I appreciate feedback so much! Whether favorable or otherwise. Recently a young friend sent me this reply after I invited her to subscribe to my blog:

Dear Bonnie,

I received your invitation to your blog. Thank you for sharing, it’s so important to feel connected these days! 

I respect your desire to share your voice and experience with the world. It’s brave in a way, but also deeply problematic. 

I checked it out and have to say I disagree with you on many points and hope you are considering how your worldview causes harm. I was a bit taken aback to be honest.  

I understand if you don’t want to engage on this level, but I feel it’s necessary to express that the internet is forever and history will not look on your standpoint kindly. 

I wish you the best!
(Name deleted for privacy)

Dear (name deleted),

Thank you so much for writing to me. I apologize for taking so long to answer. But I wanted to have time to give you a thoughtful reply. I understand. There are many points of view out there.

But it is important to keep talking. It surprised me (slightly) that you pointed out that the Internet is “forever” as if I would be worried that someone might find my writing sometime later in HISTORY and decide I am a horrible person. 

Interesting that you feel my worldview causes harm. Really? Why? Surely you do not think that it is harmful for people to have differing opinions. Views are subjective and depending on all sorts of factors we all see things differently.  But that is a strength.

How can views be harmful? Views written in a blog post meant to simply express the feelings of one person of no particular importance, what harm?

The MELTING POT which used to be one of the things we were taught to be proud of about this country, seems to be a thing of the past. Now Identity politics rules.

And I believe that is horribly destructive because it separates us into different teams. We are all human beings. We are all created equal.

We strive to make sure everyone has equal opportunity. Equal opportunity is to be desired. Yes.

But we do not get equal outcomes. Nor should we.

Plenty of people with every advantage, schools, money, connections and white skin are total failures, drunks, drug addicts and criminals.  So it is not a racial thing or an ethnic thing. It is a moral thing. Standards, ethics, some sort of moral compass, all matter; and luck, of course. But it is also to do with individual effort and focus and perseverance and cleanliness and pulling your pants up over your ass.

In my later years I am outspoken. That is true. I have had a lot of experience by now and I care about people. I care about this country.  My family lived in Europe for several years when I was growing up. It made me very patriotic. There is NO country like this one.  The equal opportunities here are UN-equalled anywhere else.  And until a few years ago, the issue of race was on its way to being a thing of the past.

Naturally I blame Obama for stirring up hatreds because he just was not a typical black person, half white and raised by his white family (who were socialists). He could not help weighing in on issues of race.  And Michelle…don’t get me started on her….(She became First Lady and ONLY then said she finally felt proud of her country. The same country where she was given every opportunity to succeed.)

For many years probably since before you were born, many groups have been styled as “victims”. This has been getting worse and worse for decades. It is awful for the people it is targeting.  It is someone else’s fault that they have problems. They can blame their problems on others. On the system, and lately on the made up phrase ‘systemic racism’. NO. It isn’t.

I do not believe in victimhood. It is the most destructive idea out there. It cuts people off at the knees. NONE of us are victims. We choose. We choose how to react and we choose what we learn from the difficult times in our lives. There are plenty of examples of people who had NO CHANCE in life but they made it big. A prime example because EVERYBODY knows her is Oprah. But there are plenty of others….Dolly Parton, or Bill Clinton.

Telling someone they are a victim is a terrible thing to do. Telling a whole race or gender they are victims is horrendous. NO ONE IS A VICTIM. We are all powerful beyond what we know.

NOW the press is trying to turn people like me into pariahs. Domestic terrorists. It is pure propaganda and very mean spirited to call patriots traitors.

And they have shut us up by shutting the country down. Using the Virus as an excuse they have “taken over”. And it is destroying hundreds of thousands of people who are being thrust into poverty. The propaganda machine works to make people afraid of each other. These crazy rules and the total fear program are meant to terrorize people into compliance and stop progress. I will not comply.

When is the country going to open back up again? I am so tired of this and so rebellious against it all. I am cross with all my liberal friends who like Biden and hate Trump. I don’t feel like talking about it. But it is unavoidable.

The cancel culture and the acrimony and the mask shaming and name calling is getting to me. I am now considered a domestic terrorist because I supported and still support President Trump.

I believe the election was rigged. I believe that people on BOTH sides of the aisle and in the courts and the press and Big Tech and all the billionaires decided they wanted to get him out because he was unpredictable and would not play their game.

Donald Trump was the People’s President. They still love him. (I know he is a horrible person, so don’t start) He was a ‘junkyard dog’ type who would go up against the entrenched bureaucracy and THE SYSTEM of the inner government. He was dangerous to those people who pull the strings.

There is nothing I can do about any of it. So I write. And write some more.

This meme reminded me of your email when I saw it. I hope it is true.

One day people will look back on this as a time where we nearly lost our freedoms. They will remember it as a time that saved the county. Finally as enough people woke to what was happening, they said “ENOUGH!”
Best regards,

Copyright©. 2021 Bonnie B. Matheson

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