• Was it really a pandemic? You decide.
    “They actually changed the definition of “pandemic,” removing the requirement of mass casualties, and if it wasn’t for that, COVID-19 simply would not qualify as a pandemic.” Quoted from Naomi Wolf on Dr Mercolas podcast. There is a private school in Miami that is actively “anti-mask, anti-vax” and it is causing quite a stir.  The […]
  • Mothers Day Without my Mother
    It is hard to believe that this is my second year of being “motherless”. Because I had a mother for 77 years it is rather strange NOT to have one. Most people lose their mothers at an earlier age. Most people mourn their mother’s passing. But many were so old, tattered, gray, and wrinkled by […]
  • UnMasked!
    5 Reasons to Ditch the Mask. Number ONE reason is this: The mask has lost it’s original purpose. It is a mark of fear and a signal that the wearer will conform even when the thing conformed to is uncomfortable and unnecessary. It has become a method of separating one group from another. Social distancing […]
  • Covid Collusion
    Are you terrified of the Virus COVID-19? Please let me relieve your mind. Do you believe we are in the throws of a Pandemic? There are many authorities who do not believe that. Are you afraid you will catch the virus and end up in a hospital? Do you know what the chances of that […]
  • Thank you note from my dogs:
    My name is Magnus and I am a medium-sized black and tan, long-haired dachshund. I am 6 years old. I live with my Mom and two other dachshunds who joined the family later after I arrived. Sisi is a pretty, miniature, smooth hair red-gold bitch, also 6. I love her. Her slender muscular frame is […]
  • Easter Gathering! Family parties can be fun.
    Easter morning was shot through with sunlight and still a bit chill from the night cooling. But the promise of a warm day was in the air along with the scent of flowering trees and shrubbery. What a Day!!!! Lucky for me, because 24 people were expected for lunch at 1:00 pm. All of my […]
  • What is Identity-Independent Individuality?
    This country was founded on the rights of the INDIVIDUAL. First and foremost we have the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Each of us, not some group, but each individual person in this country has that right. We are so driven by Identity Politics these days. It is everywhere. Who are […]
  • Three Dog Trouble
    Living with three dogs is a constant adventure. Lots of love, licks and occasional problems.

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