Bonnie B Matheson is an author and speaker. Her first book  Ahead of the Curve, an intimate conversation with women in the second half of life is popular with women of a certain age. It is available now at Amazon.com.

Ms. Matheson was the CEO and founder of Childbirth Solutions Ltd., Acquire Wireless LLC, and Matheson properties Real Estate Ltd. and had a life coaching business called “I Bet You Can”. She has a Batchelor of Arts degree in Psychology from George Mason University.

She was married to Charles Tompkins Matheson for 43 years before an amicable divorce. They have 5 grown children and 17 grandchildren.

Bonnie has recently moved back to Charlottesville from Washington DC. There she was living with her mother, who died in November 2019 at the age of 101. In Washington DC Ms. Matheson was involved in conservation, volunteering at the White House, music, politics, the diplomatic corps, and many philanthropic endeavors. Now, Ms. Matheson is focused on getting her latest book published and writing a memoir or two. All other activities are on hold due to the virus with which we are currently dealing. Her focus is more and more on the deplorable state of our education system and the lack of appreciation of American Exceptionalism. She thinks more people should focus on gratitude.

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