Protest? Why not, they do it all the time!

Protest? Why not, they do it all the time!

To me, storming the capitol was about so much more than an election. We have been pushed to the limit. We have been disparaged and disregarded and laughed at for our “old-fashioned values” and our Patriotism. When have conservatives protested? When? We don’t do that. It is not our style.

Ever since Barrack Hussein Obama was elected to the office of President, Democrats have protested nonstop about one thing or another. Once Donald Trump was elected, they went into a frenzy. Condoned by the past President, they tried every trick in the book to get rid of the duly elected President. Impeachment, Russia hoax, and finally a “pandemic” and closing down the country. They glorify thuggery and people like George Floyd. They use them as a catalyst for their wishes, their angry protests. They set fires and deface buildings. They literally took over Portland last spring. They have followed by attacking several other cities. These were similarly “taken,” and no one stopped them.

Conservatives protested yesterday—one day, and in protest of a stolen election for the Presidency. I am not saying that George Floyd’s death was unimportant, but it is NOT as important as a presidential election. The election impacts millions of people. The very fabric of our nation was torn asunder by the fraud. The voting machines switched votes, the dead people who voted, and the ballots for Donald Trump that were dumped in the trash all counted as a fraud. I am not sure why everyone in authority decided to look the other way. But they all hate the President, and I think they fear him due to his utter lack of interest in playing their political game of graft and corruption.

And now the press and all the Democrats want to make a spectacle out of this one protest. They act as if it hasn’t been coming for some time now. The signs were everywhere. We have been swept aside and ignored for long enough. We have been called a nazi, a white supremacist, a racist, a bigot, and every other invective you can think of. When we know, we are NONE of those things; it makes us simmer with anger. The government takes and takes from us, each little bit of our freedom in small increments. They have not been listening for years. Why is anyone surprised that finally a boiling point has been reached? The pot boils over.

We never protest. We go to work. We try to live our lives peacefully. At the same time, we watch Democrats year after year burn cities and loot stores all in the name of justice.

We are OVER it. And it is time to do something concrete. The protests over the stolen election were, by and large, extremely peaceful. We are not disruptive. We vote. We abide by laws. We are peaceful. But we reached a limit over this election. A few of us went over the top. I do not condone it. But why is anyone surprised? Enough is enough. Our country is now in the hands of people who do not share our values. They seem to have no limit upon which to call a halt to their WOKE culture. It is frightening. It is sad. We must go home and lick our wounds. It will be necessary for us to regroup and find support. If we hope to upend the take-over, we must vote them out.

Let’s hope someone has found a way to ensure that no one can tamper with the votes next time.

10 thoughts on “Protest? Why not, they do it all the time!

  1. You are a self-entitled, lazy, limited, selfish racist. Your kids need to have an intervention with you.

  2. Your kids definitely need to have an intervention with you. You’re not well. You’re a lazy, limited, unproductive, bigoted, racist with a huge sense of white privilege.

  3. Bonnie, police officers died in the attack on our capital. The election was not stolen. Voter fraud is not a thing. You are from the Washington area which puzzles me why you believe in far right conspiracy theories. Also, when you call the 44th President by his middle name you are emphatically announcing your racism. Few people knew Joe Biden’s middle name until his inauguration and we had a good chuckle as it was an unusual one. You don’t call 45 Donald JOHN Trump so if you would like to appear less racist I suggest you forgo the “Hussein” part of Barack Obama. His name is recognizable enough, you don’t need to use his middle name the way we do serial killers so that fewer people with that name are conflated w/ him a s his deeds. Please reconsider your news sources, they are not serving you well.

    1. MRC you probably mean well, but your remarks are slanted to the left as you say mine are to the right. Police officers died but were not killed by rioters. Heart attack and suicide were the causes. That riot was NOT violent. There were a couple of violent incidents but considering the number of people there (close to a million) it was amazingly peaceful. The riots in Portland and Seattle were extremely violent, many people died and property burned and destroyed. We never do that. And this one time when the government had been taken over by a coup, we got mad. Of course, there was election fraud. The evidence is easy to find. But the fix was in, both by Dems and Repubs. They wanted Trump gone because they could not control him.
      Why do I have to be liberal because I grew up in Washington DC? That is a good reason to be conservative. Washington DC residents can see firsthand how the bureaucracy has grown and hampered any good changes in Government. We get to see firsthand how a city can be destroyed from the inside out by people who are kept in poverty by Democrat policies that make people dependent on the Government for help. By the way, we called JFK “John Fitzgerald Kennedy” and we called LBJ, “Lyndon Baines Johnson”, all three of his names. Since Barack was raised Muslim it is a bit of a sore subject with some people. He was NOT an America First president. I never had the feeling he was a true patriot of any sort. Not to this country at least.

  4. Bonnie, have you not watched news footage of the attack on the Capital? One police officer died from the effects of bear spray. The man who used it on the officer is a murderer. They erected a gallows to hang the Vice President among others. A police officer was terribly injured when he was beaten by American flags. Another officer suffered severe internal injuries in a door jam. A protestor was trampled to death. Another was shot to death. The election was not stolen. If there is evidence of voter fraud why would the Trump team not have presented it? His legal team was a clown show, any competent lawyer resigned. He stoked anger and spread lies which you seek to believe. You are simply wrong. You can not watch footage of the insurrection and think it was peaceful. It is a wonder that more people were not killed.

  5. Bonnie, have you ever held a job in your life? Who is the WE who work? I guess that when your family makes its fortune poisoning the world, it should come as no surprise that the poison would eventually seep into your brain. You are so detached from reality that it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Clearly, all the money in the world can’t buy class or smarts. To let the January 6th protesters off the hook is just simply un-American. You are so entitled and bigoted that if your grandchildren read this tripe, they’d be mortified on your behalf.

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