Stop Allowing Cancer to Frighten You

Stop Allowing Cancer to Frighten You

Cancer! The word is terrifying. Cancer is on the rise. And the medical establishment plays on our fears. A friend of mine asked her doctor about using an “alternative” treatment. Her doctor told her that he would no longer be her doctor if she opted to use the alternative treatment. That is blackmail. She was forced to choose. She is dead now. But she chose the doctor and his protocol. My friend fought pancreatic cancer for two years before she finally succumbed. She was afraid of going outside the medical establishment.

Why would you trust your doctor when he is more likely to kill you than a terrorist or an armed robber? Look it up. It is true, statistically. Think about the implications.

But you must look at all the many alternatives to pick what is best for you. There are many charlatans out there, but there are also doctors and nutritionists who have devoted their lives to finding ways to free the body of cancer without the lethal side effects of Chemotherapy and radiation. They try to do it without cutting out body parts. And they succeed. But they are shunned.

There have been doctors who were arrested or disgraced, such as (Dr. Royal Raymond Rife) and an anti-vaccine physician who was found dead, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, These are doctors who practice alternative medicine and claim to cure cancer with some alternative system. They do not believe in what the famous scientist Candace Pert called the “Slash, Burn, and Poison” method of forcing cancer from the body. If we point this out, we are called “crazy.” We are accused of wearing tinfoil hats. The medical establishment and the media tell us to listen to the traditional doctors who are trained to use effective, approved measures. But the war on cancer is still being waged. It seems to me that very little progress has been made. The war has not been won. The medical establishment and the media tell us that things have gotten better. Really?

Treatments go out of fashion, but it takes time. Outdated medical beliefs are not talked about once they have been debunked. Drugs that harm are removed after a while. It is rare, but it happens.

I am old enough to remember the repercussions of the drug Thalidomide. This drug caused dreadful birth defects in babies whose mothers had taken it. That scandal erupted just before my first pregnancy. It made a massive impression on me. I knew that doctors prescribed this to pregnant women with confidence. They said it was safe and effective. At first, it was just a rumor that it was harmful. Suddenly, it was acknowledged as a fact. And the damage to babies was horrific.

 More recently, in 2004, Merck and Company, Inc. voluntarily withdrew the prescription drug, Vioxx  from the market due to safety concerns about  the increased risk of heart attack and strokes; it killed people, thousands of people. The company called it voluntary, but their drug killed. How many mistakes do they need to make in order for you to question them? 

Blind faith in doctors is misplacing your faith.

Cancer is still running rampant. In fact, young people are much more at risk than they used to be. Some experts say this is due to the experimental COVID-19 vaccine. The Government and many organizations mandated the vaccine for many people. These people had no choice. They lost their jobs if they did not take it. Schools demanded it for teachers and students. Young students who would have had no trouble with the disease were forced to take it. They were not at risk from the virus the vaccine was meant to alleviate. Now, there is a surge of “turbo cancers.”

The media and the cancer industry say that more people survive cancer now than before. But at what cost? The treatments are lethal over time. The doctors talk about five year survival rates. What good is five years if you are only 30 years old?

In many cases, cancer treatment wrecks the entire immune system for life. And, of course, the cancer patients see themselves as victims. Some are so scared they cannot see that they are powerful. Fear weakens one’s resolve and can take away a person’s confidence. They forget that they probably have the capacity to cure their own bodies of cancer; if they only believed it and knew how. I only wish I had the answers.

Nature provides us with everything that we need. For every poison, there is an antidote nearby. Our bodies are capable of healing and regrowth in ways we can only imagine. To use our own power, we need to believe in it. One of the troubles with the cancer industry in the United States is that part of their propaganda is to convince people that they cannot do it without doctors and drastic treatments. This is a serious ad campaign. It is ‘big money’ we are talking about. The cancer industry is vast and powerful. 

“You can make them do anything you want!”

