It is Time to Stop the Madness.

It is Time to Stop the Madness.

Every day, I receive many, many solicitations for money from Republicans. They all say it is my duty to help them, or they catastrophize events that are happening. They are tiresome. I rarely write back. But today I wrote to Jim Johnson, who is a good guy. (Maybe)

“Why don’t Republicans fight for me? Start with election integrity!”

“Then stand behind President Trump and denounce Biden. And get those Jan. 6th prisoners out of jail! Why don’t you all admit that the voting was “fixed” in the middle of the night? What is wrong with you all ?? Where is your honor, your patriotism, your guts? You talk a great game, but I want to see results!.”

But what I did not add, because I did not have time or energy for shouting into the wind, was that we know why. We know why they refuse to look too deeply into the integrity of our voting process.
Of course, we know why. “You politicians cannot examine the election fraud because it has existed for too long. Probably many of you were illegally elected.” What a can of worms! No one wants to open it. You are all “in on it” and want to leave it alone for fear of discovery. The media is complicit. They keep the truth out of print.

All the politicians want money, and they say it is ‘almost too late.’ Ha! It was too late in 2000, when Bush and Gore fought over who really won the election. By the way, when people say President Trump should not question the election, they seem to have forgotten recent history. Hillary questioned the vote in 2016. In fact she is still questioning it. Obama told her to concede so that they would not have to examine the voting machines or the whole system. It would have been too damaging to all politicians. her refusal to accept her loss was dangerous to the corrupt system.

Yet, these people continue to ask for support. They want to win elections, but what are they doing to combat corruption in our country? Nothing.

The fact that our former president is battling indictments and paying ransom to stay free is horrific. Now, allow me to preface this with the fact that I know that Donald Trump is flawed. OK? Please spare me the quotes he made about women more than 20 years ago.

We are living in a country with a president (Biden) who is a crook. Right now. Not a rumored crook but a real one. His family has been crooked for decades and continues. Recently, his son’s lost computer has confirmed our worst suspicions. And it revealed even worse crimes, traitorous ones. Why do people overlook this? They deny Biden’s dementia. And they say they support him because they are afraid of Trump?

I don’t understand it. Trump is upfront about being ‘out for himself.’ He never denies it. BUT, he is risking jail and an assassin’s bullet to try to keep our country from being taken over by the people who support the New World Order. He is fighting for YOU. He knows that this country is the best hope for the entire world. He is trying to preserve it’s greatness. He is practically the only one who seems to care.
And yet, the press paints him as the bad guy??

Who is paying the press? When did they become so entirely owned by the socialists who are actually communists? Some of my own grandchildren have told me that Communism just has not been done right yet. Apparently, our schools have indoctrinated young people with ideas that are the opposite of those on which our country was founded.

This is so dangerous. There is no way to explain it to the soft and self centered youth of today. These young people are ignorant of history. They are spoon-fed a pablum of feel-good and feel-bad fluff. The brutality and realistic terrors of daily living 200 years ago are hidden from them. They are told a lie. They are taught that this wonderful country was built on the backs of slaves. But it was actually built on the backs of poor people who came here for a chance for freedom. Religious freedom was enough for some to take the risk. Others came for the freedom to make their own way. Some of them were sent here as punishment for crimes; others came of their own volition. Most of them had to combat difficulties that today’s youth cannot even imagine. After a while, some gained in prosperity and hired or bought help to work for them. Indentured servitude and slavery may seem awful today, but this was just “life” in the 18th century. Judging people of that era by today’s standards is useless.

Our younger generations are soft and spoiled. Overfed and under-educated, they remain glued to their screens. They watch podcasts and glean what knowledge they have from social media. People who need safe spaces are not fit to rule a country or even vote, as far as I am concerned.

I saw a Reel today with a man completely covered with tattoos. He said, “The left is not where the bikers and the Rockers and the alternative people belong. Progressives are all committed to control and rules and regulations.” He said that when he tells his friends he is going with the Right Wing, they say,” But they are Christian.”
And the fact that they say that makes them just like racists. They are Bigots.

I loved his message. He is right about the left. It has long ago stopped being friendly to alternative lifestyle types. The Right has developed into a “big tent” welcoming free thinkers. Everyone is welcome if they believe in strong borders, individual rights, the constitution and the first amendment, all the better. Freedom of speech was the most important building block. How can it be that we are now discussing whether or not that is a good thing?

But, we need to stop seeing each other as enemies. We are not. It is the ‘Powers that be’ who are dividing us on purpose. They want us to be separate. They want us angry. Do NOT let this happen. We must band together.

Right now, there are forces trying to disrupt us and divide us. They want us to be at each other’s throats. This is what we need to avoid at all costs.

A house divided cannot stand.

Remember this. If we are going to fight, let it be against tyranny:

  1. Unjust or oppressive governmental power.
  2. A government in which a single ruler is vested with absolute power.
  3. The office, authority, or jurisdiction of an absolute ruler.

Let us fight for good, for freedom of speech, for law and order, for honesty, for honor and for our country.

Copyright©. 2023 Bonnie B. Matheson

4 thoughts on “It is Time to Stop the Madness.

  1. Thanks for sharing. You are amazing at putting into words the exact issues facing all AMERICANS at this precise moment.

    I too get bombarded with requests for money and I have the same thoughts.

    God Bless you and your family and may The LOVE of JESUS CHRIST win over all else. Amen.

  2. Bonnie, You say exactly what I am thinking! Your gift of organization and brevity make it more palatable than the hurricane of anger and thoughts in my own mind. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I forward them oftentimes.

  3. Preach it Sista’! Well ranted! I told someone yesterday: “ sweeping voter and election fraud under the rug is akin to pissing on the Constitution. If we don’t have free and fair, clean elections we don’t have a Constitution. And if we don’t have a Constitution we don’t have a Republic.” I’m working on an understandable clear concise presentation of the real evidence of the 2020 election fraud. It is out there. It defies logic that no one seems to be able to pull it together in one place. Thanks for the post!

    1. “One does not simply “get over” election fraud.” 100%! ? I will never be able to get over the Republicans in Georgia trying to overturn a democratic election.

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