• As Long as We Choose Fear (they have every chance of winning.)
    The whole world seems to have bought into the lie. And it is a lie. The Pandemic is not a real Pandemic. The death rate is nowhere near serious enough to call this a global pandemic. And of those who died in the United States, there is a huge question about how many supposed Covid […]
  • Where Do You Go?
    Where is your “go-to” place? Do you have a special restaurant that you can go to for entertainment and peace at the same time? DeCarlos Restaurant has served the people of Spring Valley for 40 years. It is a charming dark and cozy place that has a staff of people who understand good service. It […]
  • There is a Snake in Your Closet!
    The text came in while I was sitting in my old bedroom in my mothers’ house in Washington DC. The phone rested in my hand. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. A snake hiding in my house in Charlottesville! I scrolled down to a photo of the little critter which my […]
  • How do you like being upside down?
    The world we live in is absolutely turned upside down. I do NOT understand why it is so hard for people to see this.  But they have been systematically brainwashed with terror. They fear for their lives, literally.  These people often feel that a diagnosis of Covid means a death sentence. I am sorry for […]
  • Tonight we had pizza on the terrace
    One of my children asked about anti-body tests. Are they reliable? Some others talked about crazy stories they heard about people not being allowed to attend weddings of friends unless they had the shot. Some frightened friends of parents would not allow them to come into the house without a mask. The stigma against the […]
  • Those Were the Days!
    One of my children told me recently that they believe the government is their friend and there to help us through the current virus. This child thinks their mother (me) is selfish and stubborn because I do not believe that. It makes me feel somewhat frustrated and a little bit hopeless. There is so much […]
  • Keeping an Eye on Grandpa, the Terrorist
    Below is a wonderful but alarming article about the fact that those who question the government or the medical mandates are being seen as terrorists. This article was originally published on Intellectual Takeout. Please read it and think about whether this is the way we want our country to think of people like me. By […]
  • Are You in Favor of Segregation?
    Have you been ostracized from social events yet? Or are you one of those for whom it seems a good idea to ostracize the unvaccinated? Here is an example, part of an email invitation I received this week. “Please note that The Country Club requires all attendees to wear masks while not eating.  Due to […]

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