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  • I Remember Mama, Ruth Hale Buchanan
    She was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1918, the year of the Spanish Flu. Her mother died of the disease when my mother was 8 months old. And as a baby, she also had the Flu, but she survived it, which may have given her extra immunity. This may explain the extraordinary health that […]
  • How Do You Think History Will Judge Cancel Culture?
    I appreciate feedback so much! Whether favorable or otherwise. Recently a young friend sent me this reply after I invited her to subscribe to my blog: Dear Bonnie, I received your invitation to your blog. Thank you for sharing, it’s so important to feel connected these days!  I respect your desire to share your voice […]
  • Stressed? Work on Your Core Muscles!
    How many times have you heard people tell you that it is the core that is most important for your overall fitness? When exercising, this is often stressed. Without a strong core, the rest of your body won’t work as well or efficiently. Well, there is a lot more reason to strengthen your core. It […]
  • Snow, Don’t You Love It?
    First, they tell you it is coming. The news shows, the weather app on my phone, and people where ever you go talk about a coming storm. Sometimes I think people do not have enough to do with their time. Focusing on a coming storm, especially a blizzard, seems to energize them. People love an […]
  • You are not a Victim!
    You are not a victim! You are not powerless. Despite the media, the classroom, and many best-selling books plying the public with tales of victimhood, it is not the truth. We all have the ability to rise above our circumstances, no matter how horrid. It has been proven over and over in the past. During […]
  • Birthday Reflections
    Gratitude is the antidote for all the unpleasant emotions.
  • Protest? Why not, they do it all the time!
    To me, storming the capitol was about so much more than an election. We have been pushed to the limit. We have been disparaged and disregarded and laughed at for our “old-fashioned values” and our Patriotism. When have conservatives protested? When? We don’t do that. It is not our style. Ever since Barrack Hussein Obama […]
  • 2020 Wow! What a Year!
    2020 has been an incredible year for me. It started with me living in my mothers’ house after her death in November because we needed to get things organized and arranged as the estate settles.When my mother died at 101, my calendar was full. To distract myself from watching her decline, I involved myself in […]
  • Christmas 2020 as it barrels towards us.
    Christmas is something you carry inside your heart. It does not depend on presents or carols or exceptional food, but all of those things help intensify the feelings of “Good Will Towards Men.” However, it is a time for gathering together. It is a time for Christmas Eve church service attended by the whole family. […]
  • Are you Scared? Why aren’t you? (good for you if you aren’t)
    The restrictions people accept as “Laws” are becoming more and more onerous. We the “People” MUST do something to combat the total erosion of our Freedom. Why are people not concerned? The answer is that they are terrified. I speak to people like this daily. They are intelligent and sensible people, many of whom I […]
  • Help! Someone Save Us!
    Charlottesville is a town filled with fear. I have never seen anything like it. People are afraid. Children are afraid of their grandparents, and parents are afraid of their children. How on earth did things become so twisted? Using the excuse of a disease that is so non-lethal, it kills less than 1% of those […]
  • Are you invisible, or do you sparkle?
    “You have inspired me!” She said the magic words. I was feeling a bit discouraged about my “reach”. I had been wondering if anybody cared about my message. I received an email from a woman whom I know only slightly. She wrote those words to me. “YOU have inspired me!” which encouraged me to keep going. […]
  • How Grateful are YOU?
    Be grateful for all you have at Thanksgiving. And don’t be afraid.
  • Almost everyone gets well.
    A friend of mine got the COVID-19 virus. He was very ill. He was in hospital for some time. It is taking him a long time to recover. I am so glad that he is getting better all the time. It is terrible that he, of all people, got a bad case of the virus. […]
  • Peek Inside My Closet.
    Do you ever stand in front of the clothes in your closet saying “I don’t have a thing to wear” while looking through hangers full of clothes. I spent many hours this way. It is frustrating and at the same time it is obvious that there are a lot of clothes in that closet.?And like […]
  • What do you think?
    When events seem discombobulated and people feel disoriented, it interferes with the energy surrounding us. On the day after an election with no clear winner, it is good to be older, wiser, and calmer. And that is certainly true for me.I remember the first election for which I was old enough to vote. I was […]
  • Is There a Fire in Your Fall?
