Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fear! It is the new way to control you!

The fear that inculcates almost everyone these days is inconceivable to me. Where did it come from? I think it was organized and planned many years ago. The fear has made people segregate out the unvaccinated as if they were lepers. It’s a way of also separating out the non-compliant. It’s actually a brilliant way of discovering who is likely to go along and who will refuse. Of course, they managed to make it a self-full-filling prophecy. They have managed to have the vaccinated be the police to keep away the unvaccinated. It’s almost a perfect scheme.

The hate directed at the unvaccinated is really quite frightening. But fear causes the hate. Fear is at the root of this incredible dislike and disparagement. Some of the “fearful” carry an actual death wish for those who have chosen not to have a shot. I don’t really know of an antidote to this problem. The fear campaign has been so effective and so overreaching that there’s seem to be very few people left who aren’t touched by overwhelming fear. It is as if everyone is under a spell. The Pharmaceutical companies own the media and they own the politicians and it goes without saying that they own the Medical profession. They tell us daily how dangerous the world is. They tell us what diseases we can expect any day now. We believe them. This mass hypnosis has been amazingly effective. Those who watch television regularly have a much higher rate of hypnosis than those who do not watch the news nightly. Then there are the ads about drugs and dangers that accompany every show. Between fear of the virus and warnings about all sorts of other possible ailments, people are constantly on the alert about their health.

I suspect that the powers that be (or Big Pharma or whomever) have been engineering this. They have been working on the plan for years and years. This is not something that just happened in the last year and a half. Someone has done the research. Maybe they had some practices to see what worked and what didn’t. Training missions?

The amazing thing is how well this one (this PLANDEMIC) is working and how few people are resistant. Right from the beginning when they began to close down everything we really didn’t know why. We just took it on faith that the government knew best. Even though I went off and spent 2 1/2 months at my daughter’s cottage to escape Washington DC, I soon noticed it was not as bad as they were projecting it to be. But then I figured out that it was not a hoax. There really was a virus, but it was not as scary as they said. It was not as dangerous. It was not as contagious. In fact, it wasn’t anything like what they tried to make us think it was like. It was basically a fabricated lie even though there is in fact a virus and a dangerous virus at that. But very few people were susceptible. Only very old and sick people caught it in the beginning. But now they’ve terrorized people so much they are more likely to get sick. When people are scared, their immune systems are impaired. And I believe that that has caused a lot of deaths. People believe they’re going to die so they die. Typical law of attraction, it really works. You have to be careful what you wish for because you may get your wish. Your thoughts control what happens to you in ways we just do not understand. Your thoughts are powerful beyond your imagining.

Do not fear this virus. It is just a virus. We are used to those.

“The flu is also a virus and it just mutates because that is the science, that is what viruses do, they mutate to survive.
Covid will never go away, it will only mutate. Vax or no vax.. it will be here forever, follow the science, the science tells you it will just mutate to another variant because that is what viruses do.”
Quoted from some Internet thread. If you are the author of this quote please forgive me and let me know.

So, PLEASE, grow up, and think for yourself. KNOW that you have been fooled. Admit it and move on. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by these huge organizations which do NOT have your best interest at heart. You are in control of your own immune system. You are NOT a VICTIM.

YOU are Powerful.

Copyright©. 2021 Bonnie B. Matheson

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Bonnie,
    You are on the mark.
    Many people will be praying tomorrow,
    and feel certain the disease will be in our
    prayers. We can’t eradicate “Covid”, but
    we can be thankful that we are still able
    to pray.
    Happy Thanksgiving to your entire family!
    Mt. Vernon, 1962
    Tandy Meem Dickerson

  2. it’s always refreshing to hear TRUTH! I am amazed at the things being forced on us. Really??? Why wasn’t the same hype for the previous flu’s???? Keep it up Bonnie.

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