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  • How Do You Feel About Birthdays?
    Remember being 10 years old? Such a milestone, 2 digits! I was thrilled when I turned 10 that I could say something happened 10 years ago. A new type of “me” arose by the time my life contained that august number of years. Everyone has an annual birthday whether it is celebrated or not. But […]
  • Mass Formation, how did we get here?
    It is the lockdowns, the high anxiety, the clot shot, and general despair!!! It is shocking but it is no mystery! You can blame Fauci most of all because he is the lone spokesman for much of this. However, the American people put up with it and have not stood up for their rights or […]
  • Sickening Truths and Consequences of Government COVID Policies
    the lies, the manipulations, the conniving, the mistakes, the corruption, the failures—and yes, even the malpractice murders—committed by our government, our bureaucrats, and our media over the last four decades, but in particular during the ugly mess of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Blessed Christmas over, prepare for the New Year!
    Christmas this year was one of the best ever. Our family is large and several members have birthdays in December. There is even one on the 23rd and one on Christmas Eve. These family members have parties in addition to the Christmas parties already scheduled by friends and families. None of the parties were canceled. […]
  • Gratitude!!!
    When the sun sets with a crescendo of color so magnificent it takes the breath away, trying to capture it leads to multiple photos. Or when it rises in splendid spirals of pink, orange, fuchsia, and golden light. Brightening the dark mauve sky at dawn by degrees is God’s way of increasing the light. My […]
  • Melting Down Art and History (borrowed article)
    This is such an important article I wanted to share it. Please take a look at Intellectual Takeout which is the name of the publication it came from. By Jeff Minick 3 ¼ min After the Civil War, former North Carolina governor Zeb Vance became a U.S. senator. His Northern colleagues enjoyed his affable nature […]
  • How Bad Can It Get?
    Think about the title of this post. What is your threshold? How much will you put up with? What are you willing to do to stop it? Recently an organization to which I belong sent out an email to the membership about their new policy. The new rule which must be complied with is to […]
  • Last Week I Spoke to a Doctor.
    It was a social occasion nothing medical. He is one of the best doctors in the United States. He is a cardiac surgeon, and if there is ever any reason for me to have heart surgery, he is my choice of physician. Besides he is super nice, personable, handsome, and popular. However, we disagree about […]

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