    Today dawned cold and damp with a steely sky and bright leaves beginning to make a real show of autumn color. Finally, fall seems ready to give us a look at the world in orange, yellow, rust, and moss green, with occasional patches of the brilliant red leaves of the “burning bush” shrubs in the […]
  • Life can be delicious or not, your choice!
    The sun beating in my windows woke me with intense golden light. It is such a pleasure to wake up that way. Full of gratitude is my state every morning because I love being here in this house.My room faces east and overlooks a brick terrace that borders the whole length of the back of […]
  • Do you know the secret? You are enough!
    What did you believe when you were small? Did you like yourself? Or were you like me, scared to say or even feel that you liked yourself because that seemed conceited. They warned us about appearing to be “conceited” because that was arrogant. It was a terrible sin. I knew that some people said they […]
  • There are two types of people. Which one are you?
    There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who think the government is doing things in their best interests and those who think. We are in a fight to the death. Are you one of those who think? What are you prepared to do about it? Are you able to separate the propaganda […]
  • Are you terrified? Stop it! You are scaring the children.
    EVERYONE takes chances every day. Getting into a car is dangerous. When did we become so scared? Don’t watch Television. It is a colossal brain-washing operation. These “worst-case scenarios” are MEANT TO PARALYZE people with fear. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Please get back into life. Keep your own health good. Watch your OWN immune […]
  • Do you want to save your sanity? Be grateful.
    There is so much negative and wrong information in the news today. It is vital to stop and take note of all the good.  Yesterday I had an early class and so woke before sunrise. How often do we appreciate the beauty of the dawn? Even before the sun comes into view, the sky begins […]
  • Are There Dogs In Your Bed?
    Do you sleep with your dogs? If not, why not? It is the greatest pleasure to have a warm body next to your own with absolutely no agenda except to love you. I have always slept with my dog since I was ten years old and got my first dachshund, Rowena. She was a smooth […]
  • Do You Dare Fly the Flag?
    September 2, 2020 Recently someone posted a question on Facebook. The question was “Would you fly an American flag in your yard?” My answer was an assured YES! Do you have a flag flying in your yard? Do you have any doubts or reservations about flying the flag publicly? Almost as long as I can […]
  • No Systemic Racism. It Simply Is Not True.
    This is a message I received from a school, which I won’t name: “Following our listening forums with Black alumni and families and similar sessions with other alumni and families of color, we continue our series…Forums for White Students, Families, and Alumni.” The horrific police shooting on Sunday of Jacob Blake makes clear that these […]
  • Do Something Risky!
    Stop being so afraid. Do something risky. Believe you are right.
  • Where are we going?
    People have fallen into Lock-Step in fear of the virus. What has happened to our American ingenuity, our drive to succeed, conquer all obstacles?
  • It is Blackmail
    There is a message that should go to all clubs, organizations, schools, outdoor venues and of course, churches. You are being blackmailed! One can’t help but notice how all clubs, organizations, venues et c. as well as practically everyone else, have just capitulated and given in to Big Brother over masks and social distancing.  It […]
  • Balloons in the Morning.
    Gorgeous morning. It began with three balloons. The sound of their burners crept into my consciousness as I let the dogs out the living room doors. They soon appeared in the distance, three colorful but unique designs rose slowly from the tree line to the east. There is something majestic about hot air balloons. They […]
  • Stop the Madness!
    Many years ago, I went to Potomac School in McLean Virginia. It was and is a fine private school. I left after 2nd grade and later I sent my three young children there. We soon moved out to The Plains VA and left the DC area. My interactions with Potomac have been slight and I […]
  • So many stories. Gone with the Wind.
    Once upon a time in a land not very far away, there lived a little girl named Bonnie. Who would name their child after a little girl in a popular book and later a movie? Especially if that little girl breaks her neck jumping her pony after being told not to. Not only did they […]
  • The Closet
    colorful closet full of clothes of my mother
  • Treasures for me. May 25 -2020
    In one closet, the scent of mothballs was so strong that we usually just opened then shut the door. We knew several fur coats were hanging in this one. And an umbrella trimmed in mink hung on a hook. Finally, one day I opened the door all the way and began to remove items. There […]
  • Finishing a task, for Mother’s Day
    It is satisfying to complete a task.
