We Were So Powerful!

We Were So Powerful!

We were so powerful before they told us we were victims. In past centuries, women always knew that they were the powerful ones in the equation. They passed this knowledge down to their daughters.

The men were stronger and faster and more bold. However, between women and men, women had the power, and the men knew it. Without us, there would be no human race. We had the babies. There was a saying; “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” Where do you think that came from? We raised the men, we fed them and clothed them and nurtured them and consoled them.

20-year-old me with firstborn son

We had stamina. We had intuition. We were great at strategy. Of course, we had qualities we did not advertise; we could be sneaky. Women are more treacherous than men. (But that depends on your point of view.) And we are ruthless and sometimes vindictive. However, our nurturing and level of loving and caring for people and animals is unending.
?We were extolled and entitled to respect and protection because of our sex. Men revered us and helped us in a thousand ways. Yes, we were expected to do certain things, such as taking care of the house and raising the children. But we were supported financially by our husbands or fathers. They defended us from harm from others. We each had our roles. And without each other, our quality of life suffered. The housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, and laundry were time-consuming and difficult. But so was planting and harvesting and hunting and fishing. Life was a struggle in ways most of us simply do not understand.

All through the 20th century, things changed. Women were speaking up in political ways. They wanted to vote and take part in our republic in the USA, and they wanted the same worldwide. Gradually, the sexes found their jobs were more manageable as the labor was reduced by electricity and innovation. Women could drive cars, vote, and extend their education. They could have a profession and earn their own money. Family planning kept the number of children down, and medicine kept those children healthy past childhood. Both sexes still felt they needed each other.

Married at 81

1970 was a turning point. When “feminists” began to get traction in the media, things began to change faster than before. When women decided that to be a feminist was an act of sisterhood, they immediately began to lose power. When women began to feel as if they were victims, they lost confidence in themselves. They were “told” they had been held back. The implication was that it was white men, dead white males in some cases, who were responsible for all the things that were not fair. The campaign to make people afraid of what the men could do was effective. The subject of history, which was once an integral part of any school curriculum, was struck from the list of subjects taught. History, along with Civics, was thought unnecessary. Whose decision was it to dis-empower young people in such a devastating way?

Women apparently started this. They demanded equal pay. They still had the babies, the menstrual cramps, and the menopausal days, but they expected businesses to ignore this. They cost the company more because they needed special care, amenities, and time off to have babies. They became angry if they were not hired and promoted. They set it up to happen. And sure enough, some men “hit on” women because they found them sexy. Or just because they were men. Women quickly put all the blame on men. “No” means NO. And looking at a woman with a leer or even a wink became a firing offense.

Now, men are afraid of women. I don’t know what the men are thinking. Do they really feel that women have taken over the world? It’s not a good thing for a man. Men have fragile egos. Women used to know this. Women have emasculated men to an alarming degree.

“There is nothing more toxic than a victim vs oppressor identity.”
Jordon Peterson has said. “It’s an unbelievably pernicious ideology and the universities are to blame for distributing it in large part. It’s really appalling and dangerous.”

The question today is; Which one is the victim, which the oppressor?

Are you one of those who cannot define what a woman is? When men identify as women are they oppressed? When will that craziness run its’ course? Please, people, get a grip!

People love to talk about wage, income, and wealth gaps, but no one ever seems to talk about skill, motivation, effort, and talent gaps. Aren’t these the most important things when looking for employees? Gender makes no difference here.

Marjorie Merriweather Post was a powerful woman in the 1960s.

I have always believed that women can do anything they desire. When people point out that there are fewer women CEOs. Do you understand that being the CEO requires such a great deal of “sucking up” and extra hours, extra work, extra amounts of doing disagreeable things? Women often start out wanting to rise to the top, then seeing how ridiculous it is, how dehumanizing and fake it is, they opt out.

We need to remember we are treacherous, vindictive, and dangerous, but we also can “catch more flies with honey.” We are strong and, beautiful and wise.

We are women; we will survive. We are women; hear us roar. We are women, and we can make your world. We can nurture you and our children. We can decorate and cook and ask for directions.

We make your life worthwhile.

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