As Long as We Choose Fear (they have every chance of winning.)

As Long as We Choose Fear (they have every chance of winning.)

The whole world seems to have bought into the lie. And it is a lie. The Pandemic is not a real Pandemic. The death rate is nowhere near serious enough to call this a global pandemic. And of those who died in the United States, there is a huge question about how many supposed Covid deaths were in fact due to Covid. How can any of us trust anything that we see in print or hear on the radio or see on TV? It is pure propaganda.

People who are supposed to be informing us are giving us an opinion based on what the Government or the CDC or some entity wants you to believe. Every news outlet has its own agenda. Some are seriously, dangerously left-wing. Some are supposed to be right-wing but are not consistently so. There are some conspiracy theory websites. There are some that are strictly for victims and those who see themselves as victimized by others. While there are, of course, some alternative sites that are Libertarian or Communist, or deeply Christian, or Muslim, or whatever you can possibly want or imagine. But who knows what is real?

Discovering what is true is NOT easy. Do you know who funds your favorite sources? It can be quite eye-opening to learn that one of the major contributors to The Epoch Times is an alternate religious group from China. Or that Black Lives Matter is funded by Marxists. (And run by them, too.) People are terrified. Or they are not. Those who are NOT terrified are mystified. They just cannot understand those who are so scared. It just seems ridiculous. What are they so frightened about? Have any of them bothered to check out the facts? But facts vary depending on who gives them to you. If you speak with some hospital workers, you get the straight “dogma” about death per thousand. They speak of case numbers and panic-driven projections about life for the next few years. But then, if you speak with certain other people who also work in health care, you are given a different picture. They say that the treatment is wrong. They say they are not allowed to question anything. They wonder why the top brass in hospitals are following these protocols.

They know that treatments are available but forbidden.

Why are these treatments forbidden? It is an easy answer. The CDC will not allow a vaccine that is experimental to be widely applied if there is a safe treatment for the disease. What a surprise!

So how many people have died due to lack of cheaply available treatment? How many have died because they were put on a ventilator when that was complete “overtreatment”? How many died simply because they were scared and alone and isolated in the hospital without anyone to advocate for them?

We will never know the extent to which “the fear” and “rules” and “isolation” caused death. These restrictions combined with the constant barrage of news stories speaking of the “DEADLY” virus were enough to kill people. Those with psychological tendencies to believe whatever they were told simply gave in to the disease. They believe it will kill anyone over a certain age. Terrorized susceptible people who literally died of their own perceptions and fears, swell the numbers. But did they die of COVID or did they die because they BELIEVED they would die?

The power of suggestion is proven. Anyone who doubts this fact can look it up. ”If you put someone in a room, release smoke from a novelty fog machine, and tell them that it’s a toxic gas, they’ll probably gasp for air, think they’re going to die, and experience the symptoms of someone who’s been poisoned.” Dr. Anthony Fauci is guilty of deliberately trying to scare people into compliance. The mask-wearing, the myth of the asymptomatic spread, the “high settings” on the PCR tests that gave false-positive results, and going right along with that is the most serious censorship I have ever seen in my lifetime. This danger to our freedoms is growing every day. People need to object.

When I was a little girl we used to hear about the Censors blacking out things in letters sent from Communist Russia or Nazi Germany. We were proud that our country did not do such a thing. No more. These days the most innocuous things get censored online. Facebook fact-checkers block things that are completely innocuous.
They call it fact-checking but it is flat-out CENSORSHIP. The fact-checkers are so wrong, so often, it is hard to believe they are allowed to continue. But the big tech companies are “in on it”. The Government is part of the problem, and the pharmaceutical companies are often funding the Censors. People are afraid to say what they think in print or even in person. They whisper and look around to make sure they are not heard. This behavior horrifies me. This is America, the land of the free. What has happened? Who will stand with me to take it back?

Will you?

Copyright©. 2021 Bonnie B. Matheson

2 thoughts on “As Long as We Choose Fear (they have every chance of winning.)

  1. I read all of your blogs and find them informative and thought provoking. I agree we are being sold a bill of goods that is not worth the price.

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