Do Something Controversial; Get Married!

Do Something Controversial; Get Married!

The idea of getting married is now considered controversial.
How did that happen?

Two-time Super Bowl champion kicker Harrison Butker of the Kansas City Chiefs delivered a speech to graduates at Georgia Tech on May 6, 2023. He gave this advice: “Get married and start a family”. He said this in reference to finding a way to better people’s lives in this country. Some people cheered when he said it. Some did not.

My parents-in-law, both 21

And it has gone viral as a “controversial statement.”

What? How can it be considered controversial to want to marry and have children? When did it become “alternative” to marry? And what kind of craziness is this? For one thing, we must repopulate the planet rather than allow it to “depopulate”. Can you conceive of the economic implications of depopulation? It is a serious question. But that subject is also controversial. We are not supposed to talk about the fact that many countries are in a downward spiral due to depopulation. Their birth rates are too low to replenish the population in these countries. The USA would be one of them, except for the huge influx of illegal aliens, which offsets the fact that we are NOT producing enough babies. Is this why Biden allows our borders to be almost completely porous?

People are meant to “couple up.” That’s how we were designed. It is what makes us happiest. We need each other and do best when we find a life partner to whom we commit ourselves with a vow. There is a moral imperative that goes with this. Marriage is the most important thing for the continuation of the human race. A family is different from a collection of random women producing children with a series of random men who do not stick around.

my brother and his wife married at 44 and 55 years old

So many forces are set against marriage these days. Universities discourage it, and student loans make it financially impossible. The prevalence of birth control and abortion makes it unnecessary. And the moral decline which fails to stigmatize behavior that would have once been unacceptable is the nail in the coffin of traditional marriage.

Even Black Lives Matter said: “We disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear traditional family by supporting each other as extended families to the degree that mothers and children agree.” What about the Dads? There is no mention of fathers. And why would it be a good thing to “disrupt” the nuclear family in the first place? The narrative today says that children do not need biological parents, two-parent families are not important. But who condones an organization disrupting “marriage”? What is the purpose? It seems like the purpose is to discredit morality. The deeper purpose is to condition people to depend on the state and to do as they are told by the state. Families are no longer in charge. In fact, they are disparaged and discounted, belittled.

Lilla and Chris 22 and 30

The truth is that “Family” is important. Being a mother or a father is important. Children need both. Children need a father as an example of how men should act, and they need a Mother as an example of how women should ask act. Newsflash! Men act differently from women, and women act differently from men.
Having dinner with your children as a couple, as a family, is proven to improve children’s lives and their ultimate outcomes. Of course, children can drive their parents crazy (and vice versa), but they also bring joy. They bring brilliant moments of pure love. They complete us. And who will take care of you in your old age if you have no offspring? The state? How sad.

My parents 22 and 27 years old

Being a couple and producing children is probably the most important thing that anyone can do. Even if you’re a nuclear scientist, a brilliant designer, or discover a drug to make people healthy for the rest of their lives, children are more important. None of these accomplishments are greater than procreating and completing the cycle of life.

If you decide you don’t want children, there won’t be anything to have the science for. If people are to become extinct, the whole reason for civilization is over. It’s gone. But for some reason, even the mention of this is considered controversial. When I say “they,” I mean cancel culture people. The same people who cancel those who say men cannot have babies. They cannot because they are men. If they have a womb, then they are women. Women cannot become men, either. Why are we even having this discussion?

My sister and her 2nd husband

I can’t understand how it became out of fashion to be married. People say they want more time to have fun before they get married. This is crazy. It’s fun to be married. It is DIFFERENT from just living together. In fact, you double your fun when you are married. And you divide your sorrows in half. I can’t understand how the younger generation doesn’t know this. Did their parents tell them that marriage was no fun, or is it that you’re scared of being hurt? Life is full of challenges. But first, you have to take the chance, give it a try, work to succeed, and yes, sometimes “fake it ’til you make it.”

But for Heaven’s Sake, begin!!! Living together is not “being married.” Sleeping around is not “being married.” Picking a partner, someone you love, respect, and have fun with, is marvelous. So if you find someone like that, GET MARRIED.
You will have a lifetime to work out the kinks. And you will have FUN!!!

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