(a must read)”I’m Embarrassed, too.”

(a must read)”I’m Embarrassed, too.”

Guest Blog (a must read) by Susan Page Coffee. She has said this better than I ever could. I publish it with her permission, Bonnie B Matheson.

I’m Embarrassed, too.

                                    by Susan Page Coffee

Are you proud to be an American?

Several Georgetown University coeds answered in an informal campus interview that no, they were not proud, and that they even found America embarrassing.

Seeing this, I came up with something not to be proud of and also embarrassing:  that America has produced you. You, the ignorant and insipid, you, the spoiled-rotten, brain-free private university students who could fit what you know about America in your airpod cases – with the airpods in them.

If you knew anything of the greatness of this country and those who have sacrificed for it, and for you, not the poison your leftist professors of history teach – you would hide your face in shame. Or should.

I’m embarrassed and positive that you will not find America’s greatness in the social media echo chambers of Tik Tok and Instagram where you hang out looking for wisdom from influencers your age. Or, in a biased Google search. Or, on Wikipedia whose co-founder admitted it was distinctly one-sided – left-sided.

I’m embarrassed, and sad, that your shallow proclamations may have disturbed the peace of the thousands of World War I, World War II, Korean and Vietnam War veterans buried beneath the hallowed soil of Arlington National Cemetery just across the Potomac from your campus. Or across the world in American cemeteries in Europe, the Philippines, and even China. 

Have you ever even been curious about those Americans who died in some far-off land fighting for the freedom of the French or the Filipinos or the Vietnamese against Hitler’s fascism, Imperial Japan’s aggression, or Mao’s and Stalin’s Communism? Or here at home fighting the bloodiest war in American history to free slaves? 

Or about the loved ones they left behind?

Do you find the firefighters and police who were crushed or incinerated embarrassing while climbing up the World Trade Center stairs to rescue people? Or the brave souls who overcame the hijackers on flight 92? (Osama bin Laden, your new thought leader would have a lot to say on this subject, right?)

How about the men and women in police uniforms who daily risk their lives to make it safe for you to walk alone to your dorm parking lot to get in your new BMW or to jog along the Potomac at dusk?

Is it embarrassing that American men and women in uniform protecting our nation die every day in training accidents – leaving wives and children behind like my late husband John Ditto did while training in the Marine Corps? Joy was 10 and Kyle only 6. 

(Yes, it’s personal.)

And what about those almost 600 American Navy and Air Force pilots and airmen held as prisoners of war in North Vietnam in a horrific, filthy prison being tortured and abused? Like Navy pilots Everett Alvarez who was held over 81/2 years, Bob Shumaker, 8, and my husband, Jerry Coffee held 7 years as POWs. Their love for their country, the United States of America, its founding principles, institutions, and Constitution to which they took an oath of allegiance are what kept them going all those long years of separation and deprivation. Embarrassing, right? What chumps!

Mostly I’m embarrassed that you don’t get this:  people don’t risk life and limb to come to countries that are embarrassing. People aren’t breaking the law to get into Cuba, China, Venezuela, Iran, or North Korea. (Or, to be honest, even some so-called democracies.)

I guess embarrassment of your country would have to include your IPhone 15, Apple Watch, Smart TV, internet service, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or by flying on American or United to Maui for spring break. And by the car you drive, fast food you eat, clothes you order on Amazon? Your medical care, birth-control pills, and shots to keep you from getting diseases. All of these made possible by the freedom to innovate American Capitalism enables. 

Capitalism has not only provided the opportunity for a higher standard of living for all Americans, but has exported those same opportunities to large and small nations across the world. Once a starving failing Communist China with its 2 billion people today enjoys a middle class and high living standard. Though they claim to despise us, due to highly favorable US trade agreements China owns the majority of all our manufacturing, not to mention nuclear weapons and a military that rivals or even surpasses our own. (Now that’s embarrassing!)

Keep our nation free for our youth.

I am personally never embarrassed when volunteering in Africa and find thousands of Americans from US churches there serving the poor year round. These missionaries, young and old, give up their time and money to travel halfway across the world to show American faith-in-action. 

What, I wonder, have you done in that regard?

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris finds Americans at the very top in generosity compared to other nations. 

Americans like Don and Deyon Stephens, who founded the faith-based, Texas-based Mercy Ships organization in 1978 that now sends hospital ships across the globe providing free medical care and life-saving surgeries to the world’s neediest populations. Clearly an embarrassing case of American colonialism.

I could go on and on about why we should be proud of, not embarrassed by the United States of America, a still young nation, aware of its faults and maturing and correcting as it ages.  But you and your ignorance-based embarrassment are a dead-end waste of thought. You and your uninformed allies take up space that could be filled by freedom-loving immigrants from any dozens of oppressive governments. They are so NOT embarrassed by the U.S. and don’t get your ridiculousness at all.

It seems like it’s easy to cancel people these days. So, I’ve decided to cancel you, the embarrassed, on behalf of myself and others who are proud of, fight for, pay for, and pray for the most charitable, free, prosperous, and God-blessed nation in the world.

And while at it, on behalf of the Israelis’ let’s cancel the lot of you embarrassments. You who can’t seem to distinguish an Israeli kibbutz of peaceful farmers from gleeful gangs of baby beheading terrorists, your new stars of Tik Tok, the official online university of the dangerously ignorant. 

3 thoughts on “(a must read)”I’m Embarrassed, too.”

  1. Well said! Sad that our children are being spoon fed these lies. For my husband’s career, we lived in communist countries and saw citizens who wanted to know about our country which was considered the pinnacle of wonderful life.
    These darling little spoiled brats should go and live for a few years in Laos or Central African Republic or Moldova to discover what is “out there”. Just terribly sad.

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