Our Trust in Doctors was Misplaced

Our Trust in Doctors was Misplaced

Do you want to live a long and healthy life? If you are taking care of yourself, you should be seeing someone besides a typical “western” doctor. They are not trustworthy and cannot be believed any longer. Many people have lost all faith in them. Do not allow yourself to be sucked into the “system.” See an alternative healer like a chiropractor, naturopath or herbalist. Acupuncture and even hypnosis can heal you without side effects or drug dependency.

I opened a floodgate when I asked friends for stories of medical mistakes. Everyone had stories, multiple stories. Misdiagnosed breach births, misdiagnosed cancers, errors in drug dispensing, reactions to drugs ignored by doctors who prescribed them, and so many more stories.
When I was young and newly married, my husband got pneumonia and needed medication. His Mother asked me about the pills, dosage, and the drug’s name. She said, “Always check to make sure the druggist has given you the correct pills, make sure the doctor prescribed what was needed, and never take it for granted that it is all properly dosed or even the right drug.” At the time, I said to my husband after that phone call with his Mother, “Your Mother wants me to check everything the doctor has prescribed, but I am not a doctor, while your actual doctor went to years of medical school and years of internship. I guess he knows more about this than I do.” I was so smug. At that time, I trusted doctors 100%.But my Mother in law was right. No one cared as much about my husband as I did (or she did). No doctor was going to be as careful as we were. And she was correct that sometimes doctors whose handwriting was notoriously bad wrote a script for one drug, but the druggist gave the wrong one to the patient. This happened all the time. My Mother in law questioning the doctor and drug store was the first inclination I had that I was most important in the care of my family. It was up to me to question. It was up to me to know what was being given to my husband or, later my children. And when I had my first baby, I learned firsthand how screwed up the birth side of things had become. And it was better back then than it is now when it involves childbirth.

You are in control of your body. YOU! No one else. Have faith in your ability to get well. Much of the time, all you need is time and rest. Do not get into the system of using drugs to modulate or moderate your life. Do not take any medication for more than a few days.

Do you remember Thalidomide? It was touted as a wonder drug and given to pregnant women worldwide. It caused birth defects that were terribly serious and disfiguring. It was life-threatening and eventually deadly. It ruined a great many lives of families and children. They pulled the drug off the market long before it had caused as much death and illness as the current covid vaccine has.

A dentist who was trying to convince me to sign up for periodontal treatment, which I did not need, said to me as I left their office, “Don’t you understand? You have a DISEASE!” But I did not. I went to a different dentist who showed me how to treat my gums daily, and the problem disappeared. Don’t let them scare you. They use fear to control you and get you to do what they say. Haven’t we all discovered this with the Covid lies?

So many people were killed by the treatment; intubation. A lack of treatment with safe drugs like Ivermectin killed others. Intubation, for instance, was lethal to most people. And yet they are still using it sometimes. Originally, the death toll from covid (it does not deserve a capital letter) was enhanced by putting ill patients into nursing homes where they infected others and caused their deaths. Most of those people were already dying of something else before they tested positive for the virus. Or so they told us.

They were claimed as Covid deaths, but the tests are not reliable. If they did actually have the virus, it was in addition to other ailments. All that testing was tainted and often completely wrong.

The PCR tests are a travesty; people just don’t research this. Instead, they believe everything they hear or read, all of which is designed to reinforce the fear.

Talk about misinformation!!! Ha! The most abominable misinformation came from the news sources allowed on tv. Do not watch TV. It is all propaganda. It is paid for by the drug companies and approved by them.

These news sources scared people literally to death.
Many people were convinced that if they caught Covid they would die.
So they did. Do you understand? They died because of their belief just as Voodoo can kill believers.
The power of suggestion can be lethal.

A friend told me that as an EMT, he learned that people must be careful of what they say, even if the patient is unconscious, because they can hear what is said. If you comment negatively about their condition, they could go into shock and die. My friend swore that he saw people ‘go into shock and die’ after bystanders made terrible comments about their injuries, even though those injuries were NOT life-threatening.
There are thousands of stories like this. It baffles me how many people don’t bother to check up on things they hear. They believe in doctors completely. They believe the evening news. They believe what their politicians tell them. The word gullible applies here.

Do NOT be one of them. It is fun to research all of this. Of course, there is so much censorship that it is necessary to look further than just “google”. Do you like being “protected” from information that differs from the mainstream? Perhaps life is more comfortable for you when you just don’t “question” things.

Let me assure you it is much more interesting when you take a hand in it. Learn all you can. Don’t be a statistic. And don’t fall for statistics. Surely you have heard the expression:” There are lies, damned lies, and then there are statistics!” Statistics can be manipulated to prove nearly anything you wish to prove. Remember that.

DO NOT let any of this happen anymore here in the USA. Doctors and scientists and educators MUST speak up. We are in danger here. A friend told me, “There is a battle going on between freedom of thought and thought directed by the state. I am entitled to believe what I believe. It is about personal sovereignty.” That is worth fighting for.

Oh well, I am over 80 and really don’t feel like fighting a battle. I just write about it. And I hope some younger people will finally wake up and work to save the rest of us.

Copyright©. 2023 Bonnie B. Matheson

7 thoughts on “Our Trust in Doctors was Misplaced

  1. A very courageous blog today Bonnie! I totally agree that we have to be our own “physicians” in so many ways. Sending you ?? from Florida! M&A

  2. I so agree with everything you have said here. It’s frightening that not only or government is corrupt, but our medial care is as well
    Toni Winans

  3. If you are so well studied on these damages and believe you have done such thorough research to support your statements why don’t you back them up with good references?
    Of course I believe in being the agent of my own health, but you do doctors a disservice in your fearful comments. Many doctors care deeply about their patients and try to do well by them.
    Also many people don’t have your good genes snd actually have real health issues that they are thankful to good doctors for helping them.

    1. I tried to put in the URL for several studies that back up my claims. I have thousands of pages of information in a file. But for many reasons the “site” was glitching and would NOT let me insert links to the articles. If I had more time I would have tried harder. I know people like proof. There is lots of information out there if one cares to look. But much of it is censored in the mainstream media. There are powerful forces that do not want you to have this information. As to good or bad genes, of course everyone is different. But I am not speaking of that. It is the dishonesty and the “System” controlled by Pharmaceutical companies that concerns me. Of course, there are a few good doctors. But the “system” is corrupt. It is not about the individual. It is all about profit and fear of lawsuits. This has developed into a serious problem in our country. Certainly, there are far more C-sections than necessary. Same with hysterectomies, and it seems that operating on broken bones has become the norm instead of immobilizing the break until it heals. All of this is more profitable for the doctor or the hospital, but not necessarily better for the patient.

  4. All Bonnie’s assertions are backed up by many other posts I have seen on the web NUMEROUS times, and which did have references, or were the direct clinical observations of actual doctors successfully treating patients.

    Now we are waking up to terrible vax harm–and there are doctors successfully treating that. Fakebook, and so many others thought that journalists or money-interests should have the right to censor actual observations. That can kill you.

    I am working to get people to repeat a life-giving slogan:
    Freedom of speech is not merely amusing. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION IS LIFE AND DEATH.

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