  • The Day I Grew Up
    When I called my mother and asked her to come to stay while I spent a night in the hospital, she said: “I am sorry, I can’t.” What? I thought I must have misheard her. It happened this way; When I was 20 and a new bride and an extremely new mother, I had a […]
  • The Veil
    It is more than 100 years old. My daughter cut off the greater part of it for her daughter’s wedding. That part that covers the bride’s head has a pattern of seed pearls sewn into it. The border all around the body, which is of silk netting, is a continuous row of pearls. Originally it […]
  • Be Thankful for Time
    The virus which we have been watching for several months now, first hearing about it in January, has now taken center stage. It is front-page news, interior news, and back page news. It is everywhere. Facebook is full of it. Vitriolic, angry people arguing about who did what and where the virus came from, plus […]
  • It is a Beautiful World.
    Enforced shelter in place rules are onerous for some but not for me. Of course, I am careful. The unusual thing that happened this morning made me aware of how a few things have changed during my time here. Today I had to go to the bank. In order to do that, I had to […]
  • Guest Post; Corona Virus: Covid-19
    Here is all you need to know if you are worried about the Chinese Flu Corona Virus.
  • Computers are Miraculous
    It is amazing what huge amounts of information computers are able to supply. The Internet makes everything connected.
  • In Spite of Uncertainty Be Grateful
    In troubled times it is helpful to remember that adversity comes and goes like the weather. Dogs keep us company and love us no matter what happens.
  • Uncertainty thy name is Corona
    This new Virus came out of China, and is being used to terrorize the west. It is being hyped by the press to unseat the President. But you will live through it.
  • Dinosaurs
    Watching the young travel the streets on scooters brings home the fact that we are older.
  • Lessons Learned
    “When you finally learn that a person’s behavior has more to do with their internal struggle than it ever did with you? you learn grace.” That is a critical point. We never know what troubles others are dealing with alone. And therefore we cannot judge them, nor should we. Judging others is one of my […]
  • The KitFox and Lots of Trouble.
    One of the worst fights I ever had with my sister happened in a car in Scottsdale, Arizona. We were together with our mother at the Elizabeth Arden Spa called Maine Chance. Mother brought us both out there along with her as a family. Usually, only my sister Dede went with Mother. It was their […]
  • An Attitude of Gratitude
    All that matters is that your loved ones are healthy, that you have done your best, and that you are grateful for all you have. Sifting through my mothers’ belongings before we sell her house is a revelation. She loved pretty things. She collected many of them. But she was not a hoarder. When she […]
  • A Day in the Life of B Matheson
    When the alarm went off this morning, my body jerked awake, startled. My dreaming had been so deep and thrilling. Populated with so many characters, places, colors, and a babble of language and unfinished thoughts, and then?consciousness and reality arrived. Ouch. My warm little smooth haired miniature dachshund Sisi nestled in the curve of my […]
  • Today is my Birthday
    Aging brings clarity as the reflection in a mirror gives the impression of truth only backward. Age gives us a false sense of knowing. Wisdom understands this error in thought and considers it. Yet the truth is what is needed. To sort out from the other detritus, the bright, beautiful realness of affection and connectedness […]
  • A Year Best Forgot
    My memoir about living with and caring for my mother is still not ready for publication. Unfortunately, this last year was not conducive to deadlines or serious revisions. It is hard to do that when you are living in the thick of what you are writing. I could see that it was coming to a […]
  • The Final Year, Recapping 2019
    I had no inkling that the year would end as it has. January was a bit slow with some little show of snow and my birthday spent with my class from the Capital Speakers Club at the Rodarte exhibit. I spend hours looking out of the picture window in the Garden Room, watching the antics […]
  • My Mothers Funeral was Today
    Describing the funeral of my mother who was 101 years old. It was a great service and a great party afterward.
  • Obituary for Ruth Buchanan
    a brief history of the life of Ruth Hale Buchanan who lived 101 years.
  • A Glimpse of Her
    My mother is silent, and her system is breaking down now. She is more or less a shell of her old self. A beautiful hollow shell. Her blond head resting on a mound of pillows, her curls renewed by Mr. Eivind earlier yesterday in a home visit. The beauty salon will see her no more. […]
  • Manifesting Moon
    They say today is the best day for manifesting what you want. It has to do with the full moon in Mercury Retrograde. I don’t understand it. But I believe it is powerful. What I wish I could manifest is a new life for my mother who is 101 and appears to be heading out. […]
  • Reinventing You!
    It is simply never too late. Don’t let anyone, including that little voice in your head, tell you that you have missed your chance. What makes your heart beat faster? Seriously, think about this. Your body may be less flexible, but your mind is wiser. Your hair may be grayer or thinner, but your inner […]
  • What are Children Being Taught?
