Are You Controlled By Fear?

Are You Controlled By Fear?

It is hard to believe that people are still falling for it. But the other day I went to a consignment store that has wonderful things. I noticed a sign on the door saying, “Masks encouraged.” Sure enough, when I went up to the desk, I saw that all three women working there were wearing pointy white paper masks. Of course, they do nothing to protect the wearer from this virus. I guess it is some psychological “fix.” Do they enjoy it? Aren’t they curious to know whether any new studies have been done? Don’t they want to learn about new information out there about the effectiveness of masks? What about the negatives, the harms that come from wearing an obstruction over one’s face for hours at a time? Don’t they care?

My deepest desire is to help these people wake up. But they are full of virtue. They believe they are purer than those of us breathing in and out in the fresh air. All these women were older, so if they were afraid of “killing gramma,” it would seem that they WERE the gramma. Charlottesville is a very progressive town. It prides itself on being smarter than average. But for some reason, I cannot fathom the “smart” professors and those who ape them are missing facts that are staring them in the face. They will NOT look at these facts. Here is an article full of facts.

They are afraid if they take off their masks, someone might think they are Trump supporters or, at the very least, “republicans!” How did common sense develop along party lines? And how did it happen that the leading intellects could have fallen for it? It all started with a cloak of fear which was thrown over the entire world by powerful forces attempting to gain complete control. Fear is the most powerful wedge to use to maneuver people into following orders. The people in power used this wedge effectively. It was ubiquitous. And at first, there was not enough information to combat the terror of this unknown virus. The television showed clips of people falling over in the streets. (Later, these were discovered to have come from fictional movies.) Even I fell for it for a few weeks. However, it was not long before I began questioning the one-sided narrative. One thing that made me suspicious was that it was designed to stop all questions. The fear-mongering was “over-the-top”. Then I woke to the facts. The facts were not hidden. But it was necessary to check outside of the Mainstream Media to find them. The people who believe the government and the “authorities” just did not bother to check out the truth.

The fear that engendered all the other atrocities was simply manufactured. There was little basis for it. There were a few deaths. Almost every one of the early victims was aged and had more than one other “co-morbidity.” Often they had three or four deadly conditions already. Then there were the nursing home deaths. Shocking at first but even more shocking when the truth came out. In New York, for instance, the Governor forced nursing homes full of vulnerable people to accept new patients who were ill with the virus as occupants. This was murder. And people died. They refused to allow doctors to treat the virus early. Then they used intubation as a treatment when it was already too late. Intubation killed most of the people they used it on. Not knowing this, people became even more frightened. The news played up the deaths day and night on radio, television, and in newspapers. So many deaths were labeled Covid but many did not die from covid but “with covid” instead. The internet was ablaze with propaganda. One could check out alternative sites. Most people did not. It was possible to get more perspective if one wished to do some research. But most people did not bother, and they remained full of fear.

For some people, three years on, fear is still effective in keeping faces masked and bodies vaccinated while keeping many of them afraid of people. Some organizations still demand proof of vaccination in order to be allowed to join. Why are they so uninformed about the effectiveness of the shots? And in the end, WHAT is it that they fear? Is it death? If so, we need to shout from the rooftops, EVERYONE DIES. We are all going to die. It is pointless to fear it. If the ultimate goal is safety, why limit fear to a virus? So many things are full of risk. Do not eat processed food. Mcdonalds should have warning labels on their food. Being fat is dangerous. (Don’t hate me for telling the truth). Skiing is dangerous. Driving a car is dangerous. Riding horses, hunting, mountain climbing, walking at night in cities, and crossing the street can be fatal. Going to the hospital might be the most dangerous thing of all. I don’t understand why people cannot see the obvious truth here.

In my Pilates classes, there are still one or two young women wearing a mask as they do their exercise. Pilates is all about the breath. Yet these girls are programmed to believe wearing a mask is helpful (to whom?). Where did they hear this? Who is perpetuating the lies about masks? One of the things one hears is, “Well, doctors performing operations wear masks.” Or they say, “Medical facilities insist on mask-wearing.” And they do. But why? Surgeons wear masks to avoid their own germs contaminating exposed open surgical wounds. And more than that, they wear them to avoid ingesting specks of blood or bodily fluids from their patients. But, for the general public, there are studies and books about why wearing a mask is a bad idea. I wish I could distribute information to all of these people.

But it is almost a religion with those who insist on being masked. Taking away their badge of honor would harm them. Dispelling their virtue-signaling rationale would be cruel. It would be like taking away support. They use their fear as a crutch in all their dealings. It is an excuse to avoid work. It is an excuse to avoid risks in life. All of this has a terrible detrimental effect on human interaction and mental health.

Go out there and take risks. Smile at strangers! Mingle. Have fun, fall in love, learn a new dance or a new language.

Go out and LIVE. Be brave! And SPARKLE!

Copyright©. 2023 Bonnie B. Matheson

5 thoughts on “Are You Controlled By Fear?

  1. Keep writing ! Great way to start the day. … please keep patiently disassembling our post-modernists beloved Tower of Babel .
    Recommending the book “Breath” to your readers , especially the one’s saving Grand-Ma with their masks.
    Thank You

  2. Great blog! Live and sparkle! No mask no vax! The world is nuts with a few exceptions and Bonnie you are one of the thinking exceptions!!

  3. COVID-19 vaccines have shown higher effectiveness in preventing infection with some variants than others, but their great value in preventing severe illness and death is clear.21 Mandates can play a role in promoting uptake of these vaccines. Our review supports several specific conclusions.

    First, abundant evidence shows that school-entry mandates have been highly effective in improving uptake of childhood vaccines. Second, the current evidence regarding the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in adults is sufficient to support mandates. Third, because of distinctive implementation challenges, the effectiveness of adult COVID-19 vaccination mandates in increasing vaccination uptake might be lower than the very high effectiveness of school-entry mandates observed for other vaccinations in the past. Therefore, mandate policies cannot be the only approach, especially given the ongoing legal uncertainties surrounding them. Fourth, COVID-19 vaccine requirements will probably be most effective when enforced by employers and educational institutions. Fifth, consideration of school-entry mandates should follow review of real-world safety data and full licensure of the vaccines for children, which could come as soon as the start of the 2022–23 school year.

    Finally, active surveillance for adverse events following immunisation and clear, sophisticated communication of findings to the public are essential for effective vaccination policies, including mandates. Imposing mandates does not remove the need for effective messaging to overcome vaccine hesitancy. Giving appropriate emphasis to the major headline of the accreting vaccine safety studies—the vaccines are indeed safe—can create more fertile soil for vaccination mandates to take root.

    1. This is such erroneous information. I hate to publish it. You clearly are being paid by pharmaceutical companies, or else you are just not paying attention. Young people hardly ever got covid, so the whole thing about vaccines for them has always been wrong. I approve this comment only because I want people to know that I approve of free speech and show them how wrong some people are.

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