Dinner at DeCarlos

Dinner at DeCarlos

We eat at DeCarlos all the time. It is a wonderful restaurant for local people. We love to go there because we feel completely comfortable. Low lighting and no steps to enter the place make it easy for anyone using a walker or a wheelchair.? The parking is easy, too.? There are a whole lot of neighbors who use DeCarlos as their “go to” dinner spot.? And it is to their credit, that the waiters learn what drinks their regular patrons prefer.? They pride themselves on getting those drinks on the table, while the guests are still settling themselves into their chairs.

It is quiet because the tables are covered with table clothes, often two deep.? There is carpet on the floor and acoustical tile on the ceiling. The place is a lot bigger than it looks. It can seat something like a couple of hundred diners, in a night. Usually, it is NOT that crowded.? That is part of its charm.? Guests often feel like they are among the ‘few’ customers, in any given night.? But actually, the place has a lot more diners than are obvious at a glance.? There are several private rooms and alcoves and booths. Even if you sit out in the middle of the front room,? you can not really tell how full the place is.

We love going there. My 100 year old mother feels comfortable and cared for by the staff.? When they see she is coming in to the restaurant, the manager immediately grabs two pillows to put in her chair.? This is especially for her because she likes to move out of her wheelchair and sit in a regular chair. Almost every table seems to have at least one patron in a wheelchair, with a walker or at the very least with a cane.? There was a period a couple of years ago, when I was in a wheelchair, due to a broken ankle/leg and my mother was using a walker.? We were able to do just fine there, because it is so accommodating.The Italian cuisine is delicious and augmented with specials, which change daily.? They have wonderful things such as a whole steamed artichoke. This makes a low calorie, but delightful one dish meal when I am cutting calories. They usually have calves liver and bacon, which is “soul food” to me. The owner, Lucy DeCarlo runs a tight ship.? She is personable and friendly and often greets her guests in person.

The place which is located on Yuma Street behind the Spring Valley Shopping Center, is wonderfully near to our house. It requires little effort to go there.? The moment we walk in, we feel peace and familiarity.? I recommend it for those who may be physically impaired.

I often go there for lunch with a friend.? It even has a bar where one can sit and have drinks or a light meal.? This is the perfect neighborhood meeting place for enjoyable dining experience.? Don’t miss DeCarlos, if you are in North West Washington D. C. and feeling hungry. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. I have now dined here 3 times with a friend. Reminds me of the neighborhood Italian restaurants I frequented as a young person in New York

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