence. Already, they are mentioning allowing us “privileges” once more. And newscasters are praising politicians for giving us back these privileges as if they were not already ours, as if these were not God given rights

The Transmission of the virus occurs through the broadcasting of news and affects rational thinking.

It is profoundly shocking to me to discover what scared rabbits people are. Isn’t there anyone left with guts? What would happen if these people ever had to take personal responsibility for getting a group of people out of a burning building? Who would be able to shepherd a bunch of pioneers across the west in covered wagons? Who would fight Indians? (whoops that was not politically correct!) Wow! Sorry, not sorry.

People are scared of getting sick from a disease for which they can be treated easily. Treatments work, if they would just do it. And yet, because the CDC and Dr. Fauci did not tell the people exactly what to do to treat the virus they believe there is no treatment. The president gave some directions about what to do but the media immediately turned on him and forbade any mention of HDQ or disinfectants (Vitamin C is a disinfectant). But instead, they kept saying the President told people to drink bleach. He did no such thing. Go back and listen to the tape. Really the press should go to jail for the deaths of all the people who believed them and died as a result. People died because they honestly believed there was no treatment for COVID. How could they be so incurious that they did not look it up? This lack of initiative fits right into the plans of the Oligarchy. You are all pawns in a much bigger game.

The Oligarchy does not care what you think. They do not care if you are well. In fact, if a lot of us die off that is better for them. They only care about power. They want total control of the world. They plan on a one-world order which is controlled by them. Be careful not to be someone who helps them achieve their goals. They won’t thank you for it and you may regret it very much.

Please, I beg of you to do some research on your own. It is like voting. If you don’t vote you have no right to complain about who gets elected. The same is true for research. You have no right to complain about what happens next if you simply leave everything to others. Don’t wait to find out what life is going to do to you. Take it by the horns and forge the life you want.

Copyright©. 2021 Bonnie B. Matheson

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