Today is my Birthday

Today is my Birthday

Aging brings clarity as the reflection in a mirror gives the impression of truth only backward. Age gives us a false sense of knowing. Wisdom understands this error in thought and considers it.

Still 77 (Last few days)

Yet the truth is what is needed. To sort out from the other detritus, the bright, beautiful realness of affection and connectedness serenity is required. Knowing what is reliable and safe creates a sense of security. And in the bosom of one’s family, there is peace and warmth and companionship. A loving family is worth more than diamonds, while an unloving one is a poison.
Dysfunctional families are fraught with angst and fear and unpopular emotions and lies. The truth hurts. Sometimes with a knife thrust while at others, it is an abrasive scourge scraping the skin, on down to the bone.

When there is no material gain in loving a parent or grandparent, the ostentatious expressions of undying love are not necessary. No extraordinary displays of affection need be given. The effusive delivery of fervent adoration dies on the lips, due to lack of conviction. Totally unnecessary, are all the frivolous presents and expensive trinkets used by some to buy love. Love exists. It is full-fledged, thriving, and vibrant. Love is not for sale here.

Doggie cuddles.

Today was a wonderful day. Calls began just after 8 am. There have been multiple phone calls and texts from my family, my children, and my grandchildren. Even several people who used to work for me have sent messages. And at a large luncheon today, several people came up to me and said, “Happy Birthday!” When I asked them how they knew, they said, “Facebook!”

And of course, that is the jungle telegraph these days. Between Facebook and Instagram and the occasional tweets, there is no privacy for any of us. It is friendly and cheery to be remembered by near strangers and friends at the same time. This phenomenon is new to the 21st Century. Before cell phones and Facebook and all the other social media, even Linked In, our lives were private. Now we are open books for the world to read. Does this bother you?

My privacy died years ago, and I don’t mourn it. But there are others for whom this invasion of “others” into their lives is a real burden. I choose to look at it as friendly. The warmth of feeling is gratifying and reassuring. Though I cherish my alone time, the fact that others “know I am alive” and seem to care is life-affirming.

Lemons mean there are also lemon blossoms!

It has barely dawned on me that this day signifies another year passing. Gratitude makes all other concerns fade away. My body and mind feel great, strong, and healthy.

I am very aware of just how lucky I am. Thank you, all of you who reached out to me today. Tonight I am very grateful.

Copyright?. 2020 Bonnie B. Matheson

3 thoughts on “Today is my Birthday

  1. And all of us who care about you are pleased you are Still with us! Bless you Dear friend. Long may you wave! Robin

  2. Your blog is a joy to read and truly uplifting! I so look forward to the next entry, Bonnie ??????!

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