The people I coach often have trouble ?with the idea of stepping away from what their friends or family think they should do. Often the issue is one of holding a different world view, but sometimes it is just doing a different job, being married or divorced, moving to a new town or a new country. ?Whatever you do be true to yourself and to your principles.

This article is so important that I decided to give my friends and readers the link to it.

This may not exactly seem like a Christmas post. ?But I believe we must stand up for what we believe even when others disagree. ?Even if our allies hide in the shadows and secretly wish us to fail because the status quo is more comfortable.
Read the article carefully and see if it resonates with you, as it did with me.

And a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL….and for those who do not care for the religious significance of this time of year, simply enjoy the Season and Good Will Towards Men.

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