Are You in Favor of Segregation?

Are You in Favor of Segregation?

Have you been ostracized from social events yet? Or are you one of those for whom it seems a good idea to ostracize the unvaccinated? Here is an example, part of an email invitation I received this week.

“Please note that The Country Club requires all attendees to wear masks while not eating.  Due to the nature of the event, which is centered around socializing for a large group, we can only take vaccinated guests.  Please be prepared to show your vaccination card prior to the event.  We hope you view this as only a minor inconvenience with your health and safety in mind.  It is a courtesy to all members as well as more vulnerable people, like spouses or unvaccinated children, we might share space with”.

This really upset me. So I answered this way:
“I am so sorry.  So, so, so, so sorry.  I grew up in the thick of the time of integration in the USA when schools were finally forced by law to take black students. Some people kept their children out of those public schools and they started their own private schools to avoid being with black people. This is generally looked on as disgusting, today. It was the worst kind of wrong. But now, people are doing the same thing to those who feel vaccination is wrong or dangerous.

Do you really think it is OK to segregate your gatherings? 

Do you not see that you have fallen for the same rhetoric the racists used? “These people are not as good as you, not as smart as you, might give you a disease, or in some way contaminate you.” Is that what you really believe? Do you believe that the people who cannot get a vaccine are “lesser”? Do you believe that people who are already immune due to having had the virus, MUST be injected before you are able to breathe the same air? Seriously? Whose business is it anyway? Certainly not mine.

As I said at the beginning, I am so sorry to see this. It breaks my heart. My country is no longer free.
?And I received an answer written by a sweet understanding woman. But she would not back down.

” We are not a political organization. We are a social one. This “event response” is directly tied to a health situation, just like we would do were it smallpox or Ebola.  No judgment is being made on people’s intelligence nor their decisions.  We have people who are vaccinated and unvaccinated for all sorts of valid reasons.”

I answered her and added the following:

Researching ebola and smallpox was easy since you mentioned them. Ebola killed 60-90%, and smallpox killed 30% of the people who caught it. Covid kills 2% at the most.
The survival rate from COVID is nearly 98% including the oldest and most infirm.

What is happening in the world because of this virus is unbelievable. Never in the history of mankind have we ever quarantined healthy people. The propaganda has been spread like a blanket over the entire world. This is NOT a pandemic.

My grandmother died in 1918 at the age of 24. She died of the Spanish Flu. THAT was a pandemic. And the stats at that time were at least 6 times higher than now. Plus the people who were dying were the young healthy ones. Now most of the deaths are among the old, infirm, and obese.

Covid is easily treatable.  It has an extremely low death rate among anyone under 65 or 70. More people are dying from the treatment than the disease. Intubating people is crazy. It is a vascular disease, not a respiratory one. The treatments that work have been largely forbidden. WHY? Who is it that wants these people dead? In so many cases the treatments which hospitals are using have caused organ failure and death.

For almost 18 months I have been spending a minimum of 20 hours a week researching this (sometimes 5 hours or more daily) I KNOW a lot about it. I can point you to articles and studies and propaganda for either side.

But it is really just a matter of what you believe. It is NOT the virus, but rather the general mindset that dictates the outcomes.

Terrified people are easy to manipulate. That is demonstrably true in this case.  Now we have neighbors reporting on neighbors for having too many guests or for not wearing a mask somewhere. The “virtue signaling” is irritating and constant. But worst of all is the segregation of the unvaccinated. They are shunned. NOT ALLOWED to attend weddings of friends or family. They are not allowed to travel freely. Not allowed to eat in restaurants in certain cities.  Are you really OK with this?

You may think there is nothing you can do. You may even be one of those who are scared of the virus and agree with the vilification of those who won’t (or can’t) comply. But standing by and letting it happen is wrong.

Many of us have already had the virus and feel we have immunity. Or if we don’t at least we know we have the ability to overcome it, because we already have.
Please think about what you are condoning. There may be some people for whom socializing is such a vital part of their life that it could do them real harm to shut them out.

I just do not understand the fear. (And the loathing that accompanies it) Differences are great, I am all for them. But wishing death on people who don’t agree with you, wishing their children should be taken from them, wishing them to be forbidden medical care, or not allowed in any public place. That transcends “caution” and becomes vindictive and cruel. It makes me cringe when someone suggests these things.
Yet the fear is so great that those who believe in it and therefore in the vaccines feel they have the moral high ground. They talk about how we must “mask up” for others. They lay a huge guilt trip on everyone they can reach by telling us that we are our brothers’ keepers. They try to make us feel we must wear a mask even though I can show you study after study that shows it is ineffective for Covid (It only keeps out about 10% of the particles). They say we must stay socially distanced. They try to shame everyone into staying home, not socializing, not traveling, not participating in life for fear we might spread this disease which has a rather low death rate. The actual numbers do not support the terror.

Please watch videos or read articles by those doctors whom the powers that be are trying to silence. What is it that they fear so much? Could it be “the truth”?


verse 8:32 of the Gospel of John

Copyright©. 2021 Bonnie B. Matheson

12 thoughts on “Are You in Favor of Segregation?

