This once brave country full of individualists and adventurers has become compliant and afraid. Or rather, they are compliant because they are afraid. It has been the most successful Psy Op in history. More effective than Hilter’s demonizing Jews, more effective than Gandhi forcing the British Empire to let India go. More effective than Martin Luther King speaking of his “Dream.” It reminds me of most of the Red Chinese taking over a once powerful and magnificent country and re-educating people. They forced an entire country into servitude to the state. For the greater good, they killed 60,000,000 people or maybe 100,000,000. First, they did away with the professors. Especially the intellectuals were targeted because they might think for themselves.

In the United States, the intellectuals were first to internalize the new rules, the party line, and new-speak and Political Correctness. In fact, it seems they started it. There may be forces behind them deeply hidden and nameless. But that is the problem; I cannot name them. The brainwashing has been unbelievably successful. People are convinced they are compassionate when they say they want conservatives banned from jobs, their children were taken from them, and their ability to communicate removed.
These people banned the President of the United States from using much of the Internet. And no one said a word in protest. In fact, they cheered on the banishment. And they blamed the deaths in the pandemic on him, Donald J. Trump. Are they serious? Yes, they are.
The situation in the USA (and the world) has become so surreal that I can barely get my head around it.

The “PLANDEMIC” is a crisis several decades in the making. It has worked like a charm. People are terrified. Their fear is unshakeable. They have become afraid of each other.
“I could not bear it if I infected someone and they died as a result.”

People say this routinely. But is it true? Before the fear campaign worked its amnesia, did people occasionally travel sick, go to a movie with a cold or strep throat? Did people necessarily even turn their heads when they coughed? No, they did not always do this. But people did not live in fear of killing Grandpa.

I have not been able to track down the author of this next paragraph. Someone wrote on Facebook:
“3 years from now, some of you will look back & admit that you spent an entire year of your life wearing a mask, cooped up in your own house & avoiding all the people you love. A year in your life that you’ll never get back.” Then the post continued: “Every single day is a risk—car accident, flu, etc. Our days were numbered from the moment we took our first breath. Life isn’t a race where we win against the inevitable!”
We used to be a free nation, and now we are being told we: can’t go to school or to church, can’t go to our grandparent’s house, can’t attend a funeral. In fact, we are told we cannot leave our houses …and when we are allowed to do these things, we were told: how long we can be there, how socially distanced we must be, which direction to walk in the market, what we must wear as if we were juveniles. This includes where we can shop or where we are not allowed to shop. Restaurants are often only allowed to serve outdoors, or take out, which puts some places out of business quickly while others die slowly. The rules even go so far as to tell us when we can sing in a group. And finally, we are being told when we must be home.”

This is absolute rubbish. No one is guaranteed good health. And it is important to be healthy. So go out and get the virus and get it over with. It is NOT going away.

What is this life we are saving good for without family? We all need friends, church, school, sports, music, theater, vacations, and all the interaction that happens when free people are going about their daily business without fear.
People are dying alone because of fear. Their loved ones are unable to see them because the facility where they are living restricts visits. This is a tragedy.

I just cannot believe how many people I know personally who are afraid and living in seclusion. I just had many of my family for dinner, as I usually do on Sunday nights. We hugged, we sat next to each other, no masks and no fear. And that is how I have been living my life more or less since the end of May when I realized this whole virus thing was being used to manipulate us. It is vital to stand up against this fear. Live your life. Stop being afraid of your family. There are a dozen things that can kill you tomorrow. The Virus is 99% survivable. Relax. Stop listening to the news. They have an agenda, and it has little to do with you.

It is tragic for those who do not see their families. Some people have never seen their first grandchild, or they have missed graduations and births of babies. They may die without ever seeing them. Even if they don’t die, they are missing out on LIFE. And it is all because of an amazingly effective propaganda machine. And the country I love has become a caricature of it’s former self. This breaks my heart.

Copyright©. 2021 Bonnie B. Matheson

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