Laying in a Hammock

Laying in a Hammock

lying down, floating in air

I have not done any exercise yet, but I did go outside and lie in my hammock. I love it. I had forgotten the peace and tranquility available at a moment’s notice by simply lying in a hammock suspended from the ground. It is not only peaceful but it is a place for thoughts to bombard the conscious and unconscious mind. Why is that? Is it because of being suspended in the air? I wonder about that because I am also a great believer in being grounded. Touching the earth with bare feet and letting the energy of the earth fill my body is one of my greatest pleasures.

Now I must jump in my car and drive to Charlottesville for one evening with 12 of my grandchildren and 3 of my children plus their wives and husband. It is a gorgeous day for a drive. I will leave my two small dogs here with Mother and the caregivers, so I can travel light. What a lovely weekend I have in store. I wish the same to you.

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