    Concerns about the way children are being brainwashed today. They are made to feel shamed by our past.
  • Dealing with Dementia
    difficult to discuss demented parents if siblings are in denial.
  • An Evening with Mother
    When you have reached the age of 101, many things change. Once important things are discarded. People begin to fade away. They dress in beige, grey or black. Perhaps a navy blue jacket is worn to liven things up. These ladies have “let the old woman in,” as my sister famously quoted. Not every woman […]
  • Guest Dog and more
    I have a visiting dog. Her name is Lulu. That is short for Lucretia Borgia. She is sweet and unassuming and loving. She was sad when her Dad left her here with me. But he (my son in law) had taken the precaution of getting her a new tag with my phone number and address […]
  • A Post Borrowed
    Women Can?t Have It All This post Women Can?t Have It All was originally published on Intellectual Takeout by Annie Holmquist. Oct. 11 marks the International Day of the Girl. An initiative by the United Nations, the Day of the Girl aims ?to help galvanize worldwide enthusiasm for goals to better girls? lives, providing an […]
  • Laying in a Hammock
    meditation on laying in a hammock
  • If your phone dies?
    On Thursday afternoon I was looking up tips for opening remarks on the Internet. I am speaking about Care for the Caregiver this week, and want to make my audience laugh. It is pretty gruesome subject, so laughter is helpful. I found some good information and decided to take a photo of the suggestions that […]
  • Mother wants to party
    An homage to my 101 year old mother who loves a party.
  • Daughters Day…
    Before today I had never heard of it. But apparently it is a real thing. Daughters Day. It will one day be as important as Mothers Day which is a totally “made up” Holiday that has never been very important to me. Every day Mothers give whole heartedly to their children. Every day they love […]
  • My Memory is Pretty Good
    Musing about the fact that as I get older I have more to remember than ever before. My memory is better than I thought.
  • The Dinner Roll
    Dinner at the White House – a parable I borrowed this because I believe it is so important to remember. This was written about President Obama. It seems especially pertentent now.Bonnie B. Matheson by Richard Gleaves Once upon a time, I was invited to the White House for a private dinner with the President. I […]
  • Rural Tranquillity = A Peaceful Brain
    Rural tranquillity = A Peaceful Brain country living is peaceful City living is very stressful.
  • 9/11/2001 You Are Not a Victim
    On that horrible day 9,11, 2001, so many people were killed (nearly 3000) when the World Trade Center’s came down, some people despaired for the future. The Pentagon was attacked, and that plane crashed in a Pennsylvania field. A shocking and life-changing experience for all of us. For the actual victims of the attack, it […]
  • Grateful every single morning
  • Be Careful What You Wish For
    Be careful what you wish for because you may get your wish. And I used to long to be living here in Washington DC . Because I moved in to take cre of my 101 year old mother, now I do.
  • I Will Find a Way or Make One
    Holton-Arms School is my Alma Mater. Miss Lurton and Miss Brown were my first mentors, and they were admirable women. I revered them and tried to live a life of which they would have approved. When I went back to college at 50 to get my BA in psychology, it made me smile to think […]
  • Family
    Family all together is wonderful, my father would be so proud.
  • It is all messy
    Today I saw an Instagram meme from Share and Inspire that just made my day!!! It spoke of one of those UNspoken truths that everyone resists in spite of the TRUTH of it. Life is messy. And it is wonderful, so we need to get over the desire to make everything neat and tidy. It […]
  • Is Society Unfair?
    A friend of mine recently said that society was not fair and asked me if I felt that kids from inner cities had as good a chance as those from families who sent their children to private schools. My answer to him follows. You say that society has been unfair? Seriously? Life is unfair. That […]
  • About the lilies
    There are more lilies than have ever been blooming here. White ones, yellow ones, several different types of pink ones fill their containers. And all of them are exuding a fragrance
  • Heat Wave
    Musing on a very hot day. We must be grateful for air-conditioning.
  • Oh Dear! A Deer!
    The other day my dogs went hunting. They chased an adolescent deer all over 2 and a half acres of our yard. They cornered it over and over. Each time it fled, sometimes jumping over them. I took photos and movies I wonder if I can add a video on this post? (NOT) It was […]
  • Things for which I am grateful
    Shedding responsibility feels wonderful. Gratitude is good for me.
