Have You Been Ostracized?

Have You Been Ostracized?

When will the craziness end?

Recently I was told I could not attend a dinner party that I had paid for at a lecture club that I belong to. They still have a rule that you must show proof of vaccine in order to attend. I believe this is wrong, insulting, invasive, and fascist. All along, I have refused to show “my papers” at private events or clubs or anywhere actually. But I thought that craziness was over. It is incredible to me that they still demand a vaccine passport to attend. Even though it is a known fact that these vaccines do not protect anyone from either getting or giving the virus.

But the fear campaign has been so successful that people do not know what to believe. Many people are still stuck in the fear propaganda. They are afraid the virus will kill them if they catch it. This belief itself will kill them more than any virus. But people are not aware of that. They do not realize the power of their own thoughts.

The power of the mind is spectacular, but most people not only don’t know it, they would not believe it if you show them proof. If there was one quality I could bestow on people, it would be curiosity. It seems in short supply. People seem to find it easier to let others do the research for them and then tell them what to believe. They listen to things that are told as solemn truth. But these are often just someone’s idea of truth. Even experts don’t agree. It is human nature to have an agenda. There is nothing wrong with that. We all have our favorite teams or favorite political party, or our most cherished beliefs. Believing things because someone else says they are true can lead to horrible results.

Today I heard of someone who is an established member of her garden club being refused entry to any meetings unless she receives the covid shot. She is not even allowed to go on any of their outings, not even an outdoor hike unless she is the last one in line. Are these people really that uninformed?

It is like those restaurants which used to INSIST that guests wear a mask until seated. Once in their chairs, they could remove their masks. Did these people actually believe that the virus would not attack anyone who was sitting down? Did they believe the air was in layers? Have they even allowed themselves to think about whether it was logical to do this? And the awful part was how ardently the waitstaff policed the guests. They chastised anyone who was not fully masked and criticized anyone getting up from the table to go to the ladies’ room without replacing the mask. It is hocus pocus. It shows a stunning lack of intellect or logic. But it also shows the total grip of fear on the population.

My son saw how sad I was to be ostracized from my own club. I said, “I am sad because I had set my heart on going to the dinner. I miss my friends.” And he said, “Mom, they are not your friends. If they were your friends, someone would have stood up for you. But no one did.”

RIP Queen Elizabeth II

So this blog post is short today; there is nothing more to say. Our country is divided in a way I would never have believed possible, even a few years ago. Ladies and gentlemen have taken sides and will not bend. They choose their fear over friendship, and for some, they choose it over family. This must be what it was like just before the War Between the States. Families fighting among themselves, neighbors shunning lifelong friends who live nearby. Sharp words and lines drawn in the sand do not make it easy to reconcile. But we must.

Either we work this out among ourselves like adults, or we will have no UNITED STATES.

Copyright©. 2022 Bonnie B. Matheson

6 thoughts on “Have You Been Ostracized?

  1. Bonnie,
    Why not ask your lecture group to invite Scott Atlas to speak ? He could talk about his book A Plague Upon the House. Or he could talk about Hillsdales’s Academy for Science and Freedom.
    Based at the Kirby Center in DC, the Academy has several scientists and MDs on staff who do real science but have been driven of their former places of employment.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience and I’m sorry those people cannot see the hurt that it caused. Maybe we should form our own groups instead of hoping to be included with others. I feel your pain. I stood up for my beliefs and did not wear a mask in the Restore and was charged with trespassing. They banned me from shopping at the store as well. I would not have shopped there anyway but they want to make you feel ostracized which is why many people took the jab in the first place, so they wouldn’t feel “left out”. It takes a confident person to be okay with not being included and I commend you for your courage!

    1. Several people have suggested that I find some like-minded people and start my own group. It is tempting. The thing is, I enjoy going to events with people whose politics are different from my own. It is fun to discover how they think about ideas that are different. And a lively discussion about our differences can be enjoyable, as long people remain civil. But you nailed when you said many (most?) people want to do the conventional thing, agree with the many and stay away from the “troublemakers” like me. There is something inside me that will not allow me just to ignore it, when I see something so destructive happening. The past two and a half years has been an amazing, eye-opening look at how “masses” are controlled by a few people who use fear as a weapon. It is profoundly shocking.

  3. Well said, Bonnie! You echo my thoughts exactly! What is so alarming is that so much of the population has lost the ability to think critically, examine the evidence, and come to their own conclusion. They blindly and obediently accept what they are told! I have never complied with any of these demands and restrictions, because there was no evidence that they were effective. You are absolutely spot on- this has become very devisive and reflects deep seeded differences in our thinking. Even when shown the truth about false narratives, too many people refuse to believe it.

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