Shocking Ignorance About the Virus?

Shocking Ignorance About the Virus?

Someone asked, “What can we do to help people with the virus?” So many people are so scared, they can’t think straight. But they know what you are talking about if you mention the word “Virus”. The one that has escaped (or maybe it was released on purpose) from Wuhan China.
In answer to that question of what to do, a friend posted the following:

Get a poster board, get a marker, and write:
”Early use of hydroxychloroquine,
Ivermectin, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, saves lives! “

Contact “The Frontline Doctors” to find out more. “

You can start saving lives right now by putting that poster on your lawn.

I thanked her and asked if I could repost the information. If only people would pay attention. But so many people are just not willing to listen to anyone except Dr. Fauci. They believe what they see on the news. They believe what they are told by this one man. For some reason, these people do not feel comfortable looking further. The lack of curiosity baffles me. The virus is certainly on everyone’s mind. Why wouldn’t you want to find out all you can about it and the means to treat it?

People are afraid of having a differing (non-conforming) opinion about the virus, and treatment for it. They fear even more being criticized for asking whether to take vaccines or not. But they won’t research it on their own. They can do this for themselves. Anyone can find the information they need to discover the full spectrum of the problem. But people are afraid to do it. One of my own daughters told me that doing research is not studying peer-reviewed papers, but rather designing my own studies, doing double-blind experiments, and getting papers published. NO! That is NOT the sort of research needed by consumers questioning the government mandate to become vaccinated.

The studies have been done but we are only being shown one view. All others are being suppressed. What they need to research are the laws of privacy that the government is betraying. The first amendment is being trashed by censorship. No one is allowed to express views which go against the “party line” which is; “The virus will kill you. The vaccine will save you. Take the vaccine and shun anyone who refuses to do the same.” People need to know all the available information about the virus and its origins. They need to know how the numbers are being manipulated to frighten people.They need to research the side effects of having the virus versus the side effects of the vaccine. Demanding people must take an experimental shot goes against everything I have ever learned about personal privacy or autonomy.

“You reckless idiots!” says Dr. Mike Yeadeon when speaking of doctors who are giving this vaccine to pregnant women. He talks about how women who took Thalidomide 60 years ago did so with disastrous results. Doctors learned about the dangers of giving untested drugs to pregnant women from this debacle. He is outraged at the doctors who are complicit in this charade. “Why don’t you quit?” he asked. “If enough of you quit it will make people look at this.”

Another woman told a different story which supports her view to be cautious about the vaccine. “I just heard from a friend who knows a child in the ICU with Myocarditis and they don’t know if he’ll LIVE.” I have heard many more stories, and personally know more people who have been injured by the vaccine than by the virus. If you look at the VAERS site you will see the stats right there. Plus, there have been pages and pages of posts of people reporting events that happened to them and their families after getting the shot, but these posts are rapidly censored and removed.

Joseph Kontra, chief of infectious diseases at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, explains that the mRNA — or messenger RNA — technology used in the COVID-19 vaccines has been studied for decades. “The technology for using messenger RNA goes back to the mid-1990s,” he notes.
“Each vaccine has its own unique array of side effects,” says Kontra. He says the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines are considered “reactogenic, meaning that they do create some symptoms.”

But they won’t go into what those symptoms are. So it is necessary to do some investigation. When looking it up on the VAERS website the number of reported DEATHS from the vaccine is 12,000. (not from the virus, this is 12,000 people DEAD from the vaccine) How many deaths does it take to wake people up?

Our health is getting worse because of people with complacent mindsets. People who do not question anything the medical profession and government say and just do as they are told.
The mindset that says that “What the CDC says is the only way to health”. And then you believe exactly what they tell you to believe. That mindset allows for a lot of injury and death.

There are many different paths to “Health”.

Some spiritual, some herbal, and some physiological, psychological, dietary, homeopathic, and more. I would try all of those before going to a medical doctor for anything except broken bones or some awful injuries from an accident. I no longer blindly trust the “establishment” medical community. This is one reason why: they don’t know everything. They are the 3rd largest cause of death in the USA, until this year when they now say COVID took that spot. If that is actually true, I guess that makes them number 4.

There has been a concentrated effort to disparage and disempower other methods of healing. In the early 20th century when medical schools began to be the norm. Chiropractic doctors were marginalized and driven out. Homeopathy was laughed at. And people were told that only medical doctors had real knowledge about how to heal. That meant medicine rather than diet, herbs or manipulations. And medicine can be patented and sold for a great deal of money. Medicine and surgery, both very profitable, became the standard.

The AMA took a stranglehold on our health. They are still holding on today. But because of the ease of finding information online it is possible to learn about alternatives. Even though the censorship is rampant. Even though they are trying to eradicate it, the information is out there. But it is getting harder and harder to find it.

When I post some article from an obscure website, some people accuse me of sending false information. The reason the article was from a lessor known publication than the New York Times or the Lancet or other established source is because of the censorship. It is fierce. And it is becoming worse every day.
Many people haven’t done any research outside of the mainstream narrative. Are you one of them?
But that’s what we were taught. We were taught to look to the “experts”, someone with superior knowledge.
We were taught to memorize what the experts say and repeat it to others.
Most people are regurgitating to others the words and theories that someone else formed.
We justifying pushing this new non-related jab because we think it’s a vaccine.