  • Another July 4th! 2019
    4th of July great holiday. Important to be grateful. We have freedom of choice here.
  • Sisters, sigh
    As sisters we are very different, but our phones look exactly the same except in our special colors.
  • Mother, lately…
    There she sits at the head of the octagonal breakfast table, looking like a Fairy Queen. Someone said she is more beautiful now than she was 20 years ago and it is true. I don?t know if it is because EVERYONE tells her how lovely she is. Or is it a trick of nature? Whatever […]
  • Wanna Feel Nostalic?
    Stolen, borrowed, (originally) December 19, 2013 Reblogged this on Ritaroberts’s Blog 1950?s Version Of An?Email I have no idea who put this together, but it is wonderful! Long ago and far away, in a land that time forgot, Before the days of Dylan , or the dawn of Camelot. There lived a race of innocents, […]
  • My house ‘Barrsden’
    A story of love and loss of a home. Life gives us temporary situations which we must appreciate.
  • Take Responsibility for yourself.
    The disconnect between what people believe to be true about the need for morality today as opposed to what was taught 3/4 of a century ago, is dramatic. Morality is for suckers. Feelings trump facts. No one should be allowed to have hurt feelings. And there need to be safe spaces on campuses so that […]
  • Care-givers, I hear you!
    The trials and tribulations of family as they navigate the world of caregiving for a parent.
  • Meditations
    Excellent conversation and correspondence about today’s issues
  • Memoir Writing
    Once again I attended a writers workshop intended to help us write a memoir. It was a marvelous getaway in Brookneal Virginia, well below Charlottesville by nearly 2 hours. Staunton Hill is lovely. The sense of tranquility and rapturous peace surrounds the guests there. It would be so nice to spend a few weeks here, […]
  • The 4th Quarter
    Inspirational piece about re-inventing your life in the 4th quarter.
  • Waiting on hold…
    My web service provider is It used to be Network Solutions which was a wonderful, responsive company. They answered the phone with live people. They listened and their prices were reasonable. I was happy with Network Solutions. I bought my very first Domaine name through that company on June 23rd 1999. Unbeknownst to me, […]
  • Hypocrisy
    Sadly this country seems to have lost it’s mind. We are prisoners of our own ridiculous new rules. People seem to have forgotten common sense completely. Herd mentality and venal accusations against anyone on the other side of an argument fills the news.
  • A Puppy for 99 yr old Mother
    After some deliberation we bought a puppy for our 99 year old mother. And it was a great success.
  • A trip to Mount Vernon
    My cousins were visiting Washington DC, from Michigan along with their 5 children. They invited me to go with them out to see Mount Vernon. These days when you say you are going there, it is necessary to say “George Washingtons’ Mount Vernon”. That is because there is a school called Mount Vernon and shopping […]
  • Procrastination
    I have let the whole week slip by without getting up a blog post. How did that happen? People say “Thank God it is Friday”, but I dread it because Friday comes and there is still so much to do. Perhaps that is because I am an entrepreneur at heart. I like being my own […]
  • Respect
    There are so few celebrities left whom I respect. Years ago, there were so many. Perhaps that is part of getting older. Those heroes we once held in awe have grown old and died, or developed ?feet of clay.?  Today, many of the movie heroes of my youth are considered misogynistic bores. Clark Gable, John […]
  • Danger, this subject may make you feel uncomfortable.
    It is time to ask the difficult questions about end of life decisions.
  • Gratitude
     Thursday, Feb 21, 2019 ?                                                                             Gratitude  I am spending a weekend in the country, at an adorable […]
  • Sadness and Solace
                                                    Sadness and Solace I don’t like writing about sadness. However, it is important to write about the things that we don’t want to write about. Maybe more important than anything else we write. Certainly, from a cathartic view, this is the case. Why does my body resist when I think of what makes me sad? […]
  • The Journey Continues
    Musings about the progress of parents aging over the last decades of their lives. It changes us, the caregivers just as they are also changed.
  • Out with the Old, in with the New
    As the new year begins, there is a new book cooking. This is an exciting time of year.
  • Happy New Year 2019
    My favorite day of the whole year, the day after Christmas tops them all. Perhaps it is only an illusion, but this day seems to be such a clean and fresh 24 hours. It is a reward for the frenetic pace that we are forced to keep right up until Christmas day, sometimes long after […]

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