Many years ago, I went to Potomac School in McLean Virginia. It was and is a fine private school. I left after 2nd grade and later I sent my three young children there. We soon moved out to The Plains VA and left the DC area. My interactions with Potomac have been slight and I never kept up with the school. But they have me on their list of alumnae. That is why I received an email today about a couple of new positions at the school.
“Director of Equity and Community Initiatives, Director of Student Diversity Recruitment and Retention,” and it struck me that I must write something about this. It is so wrong. It is so racist. And they think it is helping. But the only thing it is helping is the conscience of the school. It is not helpful to the students who are immediately considered victims. Otherwise, they would not need these special people looking out for them.

They say this is “to help advance Potomac’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.” They are already included. They are students at the school.
The letter goes on and on saying: “This is a challenging time for our country and for the communities of which we are all a part. It is incumbent upon us to hear and heed the voices raised in opposition to racism and injustice.”

But the injustice is over. 75 years ago things were still bad. A half-century ago, though improving more was needed. Now there is nothing that is not open to black students in school and for the rest of their lives. We have lawyers, doctors, judges including Supreme Court Justices, we even had a black President. There is nothing closed to anyone due to race. Nothing.

The letter upset me so much that I sat down to write back to them. My first sentence says it all.

“I wonder if you all are aware of how racist this is?”

This is what I believe.

The only way to stop people focusing on race is to stop talking about it, and for God’s sake stop making ‘Black only’ groups or initiatives. Educate the people who are disadvantaged in every ethnic group. Teach them that it is NOT OK to have babies out of wedlock (That is number ONE)Teach them it is not OK to act like a wild thing, to dress, or tattoo or use bodily modification in ways that assault others’ sensibilities.

Stop treating minorities like babies.
Start expecting them to perform up to a standard and do not give anyone a participation trophy ever.

You don’t see Asians being assaulted by police.

You don’t see Japanese boys walking down the street with their underwear and bottoms showing.

People treat others differently when they are different. Face it. Be honest. I am so fed up with Political Correctness and walking on eggshells around groups such as Black people or Muslims.

If some poor person (any race) from a “project” or trailer park, or living on the streets, wants to get ahead no one should tell them they are acting “white” if they try to better themselves. If they have initiative enough to become educated and learn to speak, act, and dress properly and learn about manners we cheer them on. At least I do.

This is true for black, white, or purple people.

Potomac is well-positioned to be a leader in helping all students improve their lives. Why not take that opportunity. Instead, you are doing the exact opposite of helping them.
You are treating them as victims.  They are NOT. They are privileged because everyone is bending over backward to help them (and to appear compassionate and fair, because people are hypocrites)
This country used to be segregated. It no longer is. So stop perpetuating racism by pretending to give these ungrateful wretches a voice.  They have EVERY opportunity. There are no doors closed to black people today.  All this whining is ridiculous.

It reminds me of when I was a little girl in the 40s and old people used to say “Those Darkies! If you give them an inch they take a yard!” Don’t prove them right.

We have changed all the laws.  Most were changed more than a half-century ago. There are no impediments to black success except their own lack of ambition or willingness to learn.  You do not need a special Director of Equity or student diversity. That is racist.  Just get along and treat everyone the same. NEVER single a group out and tell them they are victims.

They are all in school in a very special place. They need to be challenged more than nurtured.  They need to compete not languish on the sidelines as spectators.

Can’t you see the harm you are doing by perpetuating this myth of inferiority? Stop it at once!

Copyright©. 2020 Bonnie B. Matheson

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