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  • Are you terrified? Stop it! You are scaring the children.
    EVERYONE takes chances every day. Getting into a car is dangerous. When did we become so scared? Don’t watch Television. It is a colossal brain-washing operation. These “worst-case scenarios” are MEANT TO PARALYZE people with fear. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Please get back into life. Keep your own health good. Watch your OWN immune […]
  • Do you want to save your sanity? Be grateful.
    There is so much negative and wrong information in the news today. It is vital to stop and take note of all the good.  Yesterday I had an early class and so woke before sunrise. How often do we appreciate the beauty of the dawn? Even before the sun comes into view, the sky begins […]
  • Are There Dogs In Your Bed?
    Do you sleep with your dogs? If not, why not? It is the greatest pleasure to have a warm body next to your own with absolutely no agenda except to love you. I have always slept with my dog since I was ten years old and got my first dachshund, Rowena. She was a smooth […]
  • Do You Dare Fly the Flag?
    September 2, 2020 Recently someone posted a question on Facebook. The question was “Would you fly an American flag in your yard?” My answer was an assured YES! Do you have a flag flying in your yard? Do you have any doubts or reservations about flying the flag publicly? Almost as long as I can […]
  • No Systemic Racism. It Simply Is Not True.
    This is a message I received from a school, which I won’t name: “Following our listening forums with Black alumni and families and similar sessions with other alumni and families of color, we continue our series…Forums for White Students, Families, and Alumni.” The horrific police shooting on Sunday of Jacob Blake makes clear that these […]
  • Do Something Risky!
    Stop being so afraid. Do something risky. Believe you are right.
  • Where are we going?
    People have fallen into Lock-Step in fear of the virus. What has happened to our American ingenuity, our drive to succeed, conquer all obstacles?
  • It is Blackmail
    There is a message that should go to all clubs, organizations, schools, outdoor venues and of course, churches. You are being blackmailed! One can’t help but notice how all clubs, organizations, venues et c. as well as practically everyone else, have just capitulated and given in to Big Brother over masks and social distancing.  It […]
  • Balloons in the Morning.
    Gorgeous morning. It began with three balloons. The sound of their burners crept into my consciousness as I let the dogs out the living room doors. They soon appeared in the distance, three colorful but unique designs rose slowly from the tree line to the east. There is something majestic about hot air balloons. They […]
  • Stop the Madness!
    Many years ago, I went to Potomac School in McLean Virginia. It was and is a fine private school. I left after 2nd grade and later I sent my three young children there. We soon moved out to The Plains VA and left the DC area. My interactions with Potomac have been slight and I […]
  • So many stories. Gone with the Wind.
    Once upon a time in a land not very far away, there lived a little girl named Bonnie. Who would name their child after a little girl in a popular book and later a movie? Especially if that little girl breaks her neck jumping her pony after being told not to. Not only did they […]
  • The Closet
    colorful closet full of clothes of my mother
  • Treasures for me. May 25 -2020
    In one closet, the scent of mothballs was so strong that we usually just opened then shut the door. We knew several fur coats were hanging in this one. And an umbrella trimmed in mink hung on a hook. Finally, one day I opened the door all the way and began to remove items. There […]
  • Finishing a task, for Mother’s Day
    It is satisfying to complete a task.
  • The Day I Grew Up
    When I called my mother and asked her to come to stay while I spent a night in the hospital, she said: “I am sorry, I can’t.” What? I thought I must have misheard her. It happened this way; When I was 20 and a new bride and an extremely new mother, I had a […]
  • The Veil
    It is more than 100 years old. My daughter cut off the greater part of it for her daughter’s wedding. That part that covers the bride’s head has a pattern of seed pearls sewn into it. The border all around the body, which is of silk netting, is a continuous row of pearls. Originally it […]

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