Grace’s wedding

Grace’s wedding

The newest wedding might have been the best one yet!!

3 bridesmaids and matron of honor

Our family has had two weddings within six weeks. That is a huge burden on a family. But my daughter Helen and her wonderful husband, David, were up to the task. Both of them are remarkably unflappable. If they feel anxiety, it is well hidden from me. Grace’s wedding was special to me because I have always known she was one of those people who (like me) wanted to be married more than she wanted to have a “career.” No matter the fact that these days, marriage is not a cause for major celebrations like making a partner in a law firm might be. I believe that the tide may be turning. Not a huge tidal wave of change, more like a gentle raising of the water level at the change of tides. Never mind what anyone else has decided. Grace was clearly “ Ahead of the Curve.” And she had the wedding to prove it.

My daughter, Helen, and my granddaughter, Grace, the bride.

First of all, the weather contributed 100% to the ambiance of the day. It has rained every weekend since her sister Daisy’s wedding. And we were all a little worried that the trend might continue. Nope! It was perfect. Someone said, “This is a day made for a bride.” It was so clear and the colors of sky and grass and the multicolored flowers were so bright it hurt the eye.

Grace was a vision. Truly a vision of a bride, her long, thick blonde hair was in a braid almost to her waist. Her plaited hair was scattered with flowers inserted in its width. Her pale skin glowed against her off-white strapless wedding dress and the short veil that fell over her face until her father flipped it up just before she made her vows.

Feeding Ophelia with flower girls

The brides dog, Ophelia, was with her as she dressed and had her makeup and hair done. At one point, Grace put her wedding aside and fed her dog, all the while wearing her wedding dress and ready to be married. I took photos to be able to prove this bride was concerned for her dog even on her wedding day.

For the ceremony, the guests sat in white chairs set out on the lawn. There were white umbrellas for the guests, marked with “Lucky 6- 1-24” to keep the sun off.  We were given small fans to keep the air moving. I was sitting on the front row so I was able to watch the service unobstructed.

Murdoch, Susie and Bear

As Grace walked down the aisle, someone was holding the dog.  But when it was time for the groom, Gill Luck to put a ring on her finger (and to have her put a ring on his finger), Ophelia walked slowly down the aisle with a little encouragement from Grace.  The rings were tied to the dog’s collar. They were tied so tightly that Gill had a bit of trouble untying them. Finally, after a short struggle, he got them loose.  The two were married under a brilliant blue and sunny sky. The marriage was performed by a minister, and witnessed by a large group of their families and friends.

Me, my son, Robert and my grandson, Jack.

After the charming ceremony, we went up to a tent near the house. The tent differed from Daisy’s clear one, which was spectacular but had to have sides lowered because of the wind and chilly evening.  Grace’s tent was a canvas tent with NO SIDES. It peaked at the tops of the poles and small pennants flew at the tops. With no sides, the beautiful land surrounding it rolled as far as the eye could see. Of course, the sky was light later in the evening because it was June. The constant rainy weekends have made things lush and green here in Charlottesville. It has been such a beautiful spring. On Saturday, the grass, bushes, and trees were vibrantly green. The multicolored flowers that had lined the aisle for the wedding were moved. They were now edging the area where the orchestra played. A great band encouraged dancers to get out on the floor. The dance floor was black and white squares. Very chic! There was a sofa and chairs facing the dance floor and orchestra. My ex-husband, Charley, sat there and watched the dancers. Finally the sun set and the sky was dark, my ten-year-old grandson danced for two and a half hours straight. He is a great dancer, like his father.

Grace and Gill plight their troth.

The gorgeous bridesmaids were all cousins of the bride. Daisy Luck, Grace’s sister was her matron of honor. Even though I have nine granddaughters, only four of them were in the wedding, not counting the bride. This kept the wedding party manageable. They wore pale yellow dresses that clung to their bodies. Luckily, their bodies are simply flawless. I have rarely ever seen a prettier wedding party. Those bridesmaids, with their simple silk dresses molded to them, held bouquets of multicolored flowers.  The men in the wedding party, were wearing matching ocean-blue suits. Everyone was so attractive; it was like a magazine or movie wedding. But it was real.

I love Gill Luck and the entire Luck family. It is such fun that I now have two granddaughters named Mrs Luck, even though their husbands are not related. We are all thrilled with our newest “in-laws.” It is such a happy time for our family. I wish the newest Mr and Mrs. Luck a long and happy marriage.

As I often say, I am grateful for my family and my life.

Charles Matheson/Davidson group

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3 thoughts on “Grace’s wedding

  1. Absolutely Beautiful Bonnie! Everyone looked so perfect and relaxed for a wonderful wedding.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this one!! Stunning and you look beautiful! What an awesome, fun family clearly full of love and now Luck! Hope to see you soon Bonnie B. Matheson!!!

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