Anniversary of the Last Supper (in my house) 2017

Anniversary of the Last Supper (in my house) 2017

It is hard to believe how many changes have occurred in the last year. Now I live in Washington DC with my 99 year old Mother. But a year ago I still had a home of my own.

I had a dinner party for my 75th birthday in January 2017. I had 34 people for dinner (and only seating for 30) My two wonderful sons in law sat in the library and watched football because there was no room for them at either table. But I barely knew about that until later. One of my sons had come with his son to wish me a happy birthday, but went home before dinner. All the others were seated at 2 tables. The big table in my dining room had 17 people squeezed together.? And at a table for 10 in my living room I managed to put another 13 people. The food was super and I had spent money on a bar tender and cook so that made things easier. Or it should have. But the cook was very late with dinner because she did not understand exactly how I managed to cook a dinner like that with only one oven. It all worked out though. She finally got it all done using the microwave, the toaster oven and all the burners on my stove along with a rice cooker. It was all simply delicious and everyone loved it.

I don’t have time to describe the food, and the dishes, and table decorations, but they were lovely. The whole party was just perfect. And then suddenly one of my guests had a fainting spell. 911 was called and I did not even know that this had happened until the rescue squad arrived. I think there were 6 men in florescent vests in my living room and an ambulance and a firetruck in my driveway. Oh well. She was fine. She refused to be taken to the hospital, insisting that this happened now and then. It really did NOT dampen my party at all. She stayed and everyone else just had another drink.

What is especially ironic about that party is that unbeknownst to me, it was my last party in that house in Charlottesville. Two days later I fell as I was walking along a flagstone path and broke my ankle. I spent one night alone in that house with my dogs and realized that I could not live there with a broken leg. I got driven up to Washington the next day and never came back to that house until a brief stay in April. or May. Then I was able to spend the month of July there, but the kitchen floor was all torn up due to leaking dishwasher and I never had a party again. Moved out by the following November 30th. All gone. Sad to leave that house but what a lovely memory that last dinner party was for me.

And when I moved out, I gave away all of my possessions to my children and grandchildren. SO I cannot have another dinner party like that, with those exact things ever again. It was a nice finale to that phase of my life. Now I am more or less unencumbered. And I have determined to remake myself and become the healthiest, fittest person I can be.?

One thought on “Anniversary of the Last Supper (in my house) 2017

  1. Love your blog….keep up leaving you scratches in the sand. I bet your book will be a best seller but if not it will be highly prized by your children all of whom are obviously devoted to you. Keep up your sanity breaks. Bless you.

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