• Learning to swim in 1916
    Can you imagine not knowing how to swim by the time you graduated from college? Helen Dow couldn’t swim. But her finance Dr. William J. Hale wanted her to learn. Reading my grandparents’ letters to each other has been enlightening.It is hard for us to realize that swimming was not something that a lot of […]
  • Blood and Gore!!!Typical Monday!
    It started with constant yelping. There are several types of barking styles employed by my dogs. This was an “I have him cornered!” bark, not an “it’s a snake!” bark or the squealing call which indicates running after a squirrel or a deer.My three dachshunds are very different from each other, though all are extremely […]
  • Are you offended? Are you outraged?
    Is this the straw that broke the camels back? Back a few summers ago, I narrowly missed attending a rally in Charlottesville to protest the planned removal of the Statue of Robert E Lee from Lee Park. I felt so strongly about this that I wanted to go downtown and protest. It would be fun […]
  • Engaged!
    All summer of 1916 Helen wrote Billy Hale every day except on the days when they saw each other. While he was absent she spent a lot of time painting china. He visited her in Midland, which was a company town, with little else to offer the visitor. She writes of longing to see him, […]
  • Helen Dow Married her Professor!
    My grandmother Helen Dow Hale was smart and funny. She was one of six children, the oldest one in her family. She had loads of friends when she went to college. She was young and vibrant and full of hope and plans for the future. She graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor […]
  • Do You Believe in Pandemic?
    Ever since I was a little girl, my mother, Ruth, told me stories about going to the cemetery to visit her dead mother on Memorial Day Weekend. They normally did this every Sunday. But Memorial Day was special. Perhaps it was a social event with others attending their own deceased family members. Sometimes they brought […]
  • A Letter to My Grandchildren,
    I sent out a joke, which I would think was obvious to all, but it caused a stir among my grandchildren. Perhaps it was a bit crude. It is almost certainly exaggerated. However, it is based on the truth that George Floyd was an addict and thief and in death he can do no more […]
  • Wake Up!!! Danger! We Need Your Help.
    This country needs to wake up while we still can. Today I discovered something that I had not realized before. Like most people who tend to think other people care about many of the same things they do, it never occurred to me that anyone would not want to do research on their own. Perhaps […]

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