Thoughts on Judge Scalia’s views on women

Thoughts on Judge Scalia’s views on women

I know he is not popular, but technically he is correct. The Constitution does not specifically state that women have rightsi

It is just that it no longer makes a difference. The Constitution does not say that slaves are free either. Yet the idea of slavery is absurd in our country today.

(Yet it exists, in this country still, in sexual slavery of both male and females, hidden just under the surface)

We have gone way past Scalia’s point now, and it is simply unrealistic for those that want to put women in some sub-category to do so. (unless we get Sharia laws)

Scalia may or may not be an idiot, but I believe enough people see women as just people who are free to do what they wish in private and have the right to do so.

As for abortion laws, it may be that the basis for those is flawed.? But I believe abortion is a very private matter, not anyone’s business but the mother in question. I support the woman’s (ANY WOMAN’S) right to choose.

Of course it remains controversial but so are a lot of other life style choices. They still need to be protected under the Constitution.

People nit pick over the most ridiculous things, sometimes.

Truly I believe it is the individual states that should rule on these things.? That way, those who feel strongly about a law could have it in THEIR state while others could live under a different law.

The thing that makes that impossible is that 150 years ago some people wanted to keep slavery legal. We fought a war about this issue and other States Rights views.

That is probably the most important reason why we are still depending on the Federal Government to make over-reaching laws today.

Birth Control (and abortion) are key elements in keeping women “equal” with men in ANY country.

I love pregnancy and childbirth and approve of youthful marriage and families with lots of children BUT in today’s world that would not be practical or wise for all to practice.? Most women have NO INTEREST in this anymore.? If women were to suddenly leave the work force in this country it would collapse.

What is it that makes men so blind (including Scalia) when it comes to women’s lives and what we face biologically? ? It is so easy for a man to procreate, without his knowledge, without any responsibility at all.

Yet men often make incredibly “silly” statements about women “keeping their legs together” as a solution to birth control problems.

It is especially ironic when any man will tell you that his drive to get those legs open will lead him to lie, to use money, whiskey, romance, promises, and sometimes force.? He is not thinking of what may result from this. He is probably not thinking at all.

Of course I am not referring to EVERY MALE all the time.? Some are very sedate. Some are very “moral”, some are simply not driven by their sexual desires.? Some are too old to perform.? But in general men want women sexually more than women want men sexually (or at different ages, anyway)? Many young men are just unable to cope with their own testosterone.

Well, I have drifted a long way from Scalia being correct in what he said (technically) But sometimes I wish I could get the ear of some of these people who seem to be living in an alternate Universe and at least try to reason with them.

However people who believe something strongly usually will NOT bend to the beliefs of another with differing views.

Often it takes having direct experience with something to make one “wake up” to the actual implications of what they espouse.

I have huge differences with both the Very Conservative and the VERY Liberal for this reason.

Go, Libertarians!

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