What you don?t know about our healthcare system can kill you.

What you don?t know about our healthcare system can kill you.

Time and time again I speak to people who tell me about their health issues and the treatments offered by their physicians. Time and time, again, I ask them if they are exercising, changing their diet to eliminate sugar and white flour (or even ALL flour). I ask them if they are getting a good night?s sleep every night. And I ask about the water they are drinking, how much and whether it is chemically added to. They look at me like I am crazy and tell me what drug their doctors have prescribed. They tell me that they are ?controlling? their problem with drugs.??

What about eliminating the problem, the disease, altogether? Doctors used to be healers first and economic engines second. Not any more. Today?s doctors have their hands tied by the insurance companies who will only pay on certain specified labels. The doctor must use the insurance company. If they don?t they often cannot work in certain hospitals. The paper work requires additional office staff. The high costs of liability insurance forces doctors to see more patients than there is time for in a day. Thus they run a bunch of people through their offices with only a few minutes to speak to and examine each one.??

Many times they miss an important component in a patients illness due to too little time to ask pertinent questions. They do not have time to let their experience and intuition tell them what is wrong with a patient which might be something entirely different from the symptom they presented the doctor.??My passion is childbirth and there is example after example of this lack of time spent, in the world of birth. Doctors rush women into induced labor causing a cascade of events leading to a C-section. The rates of Cesarean Section have risen steadily in the last 50 years. They are now truly alarming. And those ?sections? are more dangerous than vaginal births, they cause more complications and more maternal and fetal deaths. But women go blindly to their doctors and follow their instructions. They say, ?Well, my doctor is educated in medicine and he is certainly right.?

??Most doctors are educated in problems, not normal birth. And there is more money in the problems than in letting a woman go ahead and have her baby on her own time, which may be a lot longer than the OB is willing to wait.

Iatrogenic harm is rampant in our system today.

??There is a wonderful article in Natural News about this:
Doctors speak out: healthcare has been reduced to a making money factory

In recent articles it is cited as the number 3 killer ever year after heart disease and cancer.
Some people say that if everything is counted it could be the number 1 cause of death.

Iatrogenic means caused by hospitals, doctors or prescription drugs. Do you know how many people that means die every single year? Here is a chart to help you understand the numbers.


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