Quoting a friend, “My ideas, my sentences, my thought comes from my lifetime of researching these things. I started at age 16 when I worked with a veterinarian. I would read the package inserts. It was there I learned that any vaccines were only 60-70% effective. At the same job, I saw reactions. The only difference between the doctors I worked for with animals, and the doctors I worked for with people is that the animal doctors called it a “Vaccine reaction”, and they had procedures set up for them if it did happen. I’ve seen too many inconsistencies in healthcare to trust it.”

People who believe blindly in the shot say: “The unvaccinated are protected by people like me. Millions of people died were deformed, or became developmentally delayed by viruses before vaccines. Life expectancy has more than doubled because of health advances including vaccines.”

But actually these diseases were already in steep decline BEFORE vaccines were developed. No one bothers to check those stats.

They compare the shot for Covid to polio vaccines or smallpox but this is comparing apples to oranges. They are different types of illnesses. However, it is tough to find the correct information with a casual search. Many articles just talk about vaccine hesitancy without explaining why people are hesitant. The first reason is that there are not that many people dying of COVID. In fact, many deaths that are reported as being from COVID are actually people who died “with” Covid, not “of it.”

Another frightened woman who has fallen for the propaganda said “I worked with victims of Rubella- people whose mothers weren’t vaccinated- they were deaf, blind, and developmentally delayed. At school, the father of one of my students is in the ICU. The family didn’t get vaccinated because …”. And she implied that only a terrible person would refuse to be vaccinated. This typical belief stops them from looking for information. They have been brainwashed by the media. Here is a graph that may shock you. This is borrowed from a podcast called My Incredible Opinion. You can see a better image in that video by Forrest Maready. But notice that the diseases on the chart were all nearing the bottom of the graph by the time the vaccines for them became available.

Be careful that you are not repeating propaganda about vaccines. You are repeating the scientific “dogma” and stating it as facts. Doctors do this all the time.

People who are afraid are easily manipulated. The fear has been engendered by the press and the CDC , the WHO, and Dr Fauci in particular. It is the most effective propaganda machine ever. It is similar to Hitlers vilifying the Jewish people. There are a lot of similarities. (Though so far no gas chambers). But the anger expressed against people who believe differently is intense. There are many posts out there with death threats and all sorts of violence suggested against those who are not vaccinated. Even for those who ask questions, shaming people, is common. Treating anyone who questions the dogma as pariahs and making sure they are marginalized has almost completely been accomplished. The relentless attack on people who hesitate or refuse vaccines has been extremely effective. And it looks like the plan is to segregate them completely. They will not be allowed to travel, to go out to eat or exercise or go to sports events or concerts. Are you kidding???

Will you step up and take control of your own health? Will you put away the fear, learn all you can by seeking out the many “censored” articles that tell about treatments and good outcomes? The fact that the information is so hard to find ought to make people curious. Why are these things not common knowledge? When a doctor tells people “We do not treat COVID.”, you have to ask why? The virus can be treated, but it works best if the treatment is begun early. So why not have the information out there? Why the blackout on treatment protocols?
Do you ever wonder “What is going on? And who is behind it?”

Copyright©. 2021 Bonnie B. Matheson

4 thoughts on “Shocking Ignorance About the Virus?

  1. Bonnie, I see you’ve gone w/ the Hitler analogy and that rarely goes well. Dr Fauci and the other health care professionals shaping public policy are just trying to prevent strangers from dying from a highly contagious disease. The reason they don’t tell you to take vitamin C, D and Zinc is, I assume, because we already know how to do that. It’s not censorship, it’s common sense. You say that the numbers of people dying of CoVid are inflated and they died WITH CoVid, not because of CoVid. You once again are being disrespectful of the millions of families who have lost loved ones— fathers, sisters, uncles, brothers— to CoVid. Both of my friends who died knew about zinc. She was in their 30s and he was my age, mid- 50s. They died before the vaccine was available. You realize it’s possible to take vitamins C & D AND get the CoVid vaccine, right? As for censorship, it’s called fact checking. It’s what legitimate news outlets do. You don’t seem to respect journalists or really understand what they do.

  2. Hi Bonnie. Again, Hitler comparisons are rarely valid so best not attempt. Also, the meme you post here about preserving one’s way of life? Enrolling in the military is a big ask, wearing a piece of paper on our face less so. If we’re going to talk about the courage and valor if our fully volunteer army maybe we need to mention that no one from your beloved DJT’s family has served in the military for at least 5 generations. Please stop making false equivalencies. It sounds like you think taking vitamins and getting the CoVid shot are an either/ or decision and they are not.

  3. No, I am not curious as I’ve written over 90 articles for a national magazine and every point is fact checked. I know the rigor of the process and the persistence, patience of those that perform it. They are professionals. My only curiosity is why they aren’t paid more.

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