How I Eat, Pray, Love

How I Eat, Pray, Love


As a divorcee later in life myself, I was curious about? Eat Pray Love. I?ve read the book and I saw the movie over the weekend. Although the story was charming, I had a hard time relating.

It did not resonate with me in the way it did with so many women.? I have been on a similar journey and it has taken years. I was never as unhappy about divorcing as Liz(Julia Roberts) was and I had had many years to consider it.? My children had been born and grown to adulthood. Some people would say I have already ?lived my life? which Liz had not. So for me it was more of a rebirth and re-inventing of my life with joy. I knew that my attitude was in my control and I determined to keep it upbeat and positive. I had a strong spiritual belief system before we started divorce proceedings.

There were some profound moments in the film, though.

At one point in the movie, Liz has a very interesting exchange with David (James Franco) that caught my attention.? He said something like, ?Let?s stay together even though it makes us miserable. So that we can avoid missing each other if we are apart. Since we love each other.?? I believe that a lot of people stay together because they don?t want to miss each other. And they are afraid.

If someone said that to me,now, I would run the other way. Thankfully, Liz was finally able to move past his dysfunctional statement. She learned to love him in her heart and let the relationship go because it was toxic. This may be the most important part of the movie.

She learned that not every relationship is meant to be. It is OK to let someone go if it doesn?t serve you. This is a hard lesson for most of us, but one that I believe must be learned.? We are all living longer and healthier lives and sometimes it is the right choice to go forward alone.

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