Censored! Trigger Warning!

Censored! Trigger Warning!

Censorship. Do you approve of it? How can it be a good thing? I do not understand why any American would defend it. The more you know, the more you know. Isn’t that the goal? Wouldn’t you like to know what the world thinks? What about knowing what your political party thinks and believes? It seems to me that it is even more important to know what your enemies or opposition think or believe.

Even complete fanatics don’t need to be silenced. People have the right to listen to them if they want to. The ironclad control over what we see and hear that is exhibited by the Mainstream Media is insulting. They are treating people like children who cannot be trusted to understand what is right or wrong or different or ordinary. We need all sorts of ideas to be independent thinkers and self-actualized people. But I believe this is NOT what “the powers that be” want for us. They want us obedient and passive.
The past three years show it clearly, looking backward. Much of the information we were given was deceptive. They lied about the virus. They lied about the causes of the virus. They lied about the treatment options for the virus. They threatened doctors who prescribed Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. They tried to paint Ivermectin as a horse dewormer!!! It is one of the 5 safest drugs (human drugs) there are in the world. How many of those who died would be alive today if they had been given early treatment?

They lied about the vaccine. First, saying it would keep people who took it from getting the virus. Then that was amended to “It will make you less ill.” Finally, after trying to guilt people into taking it for the sake of others, they have nearly given up suggesting it at all. And yet they still do.

Recently on my medical records, there was a notation saying I was late to get my flu shot. ( I have never taken a flu shot in my life. ) And a second notice saying my covid shot was due. Haha! Seriously? Do you all really think I am going to take one of those NOW? I’ve had covid probably more than once. I am 81, and it did not kill me. After all the reports of side effects, the many needless deaths, the maiming, and the many, many, many people who took the shot and got sick anyway, often several times. Why would anyone who reads take that shot? It is beyond me. I believe it has to do with wanting to be a good “citizen” and “doing the right thing,” and “fitting in,” and most of all with “virtue signaling.” It makes these people feel they are good citizens to follow along with the herd.

My mother used to say to me, “Bonnie, if all your friends jump off a bridge, would you do it, too?” She was assuming I would use my head and think for myself before doing something just because others said it was a good idea. Especially if what everyone is doing is stupid and dangerous, just say “No.”

Information about health and how to keep it is censored almost more than political information. Some people could care less about politics, but everyone has a body. And when things are going wrong with that body, they want to fix it. But only mainstream medicine is allowed.
TV ads are something like 75% from pharmaceutical companies. Have you ever seen a chiropractor advertise at the Super Bowl? What about alternative methods for having a baby? You are not allowed to know about them. Doesn’t everyone go to the hospital and let an OB “deliver” their baby? Actually, NO. There is an alternative, and some people swear it is better for mothers, babies, and humanity in general.

There are a growing number of people who believe that the use of anti-depressants is linked to things like suicide, gun violence, and school shootings. But doctors hand these drugs out like candy. Well, maybe not quite like candy, but they are certainly ready with a prescription pad when a teenager starts using the keywords for depression and anxiety. Perhaps these drugs have saved some people and given them their lives back. But, the fact that doctors are so reluctant to try anything else or discuss the possibilities of overuse or dangerous side effects makes them lose credibility.

Donald Trumps post arraignment speech was censored. CNN refused to carry his remarks live, afraid that it might catch some undecided voters, perhaps. Do any of you actually believe that the evening news is unbiased? Do you believe that the news shows are pure truth? They have lied to the public for the last 3 years about all things “covid” from the seriousness of the disease, the efficacy of masks, and the safety and effectiveness of the “shots.”

Trump’s greatest achievement may be shining a light on the media and government complex for what they really are. Because he will say things no one else will say, they hate him. He is so unpredictable that they hate him. He often speaks truths which they prefer hidden, and so they hate him and continually accuse him of lying. This is one of their main complaints. They have to try to convince people that he is not telling the truth. But he often is doing just that.

It is just dawning on me that the media is so terrified of Donald Trump that they will go to any lengths to silence him. They lie about him. They change his words and repeat “versions” of them.

They can’t control him. For the media and the other politicians and the people hidden in the back who pull the strings, that’s the problem. I remember him questioning covid right in the beginning. Look how right he was. It was developed in a lab and escaped either by mistake or, more likely, by design. So the press needs to keep calling him a liar because they are banking on you to believe them. Yet they are the biggest liars.

The media needs to put its own spin on the facts. They filter all of it to suit their narrative.
There is no requirement for the media to filter anything. Why do they feel they have a right to do this? Why has there been no concerted outcry? The news doesn’t want you to hear about anything unless it fits in with their opinion. Period.

A perfect example is that Titan sub imploding. They lost contact, and there was a large bang on the phones of those aboard. The craft imploded, killing all aboard instantly. They knew this was what happened almost immediately. Yet the news went on and on reporting about the possible rescue. People speculated about what it would be like in the capsule, lost and running out of oxygen. Thus causing people to spend time and energy worrying about it. And, of course, they had to watch TV to find out minute-by-minute what was known. The distraction was convenient because of all the unsavory information coming out about Hunter Biden. The fact that he was let go and not put straight away into jail is a shame and a travesty.

The news companies or the people who run them do not trust the American people to know the truth and to act on it. They think it is best for people to be ignorant of the facts of various atrocities. They want everyone to stay on the plotted course. They want no controversy. And certainly no disagreement.

Why do people put up with this? Don’t they feel diminished and distressed by the fact that they are treated like babies who need to have things regurgitated for them?

The anointed few want their constituents to be poor and dependent. These people think they are better than everyone else. They plan to direct more and more facets of our lives. Facts that contradict their beliefs are simply ignored. For instance, when people live a certain way, there are consequences. But this is never mentioned when they are whining about getting more food stamps to people or building more subsidized housing. If they control where you live and what you are eating, and whether you eat, they control all of you. They also believe they control your vote.

They honestly believe that they are so much smarter that they should simply be able to dictate what happens. When people ask who these people are, it is hard to pinpoint one group. It is the certain millionaires and billionaires we have all heard about, it is the legal elite, the academic elite, and the media such as the New York Times, and The Washington Post. It probably got its start half a century or more ago, beginning with a foothold at our universities like Stanford and Harvard. Now they are 100% Woke. They are the bastions of Progressive ideas teaching young people ways to impliment them.

They establish a crisis. Then they come up with a solution. One side says that will cause x y z problems, and the ones who want the new policy ignore them and institute it. And if it causes problems, they start making excuses.

But we are not allowed to know what is true. We are only allowed to know what these people at the top think is good for us to know. Censorship is key here. Is this what you want? Do you believe it is right or legal for the government to control us in every way? We are tracked. Our news is censored. Our financial integrity is compromised by a whole raft of new regulations affecting banks. Our children are being indoctrinated with ideas we do not agree with, but they are doing this surreptitiously. Parents are not to be told. Do you understand what is going on in our country?

When do you think you will have had enough?

Copyright©. 2023 Bonnie B. Matheson

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