Are you Scared? Why aren’t you? (good for you if you aren’t)

Are you Scared? Why aren’t you? (good for you if you aren’t)

The restrictions people accept as “Laws” are becoming more and more onerous. We the “People” MUST do something to combat the total erosion of our Freedom.

Why are people not concerned?

The answer is that they are terrified. I speak to people like this daily. They are intelligent and sensible people, many of whom I have known for YEARS. They tell me that people are dying of COVID, and they do not want to be dead.

But they are confusing numbers of total deaths versus those they tell us are due to COVID. The China-Virus is NOT killing as many as the press tells you it is. And besides that, nearly 8000 people die in the USA every single day. That means in 10 days, almost 80,000 die. In a month, 240,000 die of all causes. Every month they continue to die of everything from heart attacks to suicide. In the past nine months probably 2,160,000 have died of all causes. No one seems horrified by these numbers. They include cancer deaths and automobile accidents as well as the flu. And now they count in COVID. But are they telling you the truth?

Why did Andrew Cuomo put those sick patients into nursing homes with vulnerable people who were not socially distanced from them? Could it be that he wanted the numbers to increase quickly? That certainly was the result.

From Day One the press has tried to terrorize the people. Every story about the virus downplays who developed it and where it came from and stresses how deadly it is. Well, it simply is NOT. Only a tiny percentage of those who acquire the virus die from it. You can look up a graph of the deaths over the last 200 years and see that the spike during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic is enormous compared to today’s dead.

What is the ultimate purpose of this constant frightening news battering people who are too complacent to do their own research? What is the agenda here? Is it a global cabal trying to encourage people to accept a New World Order? (that would be my guess)

But this is the interesting thing. I do not know ONE person who has died of this virus. I have heard of some people who are relatives, sometimes distant relatives, of a person who has died. Or at least they say they are. I question every single death that is listed as a COVID death.

Even the death examiners are scared. They want to make the numbers. Is someone overseeing their death count? It is all so devious and sometimes secret. Why?

I am really furious with people who just want to inflict pain and destruction on the middle class and gain power over everyone. They are so focused on their power, I don’t know if they are even aware of the harm they are doing to people. Those who are hardworking, good-hearted and the backbone of this country are being crushed by the shutdowns.

So don’t get me started. I am so passionate about this issue. People have to WAKE UP!!! It is almost too late now.

Viruses have been with us for years and years. We deal with them rationally, or at least we have done in the past. This time it is different. This time all sense of proportion has been lost. Who started to panic first?

The News agencies. The papers and online sources got people all riled up about a pandemic before people understood what was happening. They caused “the panic.” Even as they stated, they wanted to keep people informed. What was the purpose of doing this? Was it to increase readership and viewers? Or was there a deeper agenda?
Here is an early example:

The article mentions the crux of the matter: The psychology of risk perception is not about the actual risk, but “how we feel about the risk,” says David Ropeik, a retired Harvard instructor in risk communication and the psychology of risk perception.

People are being systematically terrorized by the press and Doctors like Fouci and Birx.
Calling for a mask mandate is pure theater.

Even the most esteemed medical journals admit their purpose is to calm anxiety. “Expanded masking protocols’ greatest contribution may be to reduce the transmission of anxiety …” It is all fake, and yet, it has become a game of “who is more of a hero?”

People who comply believe they are better people than those of us who won’t. They are the heroes defending the weak and the elderly. We, who question this are considered dangerous in our ignorance and disbelief in the deadly virus. But I believe a hero is anyone who stands up for personal Freedom against the mob of indoctrinated, fearful lemmings. Frightened people are dangerous. They are certainly dangerous to Freedom.

It is time to fight back.

Copyright©. 2020 Bonnie B. Matheson

One thought on “Are you Scared? Why aren’t you? (good for you if you aren’t)

  1. Once again you’ve gone off the deep end, Bonnie. I don”t know what inspired you to become such a deep rooted conspiracist. Maybe you should visit ones of the area hospitals and see for yourself. As for your analysis, it is woefully flawed, an example of how sophistry can steer people in the wrong direction.

    1. Bill, I appreciate your expressing your opinion online. I disagree. But there are definitely two ways of looking at this virus. Some people are terrified and it seems to me that they are the ones who get very sick if they catch it. They expect it to be horrible and it is. But those of us who are not afraid of it, take immediate action at the first symptom. We are not afraid to take Hydroxychloriquine and massive doses of Vitamins C and D plus zinc and other treatments as well. Rest and lack of stress help recovery, as well. We are NOT afraid and our immune systems respond in a different way than it does for people who expect to be very ill. I cannot prove this, but it has been my observation over the course of this year.
      I wish you and yours the best of health. And a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year!!!

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