White House Christmas Party

White House Christmas Party

What a Hoot!!! I was invited to the White House for their first 2018 Christmas Party.

This was so much fun!!! Maybe the MOST fun ever, at this esteemed residence. The size of the place is deceiving. You don?t realize how big it is until you approach the doors of the East Wing Lower Level where most guests enter for a large party.

It is huge. The size of the columns and the width of the door way, remind one immediately that this is a special place. Once inside we proceeded down a long hall decorated with bright red Christmas trees made of cranberries and other red berries. There was a bright green runner that went down the center of the very long room, for us to walk upon. The contrast of white walls, red trees and green floor covering was very festive.

Once all the way inside and upstairs, we wandered around the state rooms freely. We were allowed to take photos and we took a LOT. The food and drink were plentiful. The gingerbread construction of the replica of the White House and several monuments looked good enough to eat. Truly an extraordinary effort, I photographed it from different angles.??The feeling of excitement which permeated the air reminded us how lucky we were to be included.

Going to the White House is always fun. The food was so abundant. The presentation was so creative and tasted even better than it looked. The trays of smoked salmon, the condiments, the baby French Lamb chops, the mint jelly, the many cold meats, macaroni and cheese, string beans, the cheeses, the crackers and breads and the way they were all presented. Not knowing better, I ate a great deal while in the State Dining Room. There was also a bar and a station for egg nog both plain and spiked. There was a fabulous station for deserts and cookies. I snagged one to take home to my mother and wrapped in a paper napkin with a logo of the White House.??The White House Aids and all the servers showed great skill. There was music playing. Christmas carols sounded throughout the large rooms. The decorations, different in each chamber showed great imagination. Tasteful and opulent at the same time, they were fitting testament to the great history of this house.

As we walked, gawking and photographing from room to room, we finally arrived in the East Room. There I discovered even more food. Sadly, I was already so full, I could only look longingly at it. Then I discovered a ravioli station, and found a corner of my stomach to fit a bit more food into. Sublime! The most wonderful ravioli, 2 different types with sauce and condiments. So much fun, but when I came to the Beef Wellington there was simply no room left, to try to take a slice. I was told by my friend that it was delicious, also.
When the First Lady came down the stairs to make a short speech to welcome us, I was in exactly the correct place to be. I saw her graceful descent of the stairs. Snapping pictures as she turned a corner and went out of sight, I could hear her words clearly. And then as she returned to the second floor I was still there beneath the open grillwork of the stairs and watched her as she paused. She turned around and waved slowly to us, giving us more time to get the perfect shot. She is a gracious lady. And as pretty as you can imagine. She does not disappoint. ??What an experience! How special our President?s House, and how welcoming to us the guests. In my memory the visions of floral arrangements, Christmas trees and decorated mantels all blend together into the entire party, as a dream sequence of a movie in my mind.



Copyright?.? 2018 Bonnie B. Matheson

One thought on “White House Christmas Party

  1. What an amazing experience….not only to see the White House from within, but to be personally invited from this President and his wife who are doing so much for our country. I will live this moment vicariously through your experience!

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