My Mother and one of my granddaughters, Kathryn.

Before today I had never heard of it. But apparently it is a real thing. Daughters Day. It will one day be as important as Mothers Day which is a totally “made up” Holiday that has never been very important to me.

Every day Mothers give whole heartedly to their children. Every day they love them more than they love themselves. Every second they worry about them when they are small, and as they get bigger the worries grow with them.

My question is; Why ONE day to celebrate Mothers? I find that rather insulting. We deserve credit every single day. But the thing about being a mother is that we never ask for or expect credit for doing what we do naturally. We love being Mothers.

So this post is for my daughters and also for my mother. it is also for my granddaughters since I have 9 of them. I Love YOU, ALL.

Me, Lilla and Mother
Helen Hilliard and me at Beaulieu
Helen and me

It is a pleasure to show you all off and I am only sorry I don’t have time to find photos of each granddaughter and daughter in law. You can find more on my Facebook page.

May you all have wonderful days with lots of expressions of love from your families and your dogs. I mention dogs because as empty nesters my daughters cherish their dogs as I do.

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