• How Good We Are
    This article was so eloquent I asked permission to post it on my site. People with a passion for History are our best hope for the future. By Ron Maxwell Wednesday, March 03, 2021 Editor’s Note: Upset by the recent vote of the Board of Directors of Lord Fairfax Community College concerning changing the name […]
  • Plandemic
    This once brave country full of individualists and adventurers has become compliant and afraid. Or rather, they are compliant because they are afraid. It has been the most successful Psy Op in history. More effective than Hilter’s demonizing Jews, more effective than Gandhi forcing the British Empire to let India go. More effective than Martin […]
  • I Remember Mama, Ruth Hale Buchanan
    She was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1918, the year of the Spanish Flu. Her mother died of the disease when my mother was 8 months old. And as a baby, she also had the Flu, but she survived it, which may have given her extra immunity. This may explain the extraordinary health that […]
  • How Do You Think History Will Judge Cancel Culture?
    I appreciate feedback so much! Whether favorable or otherwise. Recently a young friend sent me this reply after I invited her to subscribe to my blog: Dear Bonnie, I received your invitation to your blog. Thank you for sharing, it’s so important to feel connected these days!  I respect your desire to share your voice […]
  • Stressed? Work on Your Core Muscles!
    How many times have you heard people tell you that it is the core that is most important for your overall fitness? When exercising, this is often stressed. Without a strong core, the rest of your body won’t work as well or efficiently. Well, there is a lot more reason to strengthen your core. It […]
  • Snow, Don’t You Love It?
    First, they tell you it is coming. The news shows, the weather app on my phone, and people where ever you go talk about a coming storm. Sometimes I think people do not have enough to do with their time. Focusing on a coming storm, especially a blizzard, seems to energize them. People love an […]
  • You are not a Victim!
    You are not a victim! You are not powerless. Despite the media, the classroom, and many best-selling books plying the public with tales of victimhood, it is not the truth. We all have the ability to rise above our circumstances, no matter how horrid. It has been proven over and over in the past. During […]
  • Birthday Reflections
    Gratitude is the antidote for all the unpleasant emotions.

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