Interruption of service

Interruption of service

Interruption of service

When the Internet is down everything comes to a halt.

At first it is immensely frustrating, but finally when one realizes that there is absolutely nothing to do about it, peace descends.

There is wonderful peace in silence.? That sound of silence that happens when the electricity stops it?s background hum.? All of a sudden, birds are chirping, crickets making their distinctive cricket music and the breeze seems to be part of the orchestra because it whips branches against each other, or causes them to brush audibly against the sides of the house.

Now we can remember childhood moments of this same peace.? Rare even in the late 20th century,? silence is not appreciated by many.? It can even make some people nervous and irritable. ? For those born into the 21st century it will be almost a thing of the past. (Unless one goes far into the wilderness or a great distance out to sea.

Cherish Silence when you can. During these moments our minds are free to wander unhindered by programmed feelings of tension and dis-ease. Silence heals. We are at once peaceful and energized knowing that this will not be a permanent silence. ?While we have it, let’s enjoy not doing anything at all.

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