I spoke with a friend who happens to be a doctor about some rather “new age” theory or another. He said, “Show me the data, then I will believe you.” ?I answered him, “You doctors and scientists make a mistake by always wanting the data before you will believe something. Sometimes the data is not yet available but that does not make the thing less true.”

People used to believe the world was flat. Before Christopher Columbus, there was no data, but that did not mean that the world was not round the whole time. Gravity was gravity long before Newton catalogued it. To me it is so obvious that it is hard for me to understand this attitude of “show me the data”.

If that were the only attitude nothing new would ever be discovered or if it were, it would be ignored. Of course that happens all the time. Doctors have consistently ignored alternative medicine. When I was a girl I heard people scoff at the Chinese for there “primitive” treatment with needles, which turned out to be acupuncture. ?I use it regularly, these days. Recently I heard that young students in medical schools are demanding classes in alternative treatments. That made me smile. ?However it is shocking that it has to happen that way. ?It is because the actual faculty is either too narrow-minded or worse too frightened of being thought “different” to bring these treatments into the curriculum. And the fact that the pharmaceutical companies pay for many medical school’s buildings, equipment, faculty, may have something to do with the fact that these schools have taught almost exclusively drug related treatments. Talk about a conflict of interest! I believe it is time to rethink medicine in the United States. It has become over priced and unwieldy. It is often ineffective. Those who believe in complementary medicine or treatments are often unjustly punished and even incarcerated. It is a travesty, when death by medical error is by some counts the largest cause of death in this country. (and by a more conservative count it is only number 3 as chief cause of death.) Many of those who have been hounded out of the country for trying to help desperately sick people with treatments that seem unconventional to the medical profession, have never had a single patient die from their treatments.

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