Uncertainty thy name is Corona

Uncertainty thy name is Corona

For more than a week, a post about the virus they call Covid 19 has been lying in pieces all over my computer. There are so many conflicting reports. An article in the Washington Post which claimed to be about calming fears seemed to be doing the exact opposite. They don’t want you to call it the Chinese Flu, or the Wuhan Virus. That might hurt someone’s feelings.
If you believe the media is not looking for ratings every day with every story, you must be more naive than most teenagers. Have you ever heard the phrase “If it bleeds, it leads”? Are you honestly going to tell me that the press does not “hype” a subject to get more people to come to their site, watch their news show, or buy their paper?

The Moon is full so make a wish for the future.

In this case, they also have an agenda to unseat the President of the United States. Some people speak openly about their desire to do this. Even Nancy Pelosi told people he would be gone, referring to Donald Trump.
Now they have their vehicle. Covid 19. The virus manufactured in China escaped from there and threatens most countries in the world. Notably the United States where the President is unpopular with many people. They think they have him cornered.

I am older, and I realize that age is a factor in the seriousness of this virus. But it is NOT a death sentence. Keep your immune system as healthy as you can. Don’t get overtired. Hydrate. (a lot) Meditate, think good thoughts, not negative ones. Fear of something will bring it to you.

Articles and videos offer tips for treating the virus. Then another article will state that those do not work. But instead, try something else equally ineffective.

Do you know how dangerous this fear-mongering is? I believe it is political, which is actually a crime against humanity. Stay home and turn off your computer. You are too scared to be a responsible poster right now. Really. Do some research. We are NOT all going to die from this. But, newsflash, we are all going to die sooner or later. A means of death may even be a blessing to some older people.
You know the saying, “Pneumonia is the old man’s friend.”
Of course, I am not saying it is good to kill off people. But sometimes in the haste to keep us all alive no matter what, we lose good sense along the way.

The virus is NOT as serious as they are making it out to be. It is extremely contagious.
Some people are speaking catastrophically. And maybe that will happen. But I believe that much, if not MOST of our health, is located between our ears. If you believe you will get sick, you will. If you believe you won’t, you have a much better chance of staying healthy. I cannot prove this to you. Everyone must do their own research and open their minds. Some will say that it is too “Woo-woo” to believe that our thoughts control our bodies. But think about, if our minds do NOT control our bodies, how do we blush, or have an erection or any number of things we do unconsciously to keep ourselves alive.

The first problem is that the disease seems to be very contagious. There is no known cure yet. But if you are a healthy, younger person, you have little to fear. For older people like me, the statistics say we are much more at risk. It is still only a “risk,” not a certainty.

Go ahead and think the worst if you wish to. But that will just make you miserable and will not help a single person. Why not decide to think positively instead. That way you will be happier, and everyone around you will feel happier, too. Be kind to people. Be grateful. Be a force for good, not a force to try to terrorize people.

It is going to be fine. Just relax and wash your hands. If you are older, maybe avoid going out among people. The worst thing you can do is let “fear grip your heart” (or more likely your mind). That is so destructive. The panic causes much more damage than the disease. It causes people to lose their jobs their livelihood, and they are stressed and afraid of all the horror in the news.
The economy is suffering for no reason!! Fear and panic are so destructive!!! We need to stop the press from “hyping” this up!!!

Why not write to your local newspaper or TV station? Express your disapproval. Take action against those who are using the crisis to bring down the government which they do not like.

Copyright?. 2020 Bonnie B. Matheson

3 thoughts on “Uncertainty thy name is Corona

  1. Bonnie, I agree completely. We have political and journalism processes that have abandoned both reason and responsibility. The game is to produce a sensational horror story, then blame it on Trump. Unfortunately Covid-19 fits well into their evil plans.
    Your right that we can fight back with control over our thoughts. In fact, you might have hit on a major deterrent to the evil and hate in our minds. That “erection” thing has merit. What about a “World Erection Day” when all men will think up erections. You know at that moment, half the world’s population would be brain dead – no fear or evil could exist. Of course it would only last 3 minutes, but, hey – it’s a start. ?

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