5 Myths About Sex After 50

5 Myths About Sex After 50

The nice thing about becoming an older woman is that years of experience have led to a much greater understanding of our bodies and our sexuality. And as we sail into our late 60s, through the 70s and on into 80s, we become much more accepting of our partners than younger women. Probably because we are just grateful to still have a partner at this stage in the game. (Which is important because, believe me, I know of 90-year-olds who are still sexually active.) The desire to participate does not end at a certain age, so let?s set the record straight about some other things that don?t change.

  • We still become aroused by someone we see as ?hot.?
  • We still want ?to to be?appreceiated?for ourselves sexually, not criticized for our figure faults.
  • Our bodies still work, only more slowly now, which gives us more time for pleasure.
  • Our need for sex does not diminish, though without a partner we may keep them dormant for years. When the right person appears, so does that desire for sex.
  • Sex ?can be better than ever because of our gratitude for it and our partner.??We? appreciate?the feeling of youth that that brings us.

What are some things I didn’t cover? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!

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