How Grateful are YOU?

How Grateful are YOU?

Gratitude and getting along with family are foremost in my plans this week. Family and Thanksgiving, because that is what is on everyone’s mind these days. So many perspectives about the present crisis. People who are afraid seem to outnumber those who are not. Can this really be true or are there a lot of people staying quiet to avoid controversy? The angry ones along with the not angry ones each have thoughts and beliefs that they cherish. None of them actually want to cause a family squabble. They just wish everyone agreed with them. And they sometimes take it personally when others do not agree with them.
?This is where “Gratitude” can help smooth over the disagreements and bring people back into alignment. If you have any family be grateful. If you have a large family be doubly grateful. If you have a dog, or a cat or a canary, that is a source of pleasure for which to be grateful. If you have food in your larder, and a method of cooking it that is more than millions of people have. Say a little prayer of Thanksgiving for your good fortune.

It is hard for me who is not afraid to imagine the firmness with which the scared ones hang on to their fear. It is part of them now. It has been carefully nurtured by the press and by their friends, and schools, and organizations, not to mention the governors of several states, mostly Democratic states. So yes, it is political.

If you don’t like wearing a mask you must be a Trump supporter. And if you are meticulous about wearing one, then you must be a compassionate Democrat. But it is not always true. And it is so hard to explain to some people that some of us have all sorts of conflicting convictions. We have different reasons for feeling the way we do.

And there are such controversies over things like wearing a mask or getting a vaccine or even what sort of treatment one would get if they suspected they have the virus. For instance, Hydroxychloriquine would be my choice. But others say “Oh that has been debunked!” I wonder how much they have researched it, though. Again it is easy to find reasons for believing it helps in the early stages, just as it is easy to find articles that say it does not help. Other things that I don’t see stressed nearly enough are herbal remedies and vitamins which we should all be taking in large doses now. Just in case, I am taking serious doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc, and Selenium. And if you can get out into the sunlight be sure to do that. Don’t become overtired. And wherever you can release stress in your life, do so. There is something marvelous about sitting in front of a roaring fire, listening to classical music. Or pick whatever music you personally like, be it jazz or hard rock or oldies but goodies.

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Go to Church if that pleases you. Prayer is good for the soul, but it is good for the body as well. Prayer and meditation are two proven ways to reduce stress and improve one’s overall goodwill. It will instantly change your state and make you calmer.

Be thankful. There is so much to be thankful for. Our miraculous ability to keep up with our families due to the modern technologies and apps such as Zoom and FaceTime, Marco Polo, and Snapchat even though we cannot see some of them in person. It is all a miracle to me. And it is something I am grateful for every day. None of us need to be truly isolated even if we are far away from our family and old friends. We can connect in real-time, in color with sound and it is such fun!

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”


Copyright©. 2020 Bonnie B. Matheson

5 thoughts on “How Grateful are YOU?

  1. Bonnie! I loved listening to your interview, found it very inspiring and uplifting! (By the way, you sparkle!) Congratulations on reinventing yourself-writing a book-and convincing others to do the same! Happy Thanksgiving! Vicki Baldwin

  2. Bravo! You are wonderful at Thanksgiving and throughout the year. I am particularly thankful that we have been friends for most of our lives. God Bless you sweet friend. Robin

  3. As usual, you have shared some wisdom that will help make the world a better place. We remember with smiles sitting at that very table and admiring the view while sharing our thoughts.
    Thanksgiving is a daily affair as every day is a gift.
    Cheers and hugs from White Stone where the bluebirds are freely swooping with delight in the sunlight today!

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