Tonight we had pizza on the terrace

Tonight we had pizza on the terrace

One of my children asked about anti-body tests. Are they reliable? Some others talked about crazy stories they heard about people not being allowed to attend weddings of friends unless they had the shot. Some frightened friends of parents would not allow them to come into the house without a mask. The stigma against the people who have not had the shot is out of all proportion to the danger.

If one did not know better, one would think that the virus kills everyone it attacks. Instead of a 98.8% survival rate. And among the young, it is almost a sure thing that they will survive. Though the “new” dogma includes all sorts of horror stories of young people becoming ill and even an occasional death reported. I saw a photo of one of these which made me sad because the child was grossly overweight and did not look very healthy in the picture. Any death is sad, and the younger the sadder in most cases. However, we seem to have lost sight of the fact that death is part of life.

The unvaccinated are being treated like selfish, mean-spirited pariahs by the self-righteous, virtue signaling, frightened ones who rushed out to get the shot. Are they just trying to even the score?

These frightened people seem to feel that if they catch the virus it is a death sentence. No one has bothered to check out the truth. No one talks about treatments, only about death or at the very least “Long Covid” which appears to be a life sentence of disability. Give me a break!!!! They are all watching too much TV. It brought to mind the palpable fear in the voices of those who have “bought into” the narrative we have been fed for the last 18 months. It astounds me how thorough the brainwashing has been. People are terrified. Many people are so scared that they have never bothered to check for themselves to see who and how many actually died of the virus. The people who work in hospitals are equally divided. Some speak of the horrors and the choices and the frustration of watching people die. While others speak of the ridiculous protocols and tunnel vision of the doctors and hospital staff when it comes to treatment for patients. Some medical professionals just cannot see past the dictates of their particular institution. Why don’t they exhibit more curiosity? I do not know.

Others know that early treatment is key but they are forbidden to talk about it. Cheap and safe treatments are banned and vilified and lied about. Doctors are threatened with the loss of their licenses if they prescribe them. What is going on? I have seen testimonials all over the Internet about how these drugs saved people. I have listened to podcasts, interviews with prominent doctors, credentialed and respected (until now) who explain why these drugs work and why we should be using them. But to no avail, the drug companies have decided that vaccines are the way to go. Much more profit in creating vaccines and annual or quarterly booster shots. Follow the money. Just this evening one of my guests told me that in Africa where the River blindness afflicts so many, the populace has been using Ivermectin for years. In these areas, Covid is more or less nonexistent. Why is that, do you suppose?

And yet here in the USA we are told it is not safe to use. It is almost impossible to acquire human-grade Ivermectin. Can you think of any reason that the entire medical complex would turn on a drug that has been in use since 1988? A drug for which the people who developed it received the Nobel prize in 2015 and basked in praise for their good work.

Working together is the answer. We can surmount every obstacle if we help each other along the way. That takes teamwork but does not imply that everybody must believe the same thing. It does not mean that everyone must do the same thing. NO ONE should be forced against their will to do something that goes against what they believe. Taking a shot that does not prevent the disease nor keep from spreading it, is not the way to beat the virus. Letting go of the fear is the first thing we must do. Once we understand the truth, we needn’t be afraid. Next is the responsibility of each of us. Bringing our nation back to health is crucial. Strengthening our immune systems is something we can all do. Working together despite our different opinions will help us get on with our lives. Our country will be stronger for it, and so will the world.

If you bother to look at the facts it becomes like a mystery with bad guys disguised as good guys. Others who are vilified but innocent have to hide for their own safety. They are threatened with the loss of their jobs and their credibility. There is a stranglehold on information that is allowed to be delivered to the public through mainstream media and public health channels.

Why is this? Why do they feel we cannot be allowed to know about differing opinions? It makes me wonder “what else?”. What else are they keeping us from knowing? And WHO is it that is pulling the strings. This is not local. This is a worldwide conspiracy. Yes, I used that word.

Copyright©. 2021 Bonnie B. Matheson

3 thoughts on “Tonight we had pizza on the terrace

  1. I’m with you all the way, Bonnie….!
    It has gone beyond Obsurd…….. into loonisey…..!
    Keep up the great writing…..!

  2. Hi. With all that you have said, does this mean that you are one of the unvaccinated? Or, have you been vaccinated and just believe in equality of choice for all.

  3. Bonnie, dear – my take on it is that by refusing to be vaccinated, the unvaccinated perpetuate the illness. This is selfish (or at least very unwise) because it enables the infection to spread, which in turn stresses the health-care system in a way that has a negative impact on the population at large. The good news is that as the unvaccinated become infected, the closer we get to herd immunity. Mass vaccination would get us to that point sooner – probably. But in the end, I don’t think it makes that much difference. Certainly, the unvaccinated ought not to be ostracized. They’re not “stupid” or malevolent.
    They’re people who have made a decision that I think is mistaken, but they are a danger only to themselves.

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