  1. Bonnie, I have an idea for you as I know how passionately you feel about your and others right not to be vaccinated. What about starting a movement where those who have had the virus could get documentation from their doctor or even the hospital where treated stating they have a “natural immunity” to the virus and are choosing not to get the shot. just a thought. Greg and I have not had the virus and chose to be vaccinated. Take care, Vicki Baldwin

    1. If this virus was really a plague, your idea is a good one, but first, let’s help people get over the fear of this virus. it is NOT going to kill you if you treat it right away. But the media and others have set out to terrify people into submission. We do not need to be scared of each other. We do not need to PROVE anything to be left alone to live our lives. Making people afraid of each other was such a brilliant idea to divide us. Truly Machiavellian and proving to be successful beyond anything I could have imagined. People who have had the virus are much better protected than those who have only taken the vaccine. The very best protection is your own immune system. We all need to work on that.

  2. Bonnie – Excellent article! I totally agree with you! We MUST preserve our freedom…this is only a ploy to get us acclimated to total control! Relax and enjoy life…it’s one day at a time! The fatality statistics of virtually everything else from colds, pneumonia, smoking, over-exercise, drugs, depression, Nascar racing…all are far, FAR higher than Covid!

  3. You are conflating racism with a public health crisis. Do you not understand the fundamental difference here?

    1. It seems to me that it is you who do not understand the similarities. We are in deep trouble in this country and the world. It is the doctrine of “divide and conquer” which always works. Listen to people talk about the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. It is extraordinary how much vitriol and fear shows in the nasty, violent comments. We must stop this before it destroys us as a country.

  4. An argument can be made for vaccinating everyone. It would stop the pandemic. (And it is a pandemic.) That said, I’m trying to understand why the unvaccinated would be barred from any place or event. They aren’t a danger to the vaccinated. (At least, not directly.) So the only justification for ostracizing them would seem to be coercive: that is, to punish them for not being vaccinated, and/or to put pressure on them to get vaccinated. In defense of the latter intention, I would argue that the unvaccinated threaten to overwhelm the public health system, which in turn threatens the health and lives of everyone (including the vaccinated).

    1. I hope you are wrong about the unvaccinated overwhelming the public health system. My belief is that they will be the ones that stay healthy while those who got the shot will suffer all sorts of ailments. But what I WISH is for EVERYONE TO BE healthy and “live long and prosper”. (As Mr. Spock used to say)

  5. You state that this virus in not going to kill you if treated early. I find this insulting to those who HAVE died of it, it sounds as if you are blaming the dead. The facts do not support you on this. There are hospitals in Texas that have had to shut their ERs because of this week’s volume of CoVid cases. The point of my initial comment remains: you can’t conflate the civil rights struggle with public health policy, it is apples and oranges. You say you oppose fear and endorse freedom but your fear of government control impacts the freedom of those around you.

    1. With deep sadness for the families, I reiterate my belief that many (not all) of those patients need not have died if they had been given early treatment. But no one told most of the people to treat the disease. They told them to wait until they were having trouble breathing, and THEN go the Hospital. Stupid, and criminally negligent, to not instruct the entire nation on how to treat the virus if they got it. First of all the vitamins, you would have to be deaf and dumb not to have heard by now, that vitamin D deficient people become more seriously ill. But though they have known this forever, no one mentioned it except the alternative doctors. And the treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, and intravenous Vitamin C, monoclonal antibody (mAb) treatment, and others, are all effective. I have been spending hours every day researching the whole subject. To say that they don’t know how to treat it is just a lie. Many of those who died were near death from other diseases, obesity, or diabetes. They died because they were sick.

  6. Update: The unvaccinated have indeed overwhelmed the public health system. As I believe I mentioned before several ERs in Texas have shut down, the staff is needed on the many Covid floors. Over 900 people died yesterday in Florida. YES, hospitals are overwhelmed, particularly in states w/ low vaccination rates, non- Covid patients are made to wait to an available bed and some have died during that wait. Please reconsider your news sources.

    1. It is NOT simply the unvaccinated. Today there is an article about Duke University and its almost overwhelmingly vaccinated students and faculty causing overcrowding in the hospital. The vaccination is simply not that effective in stopping the virus. I do not understand why they don’t spend more time treating the disease. Let people developed their natural immunity.

  7. The best thing to do if you’re not vaccinated is to simply lie to the authorities or party organizers and tell them you have been given the Jab. Get a fake vaccination card and fill it out with fake signatures and dates, etc. No one will know the difference and your non-vaxed status can remain your delicious secret which you can spring on people in the coming years when you laugh at how stupid they were back in 2020.
    Just lie and lie and lie. Don’t feel bad about it. The CDC and NIH and W.H.O have been lying to you for almost 2 years and they don’t feel any guilt. They ENJOY it! Eventually everyone will forget about this COVID-19 fad and things will return to normal – until that happens, what the pandemic psychos don’t know won’t hurt them.

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