Shout the Truth!

Shout the Truth!

“Sorry, I no longer do virtual anything.

This fear of the virus has become a worse plague than the virus ever was. The only way to stop it is to stop participating in any “fear-based” actions such as virtual meetings. If you want to meet in person, fine. I will attend.

Otherwise, I will see you when people get their courage back.  Or stop listening to mainstream media propaganda.

I miss you all.”

The above is my reply to an invitation to a virtual event in place of what was supposed to be an actual get-together. My patience has run out.

Enough with the virtual events, the masks, and the shots, and the social distancing. ENOUGH with the FEAR.

So many people have bought into the fear. Unfortunately, it seems to be almost impossible to turn people around once they have decided they are in danger from a killer virus that is out there just waiting for THEM.

But it is all a lie. It is not about the virus. It is all about control. This has been in the works for decades. If you look back at all the various virus scares from SARS to MERS.

This time the timing was perfect for those who hated Trump. It showed them a way to get rid of him. They were able to gain support because it would be bad for TRUMP if there was a killer virus out there. TRUMP tried to warn people and downplayed the virus KNOWING that fear was the worst thing that could happen.  But eventually they “got to him” and he decided to go all out for the vaccine.

Originally the President appeared to be cautious about vaccines. But he changed. His ego would not let him miss the opportunity of acting as a savior of mankind with the vaccine. He knew better, but he loved the challenge of getting the vaccine done when people told him it could not be done. He knew that lots of normal people believe in vaccines.

Back to NOW….and Colin Powell, I am so sorry.  But apparently, he had other health issues. 

EVEN IF YOU DO HAVE OTHER ISSUES, stay away from hospitals.
They over-treat with ventilators and DO NOT ALLOW treatments that could save you if you get them early.

The vaccine does NOT stop anyone from getting COVID. It also does not stop anyone from spreading it.  So WHY are they trying to force people to take the vaccine when many people do not want it, for a variety of reasons?

The only way forward if we want to get our lives back is to act normally.

The virus has a VERY high survival rate.

Besides that, we know all sorts of treatments and things to take to keep us from getting sick in the first place.

So there is NOTHING to fear.

The press, and Dr. Fauci, and mainstream doctors (who benefit greatly from COVID patients) all want to keep you scared.  But it is fake.

So many of us are older now. Don’t let this ruin the last years of our lives.

You love to see people and adore your grandchildren. LIVE!!! Entertain.  PLAY. LOVE. and enjoy every moment because we never know when it will be our last.

The greatest thing we can do with our lives is to live them to the fullest. That certainly includes interacting with others. If that were to cause you to catch the virus, (which is highly UNLIKELY) then just treat it. 

Don’t be scared. DO NOT GO TO THE HOSPITAL. Find a place where you can get intravenous vitamin C.  Take LOTs of vitamin D and Zinc.  And of course, there are the PROVEN (but for some reason forbidden) drugs that REALLY HELP. Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and several others work wonders in conjunction with vitamins and antibiotics. If you have symptoms GO TO BED. Do not try to tough it out. Sleep a lot.

PLEASE do not be scared.


They have chosen not to take the shot. Many of these people have had covid and have full immunity. The immunity from a natural case of the virus is much more useful than that provided by the shot. The shot is dangerous for many people. If you are not aware of this, then I BEG you to research this more. You MUST do it.

One day doctors will be held responsible for the damage done by the vaccines.

Children should NEVER be given this experimental drug.

There is a whole group of doctors who believe that the shot is NOT a good idea. Front Line Doctors.

Most people do fine if they catch the virus. 

There are treatments that work to mitigate the virus symptoms. Why have they been disparaged and wrongly accused of not working? What is going on?

Is it because they want everyone to get a vaccine? Someone told me recently that they went to see a play about Nazi Germany. And they were so proud that they all remembered their vaccine cards showing “proof” that they were vaccinated.

The idea that people must carry a card to watch a play about Nazi Germany is so ironic. When the Nazis were in power the people needed to have their papers handy at all times to show to the Gestapo. DO you NOT see the comparison?

PLEASE be a rebel. Do not walk lockstep with all the medical people in the country. They are all in the power of the Pharmaceutical companies. YOU have a chance to speak up and break the silence.


Copyright©. 2021 Bonnie B. Matheson

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