When Will You Have Had Enough?

When Will You Have Had Enough?

Today I watched a video with Peter Mark Robinson and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya about how the government is using the police power of the state to crush doctors who do not adhere to the latest line from the Biden administration and Dr Fauci. It is tyrannical and wrong.

The government assures us that everyone benefits equally from vaccination. Those who have previously had COVID and already have antibodies are not given the choice. They MUST take the shot. There is no good study that shows lower rates of infection for those who have the shot versus those who are recovered from Covid and relying on the natural immunity they have already. Those who were infected and recovered have a very strong immune response. There is a study in the New England Journal of Medicine on February 11, 2021

The right public health approach is to focus on getting the completely unprotected vaccinated, not forcing the already immune to get vaccinated against their will. At a party on Saturday, I asked a lawyer if he would consider taking on cases from people who want to sue the Government or some major company to avoid the jab. The man said “I am fully vaccinated. I am not against vaccines.” And I asked him, “Were you forced to take the shot?” He looked shocked and said “No!” But I saw understanding dawn in his eyes.

I get very nervous when modern-day inquisitors decide they have the hold on all truth such that they will punish those who are not enthusiastic enough proclaiming their creed. If a doctor is doing things in terms of their actual clinical decision making or otherwise engaging in behavior traditionally associated with warranting a medical board examination then the existing rules apply. We do not need self-appointed Torquemada’s going after people they do not like; not so much because they are concerned with the medical issues but because they do not like their assumed politics.
There are no objective criteria as to what misinformation really is as opposed to questioning and challenging someone’s data or analysis of the data.. which is what expert clinicians should do scientifically all the time. With no objective criteria once we go down this road it will become a political weapon to use by those in power against those they wish to silence.

An authoritarian nation is defined not just by the use of authoritarian powers, but by the ability to use them. If a president can take away your freedom or your life on his own authority, all rights become little more than a discretionary grant subject to executive will. . . . Since 9/11, we have created the very government the framers feared: a government with sweeping and largely unchecked powers resting on the hope that they will be used wisely.” (Quote from Jonathan Turley, a professor of law at George Washington University, wrote recently🙂

I grew up believing we all live in a free country. Because of the renewed patriotism during and after the Second World War, there were constant references about how lucky we were to live here.

The very first freedom is the freedom to speak.
We are being censored in so many ways that many people don’t seem to know it. It is subtle and often hidden.
Freedom of religion is one of our core principles. The freedom to worship when and where we wish is fundamental.
We need to end the forced lockdowns of churches and make sure that it NEVER happens again.

Our ideas of how to treat our bodies are up to us. Who we go to for health advice or treatments is no one else’s business. We must retain our freedom of choice for medical treatments. This includes the freedom NOT to take a vaccine if we do not want to.
(NO vaccine mandates! Or worse the THREAT of mandates.)
We have always been free to go wherever we wished all across this country. The freedom to travel without quarantines, checkpoints, or constant surveillance.)
We need to know that our votes count and are not tampered with. The freedom to vote has been hard-fought, especially for women and minorities. We need to end election rigging machine fraud.
Life Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness are integral to our country and our beliefs. The freedom to participate in society without vaccine passports. These may be the most dangerous thing ever proposed by man.
We deserve the freedom to engage in the free market. All transactions should be able to go forward without government interference.

The vaccine coercion issue has brought all this to the surface, but this is about much more than vaccines… it’s about the very pillar of liberty and the right to exist. That’s why we strongly support first responders who are standing up against the vaccine lunacy.

Just today I heard that a Canadian provincial government enacted Orwellian-like emergency powers in the name of fighting COVID that allow for officials to detain or remove people without a warrant and seize personal property at will. When will we have had enough?

It has been said, “We cannot “comply” our way to freedom”… especially when those demanding our compliance are often elected power-hungry criminals and psychopaths.

Moving on from that there are areas for legitimate medical controversy…to be continued.

Copyright©. 2021 Bonnie B. Matheson

2 thoughts on “When Will You Have Had Enough?

  1. This is very inspiring. I am on leave of absence with no pay in my place of work because I choose not to take the vaccine . I had COVID-19 last year and I do have the antibodies. The government of Alberta choose to tie our making a living to taking vaccines and they talked about human right. They are violating our right by denying us to earn a living fir our family. Thanks for your encouraging words

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