Frustrating yet heartening

Frustrating yet heartening

I have spent literally hours and hours on the phone with a lending organization this week. If I had had any idea what a lot of time would be wasted I might have invested in earphones. When shopping for a mortgage lender to help buy a building you don’t think in terms of being sold later to another company. But that is exactly what happened to me. The new company took over the mortgage on November 1 2010. On December 20 they sent me a letter saying that my payments were going to be much greater from then on. I am not speaking of a little bit of money. They told me it would cost me hundreds and hundreds of dollars more to service my loan. It was not the interest rate that had increased. It was the escrow money.

Now most women barely know what that means. I have learned a lot about escrow accounts in the last several months. Yes. It is May and I am still dealing with this problem. Of course the fact that I received the first communication just before Christmas and lost it, really does not make this situation much worse than it is now. The mortgage company thinks my insurance on the house has increased by thousands of dollars a year. But it is all a mistake.

I have spoken with my insurance company (repeatedly) and they have faxed information to the mortgage company. But the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing at that company. Even though my insurance company faxed the information to the lenders insurance department on March 21st they have no record of it.

If I had kept a record of how many calls were dropped, how many times I was inadvertently hung up on it would make you feel tired just to hear about it. Most people would have given up and just paid the money to have some peace. Not me. It was not fair and I hate things that are not fair. So I stayed the course. I fought and fought and finally outlasted them. ( I think)

You may be wondering why I am not naming the company so that it can be ridiculed further. I would have named it except for a couple of people whom I spoke to earlier today. These two men were so patient, so helpful, so understanding and so wise that I finally felt someone “heard me”. I am still not quite sure whether it is taken care of or not, but I feel that I have real people whom I can call again. These people actually listened to me and talked about solutions.

So, in deference to them I am keeping the company’s name secret. And my faith in human kind is renewed. What a nice way to end my week. Hope yours is positive as well.

2 thoughts on “Frustrating yet heartening

  1. You go girl! Bonnie, I enjoy reading your blog…I am a fellow blogger, and I appreciate your comments there too!

    I have similar episodes with my health care provider, and have learned that I must inspect EVERY EOB’s that cross my desk. Most times I must contact MD and provider to sort things out. Bills are NEVER in my favor, and usually one call fixes the charges to MY benefit. One must remain vigilant at all time…so much for bliss and FUN!

    I am working on finding FUN despite this dysfunctional house and yard projects. Single women must unite and support one another! Thanks for writing…

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