Summing up 2023

Summing up 2023

What a year it has been! I am so happy living here in Charlottesville, VA. My children say it is my “reward.” It is, in some ways, the best time of my life. Isn’t it strange how that works out? I will be 82 in January, and that number shocks me. I once thought that was old.  And, of course, it is ancient to my grandchildren. Even my own children worry about me in a way they never appeared to before. But I still feel the way I have always felt, only calmer. My mind is still full of dreams and future projects. My health and my energy level are good, maybe even great! I am curious about the world, both modern and ancient. In some ways, the most exciting thing is figuring out what makes people tick.

Pilates is a wonderful way to stay strong. If you want strong core muscles and enjoy gentle but tough exercise, it is the best. I am so happy to have a studio not too far away with all sorts of classes at different times of day—no excuses for not attending at least a few classes a week. I have several friends whom I met initially at classes there. They remain my friends even if they move or quit the exercise. Pilates classes continued throughout the covid fiasco, for which I am forever grateful.

My dogs are companions through thick and thin. Only lately has there been dissension in the ranks when one of my granddogs comes to stay as a guest. Actually, this takes the form of scary dog fights. I will have to find a solution because it is nerve-wracking. One never knows what will set one off against the other. When not separating dogs, I spend a great deal of time sitting at my computer. So many newsletters arrive in my inbox. These publications (which I subscribed to) are the curse of the curious mind.

There is not enough time in the day to read them all. However, I do read a selection of them nearly every day in order to discover what is really happening in the world. You certainly cannot find out by watching regular TV news. I never do. So many stories are never reported in the mainstream news. The amount of propaganda seems to have increased exponentially since covid gave these outlets permission to lie daily.

Not once did any Medical entity or government spokesman push healthy eating or exercise during all this. But they told us it was all based on “keeping you safe.” Shame on all of them. It irritates me that there will never be an apology, never a retraction of the total obfuscation of the truth to fit their agenda of fear. Fear is a weapon, a weapon of control, and the government has used it rambunctiously in the last three years. We will never know how many deaths were caused by this, but the number is horrific. We are still seeing devastating results of the shot they tried to mandate. That jab has killed more people than died of covid. And this is now a documented fact. The harm to our small businesses and therefore to our economy may be irreparable. A whole generation of children will suffer from the effects for decades to come. I will never forget.

And still, some people, otherwise intelligent and educated, just do not question anything. Many must go along in order to keep their University jobs or their medical licenses, but they are hypocrites. They have allowed God to be removed from Christmas. They snigger at religious references and speak of religion as a dangerous cult. They say they believe the President of the United States is fine and mentally competent. They still believe there is some benefit in wearing a mask. I see this occasionally in Charlottesville, and it makes me feel slightly sick to my stomach. These people vote.

I had a large, festive party before Christmas and wanted my house neat. So I quickly put many books away in nooks and crannies everywhere. Now, I must find those books and begin reading the ones I have yet to consume. From my seat at my desk, there is a clear view of several stacks of books perched on the edges of a bookcase. They sit precariously in front of the books whose usual place is on these shelves. They tempt me. Writing makes me happy, as much as reading. The computer beckons and books are stacked everywhere in my house. This is my project for the next few months: writing, reading and more reading. There is so much to learn!

This blog post, which I mean to write weekly, keeps me on my toes. It gives my life structure even when I am late with it, like today. Then there is my latest book! It is primarily excerpts from my blog that make up the memoir that should have been available before Christmas. It is at the publisher’s right now, yet it is not quite ready to go. I procrastinate because putting out a whole book of these musings is scary.

My driveway is nearly a mile long, with only a minor up and down part. So I should walk it every day. But I don’t. My plan for the next few months includes walks because they improve clarity and energy. (and health) In the new year I plan to eat many fewer dinners. Having a main meal at lunchtime suits me, and it is really easy for me to regulate when I eat since I live alone. Sometimes, a hungry family member will check in with me, asking, “What do you have for dinner tonight?” But in the new year, I plan to answer “beef broth” and just leave it at that.

My family is my greatest accomplishment. (Yet I cannot claim credit for them because they are all their OWN people) I am proud of them. Their differences prove they are independent thinkers. Conversations with them are fascinating. I love them all very much.

Copyright©. 2023 Bonnie B. Matheson

8 thoughts on “Summing up 2023

  1. Awesome words of wisdom, Bonnie! As always, you are right on with your thoughts ??! Here’s to a wonderful 2024!!

  2. Another great blog post by my friend Bonnie! You continue to inspire me to do some kind of writing with my research. Kudos on the link to the excess death source. I have added that to my Covid research. From USA Today no less. I wonder who was able to sneak that in. I literally chuckled out loud at the beef broth comment. I am looking forward to our next tete a tete in the new year in the spring. I think I will just bring lunch to your house! Happy new year to you my friend!

  3. Bonnie,
    Once again, I’m so sorry to have missed your party. I know it was festive and fun as always.

    Love your blogs and so excited about your book! Keep on writing.

    I’m pleased to hear about your stacks of books as I am the same way…books are stacked everywhere in my house and I love every one of them and keep buying more. Just can’t resist them.

    Sending love and New Year wishes,


  4. I look forward to reading your new book! I’m grateful for you and all that you have to share with people.

  5. Awesome words of wisdom, Bonnie! As always, you are right on with your thoughts ??! Here’s to a wonderful 2024!!

  6. Agree about Pilates. The first time I tried it was 25 years ago at the Golden Door in California.

  7. I always enjoy reading your posts – thank you. It isn’t hard to see what is occupying your mind which is soooooo very important. If I can be a nudge, please get out and walk that driveway – there is nothing better for your health than movement!!!!! And you are yound at heart Bonnie so age is meaningless! As some food for thought, research cognitive dissonance and tribes. I think you might start to understand what has happened to otherwise intelligent people who cannot accept truth when it is placed in front of their eyes. It’s a real thing! I wish you a very Happy New Year and hope to continue to read about your insights and wisdom.

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