Being a woman is not a disease. Keep your uterus and ovaries.

Being a woman is not a disease. Keep your uterus and ovaries.

Don’t have a hysterectomy. Keep your sex drive. Keep your health and mind safe.?Do not let any doctor tell you that you do not need your uterus or ovaries.

I have had doctor after doctor tell me that no woman over 60 needs her ovaries. This is simply not true. But until I found this site I could not prove it. ?Doctors would say to me, “Show me the data.” And I could not do so. Now, here it is. ? Watch the video.

Here is a video which explains it all perfectly. ?There are no graphs and not too many statistics in this video ? But, watch it. Click on the link female anatomy video. ?Watch this and save your insides. ?Do not fall for the medical lie that you don’t need these organs. Being a woman is NOT a disease.

Why is there no outcry from women about this callous discounting of women’s worth? ?If males were told that they needed to be castrated you can be sure that they would think twice about it.

I have always known intuitively that it is wrong to remove a woman’s internal organs. ?Yet I hear woman after woman saying they have allowed it. ?And they don’t even seem to know what has been done to them. ?Stop the cutting. Stop the “de-sexing” of women.

Tell your friends and more importantly your doctor to watch this video. It is more important than you may imagine.

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