A relaxing day

A relaxing day

Do you feel gratitude every single day just for being alive? I do. Today was no exception.? I spent a long time swimming this morning and with every stroke I thanked the Universe for my good fortune.? The peace of an early morning swim was calming. Though it was cloudy and rain threatened I swam in a meditative way, already wet of course so even if it began to rain it would make no difference. So many people look at a rainy day as a day to stay indoors. Don’t do it.

After my swim this morning I took off for the Farmer’s Market. It is always such a joy to see all the fresh vegetables and organic fruits and meats and cheeses displayed there.? This morning there were musicians playing, people laughing, balloons and happy children everywhere.? The scents surrounding those booths that were actually cooking sausages, bagels, ethnic breads, tacos and wonderful “pasties” enticed me into buying a Brazilian concoction that satisfied my hunger and kept me busy while I decided which vendor to purchase vegetables and flower from for my week.

As I left my car I determined to smile at everyone I saw there. My heart was full of good will and friendliness towards all the market goers.? I had fun.? The positive energy that I gave off seemed to ignite the same in others. So many strangers smiled at me.? It amazes me how that works. And I felt strong. Healthy. And fit.? Positive energy is uplifting and actually gives you strength.

Negative energy saps your strength and make you feel inadequate for the tasks necessary.? Carrying multiple bags of vegetables, fruit, flowers, pasties, and soap made navigation difficult. I made a trip to the car with one set of bags and came back for more.Take time every day to gather your thoughts and if you can, write them down. It is therapeutic and good for your soul.? Now as I type this the rain is pouring down and thunder crashes in my ears. My dogs tremble. I am glad we were outdoors before this happened.? The earth is groaning in the storm. The sky is dark and it looks like dusk but it is still not late in the day.

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