Do you know many snowflakes?

Do you know many snowflakes?

I am curious about the way the world is changing. It seems like a different place much of the time. Megan Kelly got fired (more or less) for saying that she did not think wearing “blackface” as part of a Halloween costume was bad or racist. WHAT???

She lost her job over politically incorrect speech? I am truly horrified. What is the world coming to? And why do people believe it is better to try to be evenhanded in all speech, rather than truthful. What the Hell is wrong with Blackface? Nothing!

What is wrong with dressing up as an Indian?? Dressing up is by definition, being someone whom you are NOT. It is not an insult to anyone. In fact, you could say it is a compliment to want to dress up as a different group from the one you are part of.

It makes me unbelievably cross to see our country cowering for fear of punishment over some minor indiscretion that may have been completely unintentional. What if it actually was intentional? Who cares? Ignore it.

Does no one remember the nursery rhyme “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!”

When did we become so soft that hurtful words are banned? And yet at the same time many words once considered ‘swear words’ are used daily by just about everyone. What happened? Is it a plot by those who wish to overthrow the values with which we were all raised? I find it hard to believe that everyone is so thin skinned. And I can’t help but believe this is deliberate.

Back when this all started the teachers had a choice. The choice was to teach children to have self confidence and feel secure. Or to let them be so sensitive to words that they become “triggered” by certain words and phrases. It is clear what happened. The children today, who are grown up enough to be in College, need “safe spaces” where their feelings won’t be hurt by any stray “insensitive words”

Who will lead us when this generation reaches Leadership age? Who will be strong enough emotionally to stand up to those other countries who may wish us harm? Some despotic leader might say a mean thing to the President and he (or she), might start to cry. Seriously!!! It shocks me when I think of how tough our ancestors were. I just don’t understand who thinks it is a good thing to encumber people in this way. The way of thinking that leads to political correctness is a sure way to oblivion for our species. This is not racially exclusive. These people are every color and ethnic group. They are all scared of each other. They may say something that might be considered disparaging. Get a grip!!!

Grow up! Join the Marines! That might fix some of them. But of course most would drop out after a few days. They absolutely do not have what it takes. They are called snowflakes for a good reason. They melt as soon as things heat up.

I hope none of my grandchildren are so fragile. And I wish for all of these people to take a look around. Real life is messy, and scary and hard. But for the most part in the United States there is VERY LITTLE actual racism, very few people discriminate against women in the workplace, no one cares what gender anyone else is, just stay out of the bathroom of which ever one you are NOT dressed for. If you look like a man use the men’s room. If you look like a girl use the ladies room. How hard is that?

What would they do if they suddenly found themselves alone in the wilderness? DO they think they could survive? Do any these children go away to camp? Do they have real life experiences of deprivation? Do they hike and get wet and lose their food and shelter and still come out alive the next day? Do they know what to do if they become cold while lost in the woods? Would they have any idea of where to find water?

I have no faith in their ability to survive one day much less weeks and months. I wonder how much they would care about the “choice of words” in a life or death situation between themselves and nature?

There is no cure that comes to mind. What I fear is that the situation will become so toxic that violence will ensue. When it is war, perhaps these same people will be able to straighten out their priorities. I hope we never have to find out that way.

To all the young people who have been triggered by words they don’t like, I would like to say this. PLEASE, be more realistic about what you can expect others to do to accommodate your likes and dislikes. You may just have to like it or lump it.??(Like we always have.)


Copyright?. 2018 Bonnie B. Matheson

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