Help! Someone Save Us!

Help! Someone Save Us!

Charlottesville is a town filled with fear. I have never seen anything like it.

People are afraid. Children are afraid of their grandparents, and parents are afraid of their children. How on earth did things become so twisted? Using the excuse of a disease that is so non-lethal, it kills less than 1% of those who contract it. And they are mostly people with one or more co-morbidities. “They” scare us with tales of hospitals full of patients, refrigerated trucks for bodies, too many to bury. And then there are tales of the death throes of those who succumbed. But much of it is a lie. It has been embellished beyond recognition.
How can people justify this? It has turned into a sort of war. Wearing a mask is a demonstration of being compassionate. If you do not comply with the regulations, you lack compassion. You may even cause deaths due to your spreading the virus. But we have always had flu, and people may have inadvertently spread it without knowing it. No one ever shut down the country for flu. Not even for Ebola, which was a much more deadly disease. No one shamed people for going outside of their houses.
The President tried to downplay it instead of panicking everyone. But there were other forces who wanted panic. They won. The press was in on it. But it was more than just the press. Those who hate the President took this as a golden opportunity to make him look bad. Not only that, they were able to wrest power from him by terrifying the populace and then saying they had the answer.

When the President touted a drug that will often nip the virus in the bud, these same forces tried to disparage and disgrace this drug. Even though it has been used without side effects for more than half a century, they convinced people it could be dangerous. What was the purpose of taking away the one drug that doctors knew could mitigate the disease? What was the nefarious purpose of those who made it illegal for doctors to prescribe this life-saving drug? What were they trying to accomplish?

The “group insanity” that has emerged in this country horrifies me. And it is happening in other countries … It is unbelievable to me that people can herd up like this and believe what the news, the CDC, and the WHO tells them to believe.

I bet even you who are reading this believe it.

And in a way, I believe some of it because I hesitate to tell you all to go see your family, your grandchildren, because “What if”?

But I DO NOT REALLY BELIEVE THAT it is dangerous to live one’s life normally. I believe you and your family are perfectly safe. And if anyone gets symptoms, they should act immediately to treat the virus with Massive doses of Vitamin C and D and zinc and all sorts of homeopathic remedies. And if you can get Hydroxychloroquine (which I have, and you can get it too), You could take that in the early stages (and as a result, you probably won’t get sicker.)

This is NOT a pandemic. It is a PLANdemic, to tighten the noose around the necks of the sheep (us). The people who manipulate markets and start wars and seize power and probably run the world want us to be scared and malleable. They are probably sitting back, laughing.

This virus is NOT that serious. It is terrible for some. But the vast majority barely know they are sick. Many do not know it at all until they test positive. Only about 4% get very ill. And of them, most get better. The death rate is less than 1%. That is if we actually knew who died of COVID and who just died from other causes. They fudge the numbers. ALL the TIME.

I walked around in a local store feeling more and more unhappy with the total terror of the employees. Seeing the compliance of otherwise intelligent people upset me most of all. Finally, I asked the sales lady if they could make up some bows for me. I use large bows as a major part of my decorations at Christmas. And she said, “Oh we are not doing that this year.” Then she added, “We have some pre-made bows outside in front of the building.” I had seen them as I walked in and they were not what I was looking for.

I muttered “Good luck keeping your store open.” And I left.

It was upsetting. I was thoroughly disturbed. I hate all these rules but what upsets me more is the compliance shown by most people. NOBODY says, “Wait a minute!” Nobody says, “I have a right to take the risk of going without a mask.” Nobody says, “You have no right to shut down restaurants and small businesses and leave Lowes, Costco, Sams Club, and Walmart open.” They are crushing small, independent businesses that we need to have in this country to keep it strong and healthy.

Everyone talks about compassion, and they say,” I don’t wear a mask for myself; I wear it for my neighbor!” Give me a break!!!

What about the children? They need to be in school. They need to play with their friends. They need to see their grandparents.

They are shaming people based on their own fear. It sounds like Orwell’s 1984. Or Nazi Germany, where people reported their neighbors to the police. It is so alarming to see the fear in some of these people’s eyes. They are not faking. They have been systematically terrified, by the media, by politicians, by the CDC and the WHO.
They do what they are told. (to stay safe). They believe they are morally superior. They believe that people like me who don’t change our lives are potential “murderers” for having families come for Thanksgiving. Or the possibility of having people together for Christmas is dangerous to the unknown thousands who may be infected somehow by one of my guests.

This virus is nowhere near as dangerous as the flu of 1918, which killed a third of the earth’s population. But now, we have a very low death rate. They keep telling you how many died every day. They want to scare us. If they told us every day how many people die in automobile accidents, we would all be afraid to drive anywhere. It is a trick—a manipulative trick designed to keep us in line and dependent.

NONE of my friends have died of this virus. Several of my acquaintance have died this year. We are getting to that age, but not one of them had the virus. Not one.

John’s Hopkins recently came out with a study that showed that the death rate was unchanged for the last few years. That means there was not SPIKE this year due to COVID-19. All the 250,000 that supposedly died of the virus include many people who did NOT die of it but were classified as victims for unclear reasons.

Please stand up for your rights. Do not be afraid of this disease. Take back your life.

Copyright©. 2020 Bonnie B. Matheson

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