Are Vaccine Passports Dangerous?

Are Vaccine Passports Dangerous?

The number of places that still ask for masks to be worn or, worse yet, vaccine passports is shrinking. But it is NOT happening fast enough for me. It causes my heart to race, my blood pressure to rise, and my mind to fill with what I would like to say to them. There are so many false reasons why these people are suffering from fear. They are anguished and suffering for nothing. Terrified by lies and propaganda that they have been fed. But they would not listen if I spoke.

They appear to relish their fear. There is a “belonging” that comes with complying with these rules. It is like being in a club. (Or a cult) Are they ever a tiny bit chagrined to follow some of the silly rules? Rules such as walking into some place with a mask and then removing it when they sit down? What do they believe? Do they believe the virus only attacks people who are standing up?

Presenting a vaccine passport proves absolutely nothing about one’s health. That person can still get or give the virus. They might have it already when showing their mandatory card. So why is it necessary at all? Will you look at the evidence which proves the vaccine increases the risk of contracting the virus? No? You won’t even click on the link?

Sometimes it seems the world has gone mad.  For people like me who are not afraid of the virus, it seems that many otherwise normal people have lost their reason.

The virus is treatable. The idea that the entire country stopped and closed down is mindboggling. Now slowly, like a lumbering freight train, it has begun to accelerate. If you had told people this could happen as recently as 2019, they would have said it was impossible. But it happened. And though the mainstream news refuses to look at the damage done to our freedom, it has had a huge impact. One of the worst things is the fear that has been imposed on impressionable people. Fear holds people hostage. People who would not be fooled by a flim-flam man are spouting the most amazing “facts” about who is spreading the virus, the “danger to children,” and the need for passports to prove they have had the jab. Really? Passports? Why should we need these in our own country to go to an event or a class or get on a cruise ship? If they would just look at the facts, they would see there is simply no danger. The virus is not a danger to anyone except the already ill or dying. But fear can kill. Ask anyone who knows about Voodoo. When people die supposedly of covid, you must ask yourself, “were they scared to death?” Or were they refused safe and effective treatment?

There are all sorts of treatments, but the best one is to be healthy in the first place. This is entirely within the reach of nearly everyone. Most people’s bad health is brought on by their own bad habits. So many people eat food that is not only devoid of nutrients, it is practically poison. Or perhaps their dependence on drugs (often prescribed by doctors). Drugs cause problems. Then they need to take other drugs to counteract the first drug’s side effects. it is a vicious circle.

But these same people believe what their doctors tell them. They don’t bother to question. Even as they become sicker and sicker and more dependent on doctors, hospitals, and drugs. They do not do their own research. They are afraid they don’t know enough. They do NOT trust their own bodies, which normally give them plenty of signals. But they wait and consult a doctor who does NOT know them very well. In most cases, the doctor only sees them for 15 minutes. Then they do what the doctor says to do, without question.


Never mind. I know I cannot change anyone’s mind.  But I have thousands of pages of research that I have compiled over the last two and a half years or so. If only people would bother to read it, the information is out there.  But the truth is censored. The media, hospitals, government, and tech companies have gone to great lengths to cancel people who question the narrative. Doctors who have ideas outside the protocol outlined by the CDC and the NIH have been threatened, and some have lost their licenses. You have to ask, WHY? But most people do not ask.

How did this manmade virus manage to kill a greater percentage of people in this country (the USA) than any other? Don’t people ask why Africa had such a low death rate, the whole continent? Some countries did better than others, but none were as hard hit by “number” as we were. I wonder whether the count is accurate. The public is rarely told the truth about anything. They were very careful in the beginning not to say that the Black and Hispanic people were very hard hit; only 30% of the deaths were Caucasian. The death rate of older, overweight, already sick people exceeded the rest of the population by a huge amount. Healthy people were barely at risk. But they pounded their TV viewers with the death rate day after day, breaking it down by city and county numbers. There really were not that many who died of covid. Look it up. The overall death rate was not up much, if at all, during 2020 and very early 2021. The constant barrage of numbers of sick and dead was designed to frighten. Over and over, the press drilled the scary numbers into the brains of the people who watched TV nightly.

For some reason, the government and the press, and the hospitals wanted to terrify us into compliance.  Why do you think that was?

Frightened people are easily manipulated. They give up their freedom readily in order to be “safe.”  As if there was some way to be “safe” from harm. There is NO SAFE. The idea that we can all be kept from harm by complying is a lie. They tried to get us all to take an experimental vaccine. They changed the meaning of the word vaccine to accommodate the fact that this one was different.

At first, they told us the shot would keep us from getting the virus. Listen to Rachel Maddow tell her viewers a lie which she repeated often. Later they amended that to say the shot made the virus less severe. If you look it up, you will see that those who have been vaccinated are MORE likely to get the virus than those who are not. Many people who did their own research refused to take the jab. We call those people “Purebloods.”

People began to blame others for not getting this dangerous drug injected into their bodies. Shaming them and accusing them of harming others, they wished harm on those who refused. With glee. It was horrible to watch. People clung to their wrong idea as if to a lifejacket. They refused any information that might endanger their belief. They wanted people to show a passport proving they took the vaccine. Or is it to show compliance? Some would say that having a vaccine passport proves the bearer is easily hoodwinked.

Ideas are just that, ideas, ephemeral and constantly changing. Fear is not solid or permanent. Truth dispels fear as light dispels darkness. Truth does eventually rise to the surface, and some people will suddenly become aware of changing information. Others will not. They are still sitting in the cave with their backs to the light, watching the flickering images on the wall. And that is fine as long as we have a larger cohort who awaken their own curiosity. Stand up, turn around, and look at the actual facts, not those you are spoon-fed. Come to the light. We need those with self-confidence and common sense.

Common sense is not so common these days.

Copyright©. 2022 Bonnie B. Matheson

4 thoughts on “Are Vaccine Passports Dangerous?

  1. Thank you for speaking up.
    We really need these conversations.

    People call me an “anti-vaxxer”, but this is just a move of insecurity and ignorance.
    I can’t help that I read and that my past job as a veterinarian has shown me the results of vaccines damege. Seizures, anaphylaxis, food allergies, skin allergies– these are all lies. They are just words to describe vaccine induces damage.
    Just like SADS is now a word that is supposed to be a diagnosis, but really it is damage from a faulty gene changing poison factory inducing mechanisms that has taken over normal cell tasks. The cell is hijacked to produce a bioweapon– then there are no cells doing their job of protecting the body, destroying harmful cells or , creating new ones.

    The crimes are deep and a back scourge upon humanity.

  2. Bonnie, I agree wholeheartedly with your excellent analysis! It is so sad that so many people have been scared into taking this horrible vaccine. Thank you for posting this!

  3. Hi Bonnie. I think it’s important when showing this graph re: Scotland that by the summer of 2021 most Scots were vaccinated. The vast majority of CoVid deaths were pre- 2021, pre- vaccine. I know I’ve said this before, but having lost 2 friends to CoVid before the vaccine was available and I really don’t like the implication that either their diet or mindset was responsible. The reason the number of unvaccinated Scotts dying from CoVid is a smaller percentage is because by the time this graph begins most Scotts were vaccinated. Many of the unvaccinated, like you, had gotten CoVid the year before and felt they had CoVid anti bodies to protect them and it likely did.

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