Fear itself is destructive. It lowers the immune system. It consumes us if we allow it. And everywhere, we are battered with fearmongering about cancer. It is a belief that is reinforced over and over again. Anyone who voices an opinion other than the cult rules of the medical establishment is censored or canceled. This is not a joke. They will destroy you.

You are not allowed to question. In fact, it is implied that those who question are “dumb” for doing so. Shaming people who ask questions is a way to close them down. If you say you are doing “your own research,” they ridicule you for thinking you know more than “educated” doctors. But the fact is that doctors do not have time to do the amount of reading of studies and watching videos or lectures needed. Often, the cancer survivor is the one who has the time to do the research. The doctors continue to attempt to crush any dissent or criticism. It takes more than one generation to change the course of treatment. Some experts simply need to die off before a new theory can be accepted.

Do you think that frightening people into having mammograms is a good idea? It could CAUSE them to develop cancer. The mammogram might show an anomaly in the breast. For an anxious person, this may be enough to set them off. If a woman is frightened of cancer, she may focus on a cluster of cells. She has seen the mammogram and knows precisely where the cluster of cells is in her breast. The patient is told to get a biopsy to see if they have cancer.( Could a biopsy cause cancer to spread through the body? Just asking.) All this time, the woman is focusing on her fear of cancer. She is directing that fear to the exact spot where she has seen that the cancer may be growing. Fear! Fear is a great lever to force people to comply. Being told one must get into the system is immediately disempowering. The person with cancer instantly becomes a victim. This realization is toxic. Predictive programming is put into place at this point. We have all seen this on TV or in the movies. Or we read all about it in a novel. All of this is familiar, so it is easily accepted by the frightened “patient.” This is the norm.

Corporate medicine takes over. We are often told to do unconscionable things. We accept modifications to our bodies as the cost of being allowed to live. We have been programmed from every angle. We are programmed to believe lies that can hurt us. Talking about cancer from the perspective of profit seems gross. What about presenting the disease as a business opportunity, a marketplace full of sick and about-to-be-sick people, like a farm waiting to be harvested by Big Pharma? Pfizer has just acquired a smaller company called Seagen, which treats “turbo cancers.” They make two billion dollars a year. The head of Pfizer says in the future, 33% of people will get “turbo cancer.” How does he know this? Yet when I Googled “turbo cancer,” says Covid-19 vaccines have not been shown to cause fast-developing “turbo cancer.” Really?

It seems that the medical establishment does not want to talk about “turbo cancer” at all. Getting mad can help. Discovering you have cancer is shocking and makes some people angry. Good. Use your anger to fight it. Anger can energize you at this point. Instead of feeling helpless or hopeless, decide to prove the doctors wrong. “Show them” by getting well.

Be curious. Read everything and talk to people who have survived cancer. The Internet provides thousands of articles, peer-reviewed papers, podcasts, and videos. Learn all you can. Your doctor does not have time to do this, but you do. And your life is not as crucial to any medical professional as it is to you. Take charge of your own treatment.

As with everything else, it is necessary to look beyond the fear. Get rid of it if you can. Remember that famous saying, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” That is true of cancer. Our minds are so powerful, our thoughts are things, and fear is debilitating. Confidence, Faith, Humor, Love, and HOPE are all useful in staying healthy.

You are stronger than you think, more powerful than you can imagine! You have a spark of the divine within you. Enjoy your life and stay busy doing things you love. Plan your future; set out to explore the world. Stay focused on things you wish to add to your experiences. Live with purpose. Winter has come, and it is moving out. Spring is on its way.

Copyright©. 2024 Bonnie B. Matheson

2 thoughts on “Stop Allowing Cancer to Frighten You

  1. I agree with all you have presented. You cannot trust the medical community as they all buy into the government mandates Unfortunately they don’t have a choice

  2. You are so spot on in this article. I have not believed the medical community since 1999 when I sincerely believe their treatments killed my dad.
    The alphabet government agencies approving treatment/food etc are not our friends. There is an antidote for all poisons but there is no antidote for the poisoning of the minds from government and pharmaceutical companies.

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